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Re: DD will NOT eat dinner-advice needed!

Don't beg plead or bargain, stick out the food and ignore her antics, eventually she will get the message.
I put one item I know each kid liked for dinner, and if they tried or ate more thats good, if not they didn't get any other meal choices, tough luck I'm not a restaurant.


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Re: DD will NOT eat dinner-advice needed!

Thanks for the input! We do modify her meals (like plain noodles instead of spaghetti, cheese quesadillas, etc.) but it includes things the rest of us eat for dinner. No special dishes. We require her to at least sit with us during the meal (whether she eats or not). We do a good bit of ignoring, usually just reminding her of her choices (eat or sit quietly).

We try to interest her by letting her help with the cooking, which she loves to do. She just doesn't want to eat it. I know she eats pretty healthy during the rest of the day. I'm not worried about that. I just don't want dinner to be like this anymore!
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Re: DD will NOT eat dinner-advice needed!

We're going through the same thing with DD1 right now. She just turned 3 in August. She eats great through the rest of the day, so I don't fight with her. I make her up a plate of what we're eating (and there's ALWAYS something she likes on it), and if she tells me she's finished, we let her leave the table and let her know that if she gets hungry, we'll be leaving dinner out for her. She usually comes back and has a few bites in between playing. Whatever she doesn't eat gets wrapped up and when she tells me she's hungry later, I offer it to her. She never eats it, but she's finally learning that is all she's going to get and nothing else, so she's gotten better about eating more.
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Re: DD will NOT eat dinner-advice needed!

I have to agree- my DS pedi suggested not worrying about whether they get vegis at dinner- or any of any particular thing- we serve small portions of what was made, and if he eats, or not, that's his choice. She siad it is better to look at the bigger picture- over a couple weeks, or even a month. They won't starve themselves.

I discovered with both mine (12 year old and almost 3 year old) after talking to 12 yearold- that neither one of them like cooked vegis. This was a revelation- why fight to make them eat cooked ones- now I just put out a small vegi plate (not hard- I just keep some cut up in the fridge) and they both have discovered they actually like them raw! Broccoli is both thier favorites- the 3 yo loves carrots, and uncooked corn on the cob!

I do have a rule that if he doesn't eat at least a couple bites of each thing, I keep the plate for later when he gets hungry again. When I started letting it be his choice, he started fighting less, and is actually eating more- lately he is on a protein kick- and whatever meat I serve- if I call it meatballs- he will eat it- he is also on a green bean kick right now- though he has discovered he likes those steamed- he likes to peel them open and eat the "energy pills" from inside!
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Re: DD will NOT eat dinner-advice needed!

It sounds like you and I believe the same pretty much. Just stay your ground.
I fully believe if the child is truly hungry they will eat whatever you put infront of them. I have seen it over and over again. Parents say oh so and so won't eat such and such. I put it in front of them and it is eaten.
I do know as a kid in school I wouldn't eat breakfast, just my personality that I can't eat for 2-3 hrs after I wake up. I usually wouldn't eat lunch. I would eat non stop from when I got home til bed though. It has had no long term ill effects. I used to be begged to gain weight. Now due to PCOS I have the opposite issue.
I forget how long DD did that.
Just put her in the highchair/her chair and tell her you sit there no matter what. Give her, her plate and just ignore her. Don't remind her to eat, anything like that. If DD mentioned dessert I would remind we eat dinner first and leave it at that.
Oh and we do make her to this day atleast try 2 bites of new things.
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