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Night Time Potty Training for 3YO

My DD has been perfectly potty trained since her 2nd bday but has been in pull ups for naps and night time since then (regretting it now!). She is 3.5 and the diapers keep giving her rashes and yeast infections since she doesn't wear them all the time. Here's my problem. She is kind of a little clean freak and is very organized and she cannot stand to wet the bed or have any kind of accent for that matter (she will cry if a drop of milk lands on her shirt lol). So she is SOooooo afraid of having an accident that he melts down when I try to put her to bed in her undies. She has got to lose the dips though bc thy are hurting her. I have tried comforting her and telling her that it's ok if she has an accident but if she needs to pee just get up and go. She says ok, but when the time comes she will pee evrytime in her bed. I pick her up and put her on the potty at midnight and we are up by 7 but it still happens. Any advice!!!????


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Re: Night Time Potty Training for 3YO

She isn't ready. I wouldn't push it.
Can you buy some cloth toddler diapers(I liked toddle ease by mother-ease)? My oldest was night wet until age 6. So I was all prepared for my youngest taking forever too, but to my surprise he wanted undies at night from the start of PTing at age 2. He had a few accidents, and we promptly changed him & his sheets, assured him he was okay & it was an accident, then he went back to sleep.
But oldest has sensory issues, and hates the feeling of wet material(reminds me of myself!! I hate wet socks!!) so he wouldn't wear anything(even cloth dipes) once it was wet. Posies & pull ups don't feel wet(well, like cloth does). She might just be cringing at the thought of wet stuff on her, so that's her issue. Which if it is, and she's like my son, she won't want to sleep in undies until she knows for sure she won't have an accident(which for my oldest, was much older than I would have chosen!)
But it just is, sometimes.

I guess I would try to find out what exactly her issue is, then try to solve it on her terms. I do understand that she has issues with rashes & pull ups. Are there other brands out there or cloth you can try? What about just sleeping sans undies? Would she go for naked? That was our transitional step with our oldest.
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Re: Night Time Potty Training for 3YO

Get a bigger diaper?

I don't know, the letter, I could write the exact same thing. Sometimes I think we're close, but now I'm thinking about just buying bigger covers for her. *Sigh*
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Re: Night Time Potty Training for 3YO

My dd gets rashes from pull-ups, but never from overnight diapers. I think there are more chemicals in the pull-ups. DD has always been in disposables. She just turned 4 and wants to do cloth like her bubba so once we run out of the 6 pull-ups we have left. We will start using cloth trainers. Although like naked baby toes' LO I don't think my dd is ready. Most kids aren't physically ready until after 4. Some go earlier and some later. Is she dry every morning? How about if she doesn't like being wet putting a fleece liner in panties then put a pull up on over the panties? I know its a lot of layers, but it might keep her dry and she will still have the pull up to make her feel comfortable. Have no idea if it would work, just popped into my head.
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Re: Night Time Potty Training for 3YO

Some cloth trainers do have the stay-dry inners. You can get Tinkle Time Pocket Trainers like this. Whenever your DD gets to the point where she's starting to stay dry at night and needs that "wet" feedback in order to keep it that way, you can put her panties on underneath the trainer. This is how we made the transition with DD once it was clear that she was trying to take off her overnight diaper early in the morning to try and go in the potty. Started with the trainers just before her 3rd birthday, then panties under the trainers when she was starting to stay dry all night, then just panties when she was consistently dry in the mornings. The process only took a couple of months.
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Re: Night Time Potty Training for 3YO

I used Superundies with DS. They are cloth nighttime training pants. They worked well for DS. I would wake him to pee at 11pm before I went to bed and DH would wake him at 5am when he got up for work.
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Re: Night Time Potty Training for 3YO

I would start by finding diapers that don't have the chemicals in them. My youngest is still in pull-ups overnight, but they have no chlorine in them, so he skin is not irritated.

Secondly, she's probably just not ready. My son wasn't dry on his own at night until 5, and it looks like my youngest will be the same. She's 4 1/2 and while she can make it through naps, she can't make it through the night.

Try weaning her off at naptime. Have her go potty right before she climbs into bed for her nap and see if she can make it through. But you might have to keep them for bedtime for awhile.
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Re: Night Time Potty Training for 3YO

I liked the NatureBabycare pull ups--I bought on with subscribe & save discount and free shipping. I think they are less chemically.

Do you already restrict fluids for a couple hours before bedtime? That coupled with waking her at midnight to go potty ought to be enough if she is ready.
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Can you put her in underware?

My son never understood potty training until I put him in underwear. I think he was just lazy! I have 2 layers of sheets and waterproof pads on his bed (makes for fast clean up at night), and I wake him one before I go to bed most nights. It worked out great for my boy. Now sometimes he even wake on his own.

He was in underwear at 2.5 at Christmas (he wanted those Thomas the train underwares so badly lol) and asked for it at night in April. Only 3 accidents in the last 2 months, both being my fault. I am proud of him.
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Re: Night Time Potty Training for 3YO

I use cloth trainers with some sort of pul lining in the wet zone.

We use Superundies stuffed with a hemp doubler for night time. Unless ds wakes up and floods his pants in the morning....we are typically accident free at night.
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