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Your Best PT'ing Advice...

If you had a fast, successful potty training experiences, please tell me what worked.

My son just turned 3 a couple weeks ago, and it's just time. I can't take changing another diaper, and he hates it just as much as I do. He loves going on the potty, so that is not a problem. It's just the lazy factor. Why go on the potty when you can poop and pee whenever/wherever?

I have one week before I start a 2nd job, so I want to get this PT'ing down. I know he can do it, because he is always so proud when he does. But he can't run around naked all day (especially when I start a nanny job in someone else's home). Tell me tips and tricks to get this down and done, this week!

I know he's ready, we just need to make it 'part of our routine' somehow. Thanks!


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My best ardvice? Stay home a couple days and just ditch the diapers. He'll pick up on it pretty quickly
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Re: Your Best PT'ing Advice...

Get a kitchen timer. Set it for every 20 minutes.

When the timer dings, it is time to go potty. That way, it is not mommy interrupting the fun, it is the timer. It is non-negotiable. I then set the timer for 5 minutes, and kiddo has to sit for 5 minutes on the potty. When it dings, you get to get up. Then reset for 20 minutes.

We don't do pull ups here except in bed and in the car. DD PT'd the week she turned two, and DFS is not 2.5, has developmental delays, and still stays dry when naked consistently, and always poops in the potty. It works really well!
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Re: Your Best PT'ing Advice...

Let's see, I think my best advice would be two-fold:

1. Wait until they're ready. (Which at 3, it's likely that your DS is.)

and then

2. Naked potty training. (Which I get might be tough in someone else's house.)

With those two things, I have potty trained all 3 of my kids without a problem. When they seemed ready, I picked a week where I knew we could stay home every day, and did nothing but stay home and work on PT'ing. I had them wear nothing (or almost nothing) from the waist down. They quickly realized that if there was nothing to catch the pee/poop, they better hurry up and get to the toilet. They went from not PT'd at all to fully PT'd within a week, all of them. Good luck!
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Re: Your Best PT'ing Advice...

Follow his lead.

This isn't about you or what you want or your schedule or anything to do with smarts or what have you.

He'll let you know what he needs exactly when he needs it & the way it works best for him. All you have to do is listen & provide opportunity. He'll do the rest.
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Re: Your Best PT'ing Advice...

Be patient and follow his lead and offer tons of praise when your LO does use the potty.

We tried to PT DS at 25 months and all of us were frustrated and unhappy (he was not ready) so we went back to CDs but read lots of books on potty training, talked about it and checked out Elmo's potty time from the library every other month. Shortly after I started talking about preschool and explaining to DS (at 34 months old) that he could only go once he began using the potty everytime he just seemed to get it. We started with naked potty training and then shopped for "big boy" underpants. Since mid-july (36 months old) he has only had four accidents.

DH and I clap and cheer everytime he goes and DS does the same. You can tell that he is very proud of himself and he doesn't even need to be reminded anymore.

A year ago I thought PTing might not ever happen but once DS decided he was ready it was a breeze. We are all excited I am thrilled to no longer have to change his poopy diapers anymore. They were making me gag and even vomit sometimes.

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Re: Your Best PT'ing Advice...

My son was resistant to PT until two months before his third birthday. We just went naked, took him to the potty often, and did a rewards bin (with dollar toys). He picked it up in no time and has only had maybe a handful of accidents since.
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Re: Your Best PT'ing Advice...

Just do it.....simple advice...but hard. One day after ds had been sitting on the potty at random times for almost 6 months I had him help me pack up all the diapers and put them away. No more diapers....time for BIG BOY pants! He gets to pick which pair (we have trains, mickey mouse, and cars/trucks)
We sat on the potty first thing in the morning, and then every 30-40 minutes after. The first few accidents were tough. I hated cleaning up the messes...but he caught on after a day or so. We are almost 5 weeks without diapers. We still have an accident every few days or so(mostly when he is busy playing and I forget to remind him).....but he is getting it.
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