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Re: Why does DS hate my boobs at night?!

i 2nd the waking around while nursing... thats what i still have to do for dd at 3.5 months. she likes me to kinda bounce her while im nursing and walking. also if your baby likes baths dd likes to lay in the bath and get really relaxed and then she nurses like a champ!


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Re: Why does DS hate my boobs at night?!

Originally Posted by VeganCupcake View Post
Could it be that he wants to comfort nurse but milk keeps flowing? That can be frustrating for little babies.
Yep, that's what my dd does. Sometimes it gets to where she won't even latch on. That's when I know it's time to stop, lol!
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Originally Posted by Beesgirl

Thank you! I know it's temporary, it's just so frustrating at the end of a long day with 3 boys. I'm missing my down time in the evenings, I really hope this passes soon.
This is me too! I have 3 boys too. I could never tell if he was wanting to comfort nurse and mad that milk was flowing or hungry and mad the flow slowed down. From birth to 6-8 weeks we had marathons of 6-9 or 10pm. DH desperately wanted to give a bottle but I didn't want to. I went through that with my older two thinking I didn't have enough supply. I would get frustrated and give in to the bottle but it gradually messed with my supply and they gained a bottle preference and weaned by 4 months.

This time I was mentally prepared for the marathons. It really got hard when at 4-5 months it was still taking 2+ hours to put him to bed. Then he was waking every 2 hours not napping during the day. At this point it wasn't his usual "witching hour" it was him being so attached to me and not being able to soothe himself. Finally at 7 months he can be put to bed and it usually only takes about 20-30 min of nursing. He sometimes fusses but settles down very quickly.

So, I have only recently gotten my evenings back!! Hang in there! You'll make it through and even survive. I wasn't sure I would!
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Re: Why does DS hate my boobs at night?!

I'm thinking it has something to do with the OALD in combination with the "witching hour".... We experienced the same thing. I think they really want to comfort nurse but with OALD, its hard for them. Their tummies are still so small. I found that side-lying really helped with the OALD (as well as block feeding to taper things down) and bicycling his legs before, and after a feeding. It helped with gas, I think. He would toot and then relax. Going outside really helps, too. Or a bath, like PP said. I'd also carry him in a moby wrap and do lots of skin-to-skin, and that would settle him really well. GL Mama!
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We have this problem sometimes too. I walk DD around and sing to her. It distracts her enough that she will nurse.
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Re: Why does DS hate my boobs at night?!

I have had this problem on and off with DS2. DS1 was super easy, loved to nurse, so DS2 has been a big change for me. He is a little over 7 months old and it took forever to get a bedtime routine, around 5 months. He would be up until 9/10 pm fussing/screaming. He would beg to nurse one night and refuse to nurse the next. Now I never try to nurse him in the evenings unless he wants it. I just wait for the time to pass, let him go to sleep and he always wakes up around 11pm/3am/6am and nurses super easily and so well! It is just not worth the battle to get him to eat. I wish he slept through the night, but I cannot battle the nursing in the evenings.
I'm sorry. I feel your pain. I do nurse in a rocking chair in the silence and with the lights dimmed which all help and I completely agree about the bottle thing. I hate giving DS2 a bottle. I hope it passes quickly and your nursing gets easier!
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