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First off, you rock for continuing to nurse past a year!!
You are absolutely right, bm is full of nutrients, and those nutrients and antibodies continue throughout lactation! I'm on my phone and can't link, but google "nursing beyond infancy," kelly mom has a great page.
My DS will be 2 next week and still nurses 10+ times a day. I wouldn't change anything I've done so far Nurse him as often as you'd like Mama


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Re: what to expect with bf past 1 yr.

thanks for all of your encouragement and input! I guess I needed to hear something positive today! I'll have to check out the womanly art of breastfeeding, and kellymom's website.
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Re: what to expect with bf past 1 yr.

I have always nursed my kids on demand no matter how old they were. My oldest weaned at 4 1/2 years old, my 2nd just turned 3 last week and is still nursing and my baby is 6 weeks so obviously still nursing. At a year both of my older girls were nursing every 2 hours around the clock. My oldest didn't have any cows milk until she was closer to 2 years old, my 2nd loved cows milk so drank it pretty much as soon as I started offering it (about 18 months) but always preferred to nurse of course. As far as leaving and having some time away I wouldn't worry about it at his age. He will not let himself starve, I promise. At that point I was occasionally going out for a few hours in the afternoon here and there with my 2nd and she would have a little sippy of cows milk or a bit of solids if she needed something while I was gone.

Your doctors advice is pretty old school. Studies on breastmilk actually show that the milk you make at a year is actually not all that different than the milk you make when your baby is a newborn. It goes back to the idea that your body makes milk that is perfect for your baby no matter how old they are. A 1 year old is putting everything into their mouth, exploring the world etc so your milk has tons of antibodies in it and lots of good fats that toddlers need.

You can do whatever you both are comfortable with now. If you feel like you need to cut back then that is the right decision for your family but don't cut back just because the doctor said you should. Do it becuase it is the right decision for you.
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Re: what to expect with bf past 1 yr.

I cant say anything truly changed once yds turned 1. He still nursed when he wanted it and through the night. Around 20 months we night weaned and he nursed till 28 months! i had NO milk when he weaned and it was so painful.
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Re: what to expect with bf past 1 yr.

Originally Posted by Nyomi&Jericho'sMommy View Post
Congratulations to all you ladies! It is so nice to see so many momma's BF past a year I say, stick to what you're doing, your baby knows whats best for him at this age. Your milk is still the best thing for him, my doctor always tells me the longer you can exclusively BF the better. He told me not to introduce solids until my children demanded it....when they go to the age that they were mad that I wouldn't share my food. And they DID get there, on there own, without weaning. As for cows milk, My children don't drink it except on special occasions. Reason being, pasteurized cow milk is lacking most all of the naturally occurring enzymes that let your body absorb the vitamin D and calcium in the they really don't benefit from it. Leafy greens are the best source of these essential vitamins, unless you have access to raw milk. Anyways, congratulations again, and keep up the good work! Mommy's instincts always trump Dr's books
Agree with this poster! We have a cowshare and get raw milk since DD was a year old, otherwise we'd probably do mostly homemade almond milk, or maybe low-temp pasteurized, non-homongenized, grass-fed cows milk. Conventional milk is pretty much useless as far as nutrient content and absorption goes; I would never replace nursing sessions with cows milk.

We were still nursing a ton at 1 year. DD wasn't that interested in solids for a while. Now at 20 months we're down to two nursing sessions and dreamfeeds.
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Re: what to expect with bf past 1 yr.

My dd is 21 months and nurses 6+ times a day. She does eat 3 meals a day and does get cows milk too but I agree that breast milk is more nutritious and I would probably worry about nutrition much more if she didn't nurse.
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