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Re: Please help me understand...

I served pretty much all the same foods for all my kids. My oldest and youngest will eat most things. My 5 year old DD is very picky. She rarely says something is yucky. She just won't eat it. She eats enough things that I can make sure something she likes is at each meal. She gets the same lunch daily at school because she'll eat it all. She rarely tries things, even things like banana muffins! I don't know why. I'm sure it's not something we did differently though.

On the other hand, they only eat whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, etc. They never had anything else.


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Re: Please help me understand...

We eat absolutely everything and you'd be hard pressed to find a food we haven't offered in our house. And dd1 is obscenely picky. I totally have always ignored it and our rule at dinner is "eat what you want, leave what you want but you're not getting more of anything until you eat one bite of everything".

And despite all that, I realized yesterday that I haven't sat down to dinner with dd1 without her complaining about something in probably 5yrs.

I'm pretty sure it's a control thing because her list of food requirements is random AND she'll eat all kinds of things at friends houses that she won't eat at home. I continue to ignore it. She won't die. My brother survived on bread and chicken noodle soup for most of his life. He outgrew it.
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Re: Please help me understand...

Originally Posted by Vivhop98 View Post
I have a friend who will cook three different dinners for her, her husband and her children. She tells me "well they won't eat what I like so I have to cook different dinners". I think she is training them to be picky. If I would let my children see me as a short order cook, they would. I used to do this when I only had one child and then when dd was born (no 3) I retrained them that when I cook, you eat it or get a banana or string cheese. I won't not let them eat, but I won't cook two seperate meals. Because of this, they eat almost EVERYTHING, including steamed veggies, curries, you name it, they eat it. They didn't use to be like this, but if there is a food they don't like, they still have to try it, but more often than not, they eat it. Now, I do understand truly hating something and being forced to eat it. I still can't eat tuna or chicken livers and have tried many times and can't stand them. However, I will pretty much eat anything else, excluding wheat and dairy as I have a sensitivity to gluten/dairy. I don't call that picky, as I just can't digest them well.
3 different meals?!? Yeah we dont make separate meals here. I will never make you eat something that you are truly adverse to but a separate meal just isnt happening.

Originally Posted by oregonmom View Post
I don't know what makes some kids more picky then others. #1 is semi-picky expecially with veggies. #3 has very few things he does not like and even less that he will not willingly try repeatedly. #2 would live off of peanut butter bread, chicken nuggets, and pizza if I would let him (which we don't). He fight and whines almost every night that he does not like what we are having. Some things that he use to love 6 months ago like tacos, he now gags while eating and will not eat more then 3-4 bites. He refuses to eat unbreaded chicken or chicken that I have breaded at home. He will only eat the pre-breaded chicken from the store. Since I do not buy the pre-breaded ones very often he is out of luck most of the time, but again will eat at most 2 bites of dinner and then he has to wait till breakfast to eat again. Quite often the only meal in a day that he eats anything more then the 2-3 required bites is Breakfast when he does get to chose his own food which is usually peanut butter toast. If I knew a good way to make him less picky it would make me very happy.
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I was picky. I decided to become vegetarian at age 4. My parents tried everything to make me eat the meat they served to no avail. I distinctly remember sitting at the table for hours because I wouldn't eat a hot dog. My parents gave in when they realized it wasn't going to change. I've been vegetarian ever since. As if that wasn't picky enough, I was a vegetarian who didn't particularly care for vegetables. Ha ha! Despite this I had a very balanced diet. My mom was creative for sure.
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Re: Please help me understand...

My son is picky. He just is and I don't make him eat something he doesn't like. I ask him if he would try something for me ..most times he won't but occasionally he does. Its not that big a deal. I am picky too..there is NO WAY I will try something if I don't want to. I don't have to try something to know I don't like it. Sometimes just the looks of something are a turn off. My son loves white rice... he could eat it with every will never eat it..It looks like maggots on a plate to me. Yuck. My thought is why should I require him to eat something even a bit just because I said so when I won't do the same.
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Re: Please help me understand...

