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Re: 20 weeks and gained 23 pounds already!!!

Originally Posted by TwinKristi View Post
I usually gain a lot of weight too. I gained 61lbs with my twins but it was all within 14 wks. I lost 30 by I was released and the last 30 at a yr PP.
With my next baby I gained 60lbs again but had a 9+ lb baby and lost it all by 1yr PP. With my 4th I gained 60 again but with my 5th I started out 30lbs more and gained only 35lbs. LOL so I ended up at the same weight. I started out at the same weight as #5 but at 18wks I've only gained 5lbs. WIC always lectured me too, i gained too much weight, my babies were overweight...blablabla. Like the PP said, any gov't agency will be all crazy about obesity. And LOL I remember one nutritionist was quite heavy herself. I had dr who was telling me about my BMI and how unhealthy it was, I was 4mos PP. She easily had 25-50lbs on me! Haha
Yeah I don't take nutritional advice from people who are heavier than me. That is just silly.
My mom gained 70 pounds with my sister and I. And we were born at 31 weeks, and she had lost weight in the first tri. So, she gained 70 pounds in less than 20 weeks!! She lost it within a year, though, and then got pregnant with my brother, then lost it again. She has NO stretch marks to show for all of that! That just proves to me that stretch marks are partially genetic. I didn't get a single stretch mark with my first; hoping to repeat that this time.


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Re: 20 weeks and gained 23 pounds already!!!

Yep I always lose it by 6 months post partum too! Usually I lose like 40 lbs in the first 6 weeks and the rest comes off a little more slowly. I imagine if I didn't gain this much weight I would look all skeletal or something. I lost all the weight when I was eating like 8 thousand calories a day! I was running too though.
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Re: 20 weeks and gained 23 pounds already!!!

Ha! I gained 40lbs by this time with DD#1...70lbs total. It came off fast, but still. WTH!? DD#2 I only gained 25 total. Much better.

Don't worry about the weight gain, its the only time in your life that it doesn't matter!
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Don't sweat it.... I gained 100 lbs WITH EACH of my babies! With insane hard work and diet, I got myself down to/ within 10 lb range of my starting weight. It took a year or so, but it does come off.

You are fine.... Just enjoy the journey.
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Re: 20 weeks and gained 23 pounds already!!!

I gained 50 lbs with the first and gained 56 with the twins. The first one i lost all of it by 6 weeks when I went back to work and the twins took till about 2 months. Breast feeding helped a lot and with the twins running after a four yr old and a seven yr old step son helped.
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Re: 20 weeks and gained 23 pounds already!!!

I lost weight in the beginning (hyperemesis, dehydration) when I had no weight to lose. WIC saw me and told me to EAT EAT EAT!!!! So I did. I didn't actually gain weight for a little bit, but started gaining it and once I started gaining, I didn't stop until I hit 200lbs the day of induction. BTW, I'm only 5'1 and started out 120 lbs. Then WIC was telling me I was too fat. Course, when she said that, I was about ready to tell her to look in a mirror.. but I bit my tongue. LOL!

In the future, I'm surely going to watch my weight gain. I don't want to birth a 10 lb baby, and I don't wan tto gain so much. No more than 50 lbs for sure next time.
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Re: 20 weeks and gained 23 pounds already!!!

I gain an awful lot of weight when pregnant! I gained 73 lbs with my first and 63 lbs with my second. I am 32 weeks pregnant with twins and I have gained 54 lbs. I ate really bad with the first so I totally understand why I gained that much weight, however with my second and now third I eat great and still gain crazy weight. The Dr. tells me it is just how my body works when pregnant... stores every bit of fat it can! Yay body hahaha. Anyways... my blood pressure is good and no swelling so all is good I wouldn't worry unless you are feeling unwell
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Re: 20 weeks and gained 23 pounds already!!!

It's not really about losing the weight for me - I usually lose it all by 8 weeks PP; it's that I'm going to do a home VBAC and I need to "grow a small baby". My smallest was 7 lbs. 11 oz.
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