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It's really what you feel comfortable with. I'm probably not in the norm on this site but we started ODS on cereal at 4 months and will prob do the same with YDS (who will be 4 months next week, man how time flies). We also don't do BLW, I'm personally not comfortable with solid food that early. Like I said though I'm probably in the minority for this site

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Originally Posted by Kyrsten
P.S. - I have had people say to me "Why can't I start solids sooner? Our parents' generation gave solids early all the time, and we turned out fine."
When faced with this statement, I simply make mention of the fact that, while our parents and grandparents were well-intentioned, our entire generation has a problem with obesity - and our children are dealing with an obesity epidemic.
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Re: WHEN should I try CEREAL and PUREES??

we do purees at 6m and skip cereal all together. It's just a mess. It's like glue, and has practically no nutrition. I don't understand the rage to get kids eating 'real food' so soon. With my ODS I felt like it was pressure for me to stop BFing. I had more then a few people ask "when *can* he go to formula" like only tiny babies nurse. People dumb. do what your baby tells you.
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I would completely skip the cereal, it really has no nutritional value. For solids I would look for these signs of readiness: teeth, pincher grasp, and being able to sit up from a laying position. These usually happen around 9 months. Your baby doesn't need anything more than your milk until after a year old
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Re: WHEN should I try CEREAL and PUREES??


i made a blog post for ya
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Re: WHEN should I try CEREAL and PUREES??


I started at 6 months with my 2 DD's. My second had reflux too, but it turned out that I was overproducing milk which acts like a lactose intolerance for little babies....

I would think that cereal or solids wouldn't help a tummy problem. Their little bellies take a while to mature and be able to digest more then milk. I would try and keep it simple...I also think that the new standard from the Pediatric Association is to start solids at 6 months and do soley milk for those first 6. From 6 months to a year, solids are meant to be a supplement to milk - getting baby used to eating solids and introducing new foods - and after a year, baby it flips - solids are main source of nutrition and milk is the supplement.

La Leche suggests the same I believe - I would imagine even if you are using formula La Leche would say the same?

Also, And I don't presume to know as you know your baby best, but reflux is really the diagnosis of the day for infants. I was told both my girls had reflux and they were started on medicine. It never helped. What helped was 1 - with DD1 smaller more frequent nursing sessions and keeping her upright after "eating." 2 - with DD2 investigating and realizing I was overproducing milk and that this mimics reflux...

Just some thoughts! Definately DO NOT let anyone pressure you into doing something for your baby that you don't want to do. You are the mommy and you know what is best for your baby
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Re: WHEN should I try CEREAL and PUREES??

I also skipped cereals altogether. I couldn't see feeding my baby something so highly processed and nutritionally empty when there are yummy fruits and veggies available. My DS's first food was banana at 6 1/2 months and then avocado a few weeks later.
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