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Re: Last night was aweful and I'm starting to resent my nursingling for nursing. =(

Originally Posted by MomToMyMonkeys View Post
It will get better mama. Hugs.

What I did was set up a box of special books and toys next to my nursing chair so I can pull my toddler onto my lap and read to her while LO nurses. Or if LO is being super needy then she can play by my feet with the special toys.

It also sounds like your nursling may be in a growth spurt. This too shall pass ;-)

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I did this with my 3 y/o when DS2 came. It HELPS! It made my DS1 feel special too as he was able to sit quietly with me & he was able to see my efforts, odd as it sounds, I think he understood I was making the effort, lol.

My nursling was and still is an every 2 hour kind of guy. He will be 7 months on Monday. It is by far THE most exhausting thing I have ever done, breastfeeding. But, MY personal choice was to keep plugging along and just do it. And I have been. I still have internal tantrums, just as you have described!! I thought I was the only one! Makes me feel better knowing there are other mamas out there at their wits end. I also sometimes just make DH hold the littlest while I go shower. It sounds odd, but man does a nice 10 minute shower BY MYSELF help! I come out refreshed & ready to feed, lol. What Im trying to say Mama, is that the choice is yours. Know that this too shall pass, that it will be easier someday No matter what you choose, know that you are doing what is best & that you have other mamas who know EXACTLY how you feel GL! HTH.


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Re: Last night was aweful and I'm starting to resent my nursingling for nursing. =(

I've been there. I spent many nights crying/screaming into the mattress with DD. Hang in there.
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Re: Last night was aweful and I'm starting to resent my nursingling for nursing. =(

Been there, done that, and got spit up on the t-shirt.

Nothing anyone hasn't said, just wanted to add my support. My 1st six weeks (heck, my first six MONTHS) with DD1 seemed like an ETERNITY. F-O-R-E-V-E-R. She nursed constantly day and night. I didn't sleep well while trying to nurse her because I had to hold my huge boob away from her nose until she got enough head control to get positioning just right. I tantrumed, I cried, I questioned my sanity... but someone told me once never to quit on my hardest day (or something like that), and so I stuck to that. Somewhere around six weeks it got a bit easier, around three months it got easier still, and by six months we were old pros (although still not sleeping, alas). But I won't lie, it was the hardest thing I've ever done--she was just an all-around high needs baby, and is still a high-strung (although SWEET) preschooler. DD2 has been a DREAM, but her personality is drastically different. It's all in the baby, I've come to decide, not in the nursing, and in some respects, not even in the parenting. I figured this out when she was three days old and I set her down to use the bathroom (which would have NEVER happened with DD1) and I came back three minutes later and she'd fallen asleep. I about wept with gratitude--DD2 was 20 months old before she EVER fell asleep without ANY assistance.

to you, and feel free to visit us over in the Babywearing forum or PM me if you want any thoughts on finding a carrier that would work well for your needs to keep your kiddo close while still chasing your toddler.
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Re: Last night was aweful and I'm starting to resent my nursingling for nursing. =(

I know this is an old post from last week but I want you to know I am there with you. My DS is 7 weeks old and never stops eating. I have PDD and anxiety because of it and just feel so isolated from the outside world. Hope things are getting better for you. Hang in there and I will too!
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Re: Last night was aweful and I'm starting to resent my nursingling for nursing. =(

Oh man, is this a growth spurt? Don't even BOTHER with the house, but you will want to take time for yourself, I'm sure!

My baby used to be more suckling at night - and I tell you what, I miss those days now! She has her thumb and very little comfort need from mommy now.

Maybe you can laugh about your tantrum in the future?
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Re: Last night was aweful and I'm starting to resent my nursingling for nursing. =(

This is about the stage that I went through with all three of mine. Yes they need to nurse to grow, but they also just like to suck and I started to resent being a human pacifier. So, we did end up using a real paci with DS1 and DS2 from about 1 month old until about 3 months old. DS3 would have nothing to do with one and spit it out with a horrible face every time we tried. However, he wasn't quite as crazy a nurser at that age as my first two were. So the paci is something to try. Your baby is old enough that you shouldn't have any nipple confusion and the peace was worth it for us. Co-sleeping is also so helpful at night!
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