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anyone still BFing?

I posted this in the daily chat thread, but then thought I should put it out to the wider group. . .

I am so, so torn about whether to think about weaning or not. I feel so guilty just thinking about it even though ds is almost 2. . .but I know I wouldn't be thinking about it seriously if I wasn't pg, so then I feel like I shouldn't wean him just b/c of that. I'm open to the idea of tandem nursing and I always wanted to let him decide when it was time to wean. . .but then my nipples have been extra sore lately so that always gives me those moments of, "wouldn't it be nice not to be sucked on for a few months." And given his personality, I wonder how well it will work having him share anyway (tandem BFing that is).

Another issue is that he still won't fall asleep without BFing and I don't know how that will work with a nb. So, I sometimes wonder if it wouldn't be easier to teach him to sleep without BFing *now* rather than with a nb to take care of and I don't think he will ever learn that without total weaning. Agh. I'm just so conflicted over it all. I don't want to push this separation on him before he's ready (and honestly it will make me extremely sad to loose this connection also) and yet I will need him to be a bit more independent by January.

Just thought I'd put that out there in case anyone else is in a similar dilemma. . .I know weaning can be a touchy subject, but I can't talk to DH about this without getting , so I thought maybe someone here could offer some support or wisdom or just commiseration.


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Re: anyone still BFing?

Yes, still doing a minimal amount here... ouch! I have night weaned at the very beginning of the pregnancy, and we managed to switch to cow's milk before bed with a cool bendy straw and one of the adult cups, so now just doing it in the AM if I don't manage to get out of bed before my daughter wakes up. It is really painful though, and I hate wincing through what should be a nice connection. My girl is three though- just turned in August.

I am okay with the idea of tandem, but I am not sure if it is worth it, since I want to wean before 4 and that would be a short period of time with a new baby around from Jan to August.
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Still nursing here too. It is just now getting to that point of really OUCH when she first latches on. I haven't had any soreness until this last week or so and it's still manageable. Unless it gets a lot worse I don't think I am going to force weaning. But my dd is 20 months and she is slowing down quite a bit, only nursing for nap and bedtime for the most part. Sometimes during the night if she wakes up and sometimes during the day if she is having a rough day. She gets frustrated at times telling me "it's not workin!" lol cause my milk is starting to dry up I think. She already drinks milk from a cup, mostly rice milk and sometimes cows milk (I drink rice, dh drinks cows lol). I don't know. I'm just letting her lead the way cause I don't know if it would be easier on her to continue nursing after the baby is here or if that will just make it harder since she will have to share. I'm afraid she's going to be very jealous either way. :/

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Re: anyone still BFing?

uh oh
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Re: anyone still BFing?

Was nursing until about 6 weeks preggo. DD stopped on her own...she was 11.5 months old. I had to fight her to get her to nurse, she just didn't want to anymore so I am thinking maybe my milk changed?
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Re: anyone still BFing?

DS self weaned about 3 weeks ago. It was his final time to ask. He is 28 months so im proud of that
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Re: anyone still BFing?

Still nursing here and it's really painful when he latches on again. He's just starting to really cut back and is sometimes sleeping thru the night. I'm not sure what I want to do either. I go back and forth about trying to wean or being ok with tandem nursing. For now, I'll just see what happens. Maybe he'll wean on his own in the next couple months.
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Re: anyone still BFing?

I am still BF my son who will be 2 in Sept. I am not really getting much milk though. And he has seemed to notice and is not nursing as often. He still nurses to sleep. He cannot take dairy or soy products so I do give him rice milk. I think I am going to continue nursing... even when the baby gets here in Jan if my son wants to. It does hurt when he latches on but once he is on it is fine. I think nursing him when the baby is here will help us stay connected. But that is my thoughts on it right now. Things may change by Jan.
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