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Re: Tips to make getting out the door easier?

Oh, and one more thing that has saved me. Put your LO in the car first and buckle her in, then run back into the house to grab any remaining bags, coffee, etc. We have an attached garage, so obviously I wouldn't do this if the car was on the street or in the driveway. My dd fusses for a minute, but I try to talk to her the whole time and it really makes it easier to do that final sweep without having to chase her too. I used to forget things at home at least once a week and this helped a lot.


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Re: Tips to make getting out the door easier?

I and my DH make adjustments for one another according to who is really busy next day. We share the household chores and plan out accordingly. Many times he would go to drop my kids and many times I would come early to pick kids and cook food. By the way, before marriage my DH never cooked, ever since we got married, he has cooked once or twice and I didnít know that he cooks food so delicious. I often try to come home late so that I can have food cooked by him.
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Re: Tips to make getting out the door easier?

This isn't morning specific, but... pin pairs of socks together with safety pins. You'll never be staring at a mound of mismatched socks again. That was my least favorite part of laundry, and it's saved me so much time!
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Re: Tips to make getting out the door easier?

I don't have any advice, just wanted to sympathize. Since my DS was born (almost 4 years ago now) I cannot make it work until after 8. Doesn't matter when I get up. I've tried everything from 5:30 to 7. I think there are underlying psychological factors that I do not understand.

Anyway, G/L mama, looks like a few good suggestions here. It would be good to implement them now, before winter kicks in and you have to add bundling up the baby to your routine.
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Re: Tips to make getting out the door easier?

Many good suggestions. The things that work best for me
1) Pack all baby's food/diapers etc the night before and put whatever you can in the car the night before
2)Pick out everyone's clothes the night before (including mine). This includes shoes/socks etc.
3) My DS drinks milk when he wakes up and eats the breakfast I pack as soon as he gets to daycare. That way I dont have to incorporate that feeding time.
4) I, too, put DS in the car (in the garage) about 3-5 minutes before we leave. That way I can have free hands to do a last run through of the house
5) I invested in a slow cooker with a delay setting/auto off/timer. That way, I can set the timer before I leave for work and have dinner ready when I get home
6) Ive come home from work on my lunch breaks to do some quick cleaning/fold laundry/empty the dishwasher I set before I left for work/cook/run errands for the house
7) Everyone (including me) gets baths at night!
And, Pineapple is right, one thing that helped me was to not be so hard on myself. I did whatever it took to make my life easier (like paying to have someone do the yard once in a while, forking over money for a sitter so I could keep my sanity; buying TONS of bottles so that on weekends, I could pack his breastmilk for daycare for a week at a time, cooking simpler meals-a actually instituted a vegan night which was an easy way for me to just make beans and rice without complaints , and just living simpler so I had fewer errands to run)
Im sure there are other things I do, but these are the biggies that help keep me on time.
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