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Re: Kindgarten question - esp for moms with kids near cutoff date

My son was born on 9/14 and our limit is 9/1 or you have to test in. I had a tuff time finding a co-op to take him as they say they go by the guidelines but guidelines allow you to test in. He's going to preschool this year/at 2 on time and I have no worries about it. I plan one way or another as long as he can handle it he's going at 5. I don't like holding kids back in less they specifically have a need vs. its the trendy thing to do. If we can't test in we will go private for one year or I may end up with preschool & homeschooling as apparently you can homeschool and get around it (otherwise I will not homeschool in less its a necessity).

Thanks for the redshirt explanations. I've been hearing that term a lot and never got it.


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Re: Kindgarten question - esp for moms with kids near cutoff date

Dd2 is an Aug. Birthday and will not be going to school until 6. Her personality does not lend itself well to being the youngest in her class. She is painfully shy. On top of that at just turned 4 she has zero interest in learning her ABCs and while a lot can change in a year she is not likely to want to seriously sit and start learning to read in a year. She can use all the maturity she can get.

Dd1 is no where near the cut off date but had she been she totally would have done well as a young 5 in kindergarten. She taught herself to read at age 4 and was very good at sitting to learn about something by that age.

I think personality has a lot to do with things. They are expected to learn a lot in K. At our school there is a lot of play involved in learning in K but a lot of sitting as well.
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Re: Kindgarten question - esp for moms with kids near cutoff date

I have a Nov birthday and started Kindergarden at 4, and did fine. My kids are/will be all fall babies (Sept/Nov currently and Oct on the way) I plan to send my son to Kindergarden next year and not hold him back, but so many schools are changing their cut off dates that I might have to wait on the younger 2 kids. I think he is right on track with the other kids in his preschool class, and if anything comes up I have no problems with him being in Kindergarden an extra year. I taught 4th grade, and have lots of friends who are teachers now and I will be contacting my friends who teach K to talk with in the spring to see if ds seems ontrack to start next fall. But the current plan is to send him.
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Re: Kindgarten question - esp for moms with kids near cutoff date

I think the reason it is "trendy" to wait a year is because K is a totally different experience now than when we attended school. I started at 4 in a half-day K that is VERY similar to what I do with my Pre-K students. If I chose to send my sons, they would be attending full day programs with much different expectations. If the expectations were the same as when I attended, I would not have any issue sending them as young 5s, but as it stands now I am not interested in setting them up to struggle.
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Re: Kindgarten question - esp for moms with kids near cutoff date

Our cutoff is September 1 and my youngest ds birthday is September 19. I'm very glad he misses the cutoff by a few weeks, then there is no debating, no questions, he will turn 6 a few weeks after he starts kindergarten and likely be one of the oldest kids in the class.

I anticipate he will have some boredom at the beginning of K, but I don't want him to struggle emotionally or maturity-wise. He will have to learn to deal with the boredom just like if we pushed him ahead and he'd have to learn to keep up.

I talked to my DDs pre k teacher about it last year, she turned 5 about 8 weeks before school started and although she was ready acidemically, it was obvious she wasn't as mature as much of her class. I'm still a bit nervous, many teachers have said it's not necessarily K where they struggle most, but second and third grade is where it becomes more obvious. Anyway, if my kid had a birthday just before the cutoff, I would most likely hold them back if possible.
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Originally Posted by stevensmom
as a kindergarten teacher I would highly suggest waiting a year. He is a boy and a young one at that. In my experience and my family's experience (a sister is a teacher, and my mom is a principal), boys with summer birthdays are not ready to do kindergarten at the age of 4.

My daughter's bday is Sept 11 and our states cut off is August 30th. We do have an option in our district called "early entrance" where any kid that is born before Sept 30 can "test" to get into k early. Now I have had some kids in my classes that did this...and only 1 of them was actually ready. She was reading at a 4th grade level, and was very very mature. All the others were not ready. Yes they were smart but they had the maturity of a 4 year old (which they should have since they are 4!)

Just because they are academically ready (can read, write, do math equations) doesn't mean that they are ready socially. Especially boys.

just think he will be the last one to get his drivers license...if that matters to you. He will be in the younger sports groups than his friends (if your area does them based on age).

Good luck with the decision, you have time.
I second this post as a kindergarten teacher and a mom with cut off kids. I have 2 sons with sept birthdays and 2 nephews with sep birthdays. We sent the oldest onea year later and had wonderful results. We also waited with my son who turning 5 and entering vpk. I have seen many young boys come into kinder just before turning 5. They are nearly always immature and behind the rest of the class. Of the 7 paticular that I can remember in the past 3 years, 2 were retained, 2 did very well, and the others struggled with either behavior or academics.

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Re: Kindgarten question - esp for moms with kids near cutoff date

My middle has an end of June birthday. We wound up sending him at 5 years old, while a couple of his friends with birthdays around the same time waited a year. My son was ready - 2nd child (playing with his brother's friends since he was little), had already done 2 years of preschool, well socialized and academically advanced. However, I can still (he's going into 3rd grade) see a maturity difference between him and a couple of the boys in his class who were redshirted and are therefore more than an entire year older than him. One thing we knew going in was that there were several other summer birthdays going into kindergarten with him, so he wasn't the only young 5 in the class.

Even though we didn't do it, I have seen red-shirting be very beneficial for children. A child who is on the edge of being ready will likely start school as a follower and stay there. However, if you gave that child an extra year to mature he or she is more likely to start school as a leader in the class and stay in that position throughout their school career.

As another poster mentioned, it isn't even always in kindergarten when the difference in maturity manifests. But, it is difficult to see 2 or 3 years down the road on whether a child will mature more quickly than his/her older peers. I think being very close to cut-off (or worse - petitioning in) is taking a serious chance that the child will have limited success in those early years. Kindergarten is a lot of work, but it only gets more intense in 2nd, 3rd and beyond. If a person petitions in, the child could easily be in class with children 15+ months older than they are. That is a HUGE difference in typical behavior.

I would never hold a child back based upon their size. But, I have terrible memories of being the smallest in my class and being teased. So, having an extra year to mature in size can be helpful if you were waiting for other reasons. It certainly doesn't hurt for sports

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Re: Kindgarten question - esp for moms with kids near cutoff date

My DD is on the other side of the cutoff - but she was ready for K, even though she was 4.

Is there an option to put him in K, and then have him repeat K next year? If you think he'll struggle, keep him out, he will be so much more happier if he is the one in class that 'get it' quicker than the rest than the one who is struggling to understand what the rest of the class already knows, KWIM?
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Ds1 is born 9/9 and our cut off if 9/1 with no exceptions. I was a little annoyed bc this applies to vpk also and I feel that pk could help him socially but can't afford it. We also want to move back to ny where the cut off is dec so basically next year if we stay here he'll be in pk but if we move he'll go straight to k. Also if we move in a few years he'll be months older than the other kids.
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Re: Kindgarten question - esp for moms with kids near cutoff date

this is my son. he missed the deadline by ONE HOUR. we did all the early testing to get him in. and he passed 4 of 5 tests making him as smart as a 6yr old (he's going to be 5 in 2 weeks) but he didnt pass his emotional ability ready test.
so I am holding him back. as I looked at it more I saw he was not sharing as well, could not carry a lunch tray or feed himself/or eat enough for that matter, could not go 8 hrs w out me or a nap... he's just not ready even tho intellectually he is.
so he's going to prek.
i think its really an individual thing.
I was 4 when I went to school and I loved being young. it made me feel good & I did really well.
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