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BF + BLW + schedule issues

Not sure if this is in the right forum... it kinda crosses topics a little. I am concerned about DD's amount of BM vs amount of solids during the day.

DD is 8 mo, approx 18-19 lbs, generally very healthy and very, very mobile (gonna walk any day now). EBF until 6 mos, doing BLW now and it's going fab, she gets mad if you eat in front of her without sharing
In a typical day I will dreamfeed around 5am, 4 oz AM bottle with DH/DCP, lunch, 2 4 oz bottles in the afternoon and a small snack. I pick her up and try to nurse her around 430-5pm. Bedtime with nursing around 6pm. Typically 1 night feeding also.

The main issue here is she is waaaay distracted by everything, all the time. She wants to move around and investigate stuff and just can't be bothered to nurse OR take bottles during the day. She will pop off after a minute, clearly thinking "that thing over there is SO much more interesting." This happens with me, DH, and DCP. She ATTACKS solids and does not act distracted... I think they are more of a distract-or. She doesn't have any issues nursing at bedtime or night, which is why I think it's clearly a distraction issue. I can nurse in the standard recliner, with the lights off, sound machine on, and she will still squirm around and just act... not very interested. Doesn't seem to be a nursing strike or bottle strike.
So given the slight decrease in her BM intake during the day (we're talking maybe 3-4 oz decrease due to not wanting to finish her bottles, etc) we are contemplating just upping the solids. But I don't want to increase the solids too much too fast... I feel like I'm giving in to her distractability and it feels like the equivalent of giving her soda instead of milk because I just want her to drink something (bad analogy but you get the idea). Is it too early to drop a nursing(probably the after-school snack) in exchange for "dinner" of solids? I don't want to jeopardize our nursing relationship long term or encourage early weaning. thanks for reading this long post and please share any tips you might have!


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Re: BF + BLW + schedule issues

Yeah, I think it is too early to drop any nursing session or bottle in favor of solids. What you're seeing is pretty common. Some people say, "Beware the 8 month nursing strike" because baby is so interested in whatever is going on and other food is easy to eat on the go. I know you said you don't think it's a strike, and it's true that she's not refusing to nurse, but it is like a strike in that she's not as interested in nursing.

I would persevere with the nursing and offering pumped milk as you have been. The solids will not truly replace breastmilk at her age anyway.
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Re: BF + BLW + schedule issues

Just stick it out and keep offering. My LO did this at 8 months, but got better around 9.
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Re: BF + BLW + schedule issues

Remember solids under one are just for fun I would not incease the solids at his point. Could you just offer solids when you or dcp are eating? so that she isn't eating when no one else is and will maybe take more BM. Sounds like you just need to get over this distraction hump. Continue to nurse before you offer anything else. Hang in there mama!!
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