Originally Posted by kindramay View Post
I would be upset if someone was forcing me to eat them just because that was the rule. Why would I do the same to my kids? Its not going to "cure" their dislike of the food, and its not a battle I choose to fight.
This. My daughter is super picky about foods (which I hear is fairly common amongst kids with an anaphylactic food allergy; her doctor told me not to push it when it comes to encouraging her to branch out). I liken it to if someone was telling me to eat something I found repugnant - like slugs or something else vile. She just happens to find things horrible that other people like.
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Re: Please help me understand...

They go through stages. All three of my kids were great at trying (and often consuming) all sorts of foods until around age 2. Then all bets were off and they would do the typical thing of eating nothing but broccoli one week and then telling me they "didn't like" it the next. Eventually, they outgrow that phase and go back to being "normal" eaters around age 5. (DS1 was interested in trying a raw oyster around age 5 and he tried REALLY hard to like it. There were a LOT of crackers involved.)

I think that some parents get stuck in the picky stage and cater to the picky preferences and prolong that stage inadvertantly. I think they also have a hard time when kids go from their constant food consumption stage to eating 1-2 real meals stage. They worry that their kids aren't eating enough. Surely a bigger, active 2.5 yo needs to eat MORE than their 18mo sibling! So using this logic, parents tend to worry more with the quantity that is consumed rather than the quality.

I don't change how I cook or what I offer when the kids are doing their picky business. They still get the same variety. They still get small servings of everything-even if they have established that they don't like something, it still sits on their plates.

I also talk about nutrition with my kids. My 4yo knows that she needs to eat some meat or egg for protein. She knows that protein gives her long lasting energy and helps her build muscles and grow. They know about fiber. They know that I won't let them eat just high carb food without some fat and protein, because of the "crash" and crankiness that tends to happen. I talk about WHY we offer what we do.

Strangely, my middle child-who would eat ANYTHING as a baby/toddler-is my pickiest eater. DS2 had some obvious texture issues and aversions as a baby and now he is less picky at 3 than his sister. DS1 is the most adventurous eater at 9. He puts crazy combinations together (chalula hot sauce, shredded cheese, and raw sugar snap peas in a tortilla) and likes them.

For us, so far, picky is just a stage.
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Re: Please help me understand...

Kids develop their own tastes just like we do and especially when they are younger it is often a texture issue. Dd doesn't really like cooked carrots but raw carrots are yummy and this girl was exposed to every different kind of food I couldget my hands in as a baby and she rarely spit anything out. I think lentils was the only shudder gag reaction I got. But now that she has a voice she definitely decides what to eat. She eats a ton of the really superfood fruits so I don't really worry
About it. Most of it is a phase that will pass with encouragement.
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Re: Please help me understand...

This thread is really opening my eyes, especially for the people who offer their kids a variety of foods and are still picky! I do agree with the stages post too. All of us go through stages, I just didn't really put that with foods before.
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DS is 4.5yo and is somewhat picky but luckily he loves things like fresh fruit and certain veg. He will surprise me from time to time, like the other day. I had just put some shredded left over chicken breast in the fridge for the next night's chicken pot pie. DS suddenly ran by with a handful! I was about to get irritated that he put dirty hands in the meat but caught myself. Instead, I offered him the rest of the meat. He ate almost the entire container. Anytime he's willing to try something, we encourage it. We also keep his favorite foods on hand.

DD will eat almost anything. If we eat it, she wants it. It's awesome. She's only 19 months but I really hope she doesn't outgrow it.

We're bad and don't do family meals. I cook dinner for me, DH, and DD and eat kinda scattered throughout the house. DS gets a few choices and then eats at the counter. I think the issue is that he's with Nana all week and she does the whole short order cook deal. When DS went to preschool, the teachers said he ate whatever they served. He goes once a week to my friend's daycare and she's never said he's refuses to eat.
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