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Re: Weird Supply Issues.. from small breasts?

Our society is so ingrained with formula feeding "rules" that even moms who exclsively breastfeed still get this notion that their babies frequently aren't getting enough to eat. It is totally normal for a baby to want to nurse several times an hour or once every three hours. My 7 month old eats 2-3 times AN HOUR. Trust me...I don't have low supple. I was tandem nursing and have pumped over 700 ounces to donate. My baby just likes to eat short frequent meals. A much better measure of how much a baby eats is by looking at overall growth over a span of time (not a few days or even a few weeks as babies grow in spurts, not lines) and diaper output.

And sometimes babies that eat frequently do so because without that constant stimulation a mom will have supply issues. Even if the baby is not really taking anything in they are still stimulating mom to make more milk.

Also, pumping output has nothing to do with the amount of milk that your breasts actually produce. Babies are much more efficient than a pump will ever be. Breasts also don't always store milk. They store some and produce some on demand, especially when breasts are smaller.


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Re: Weird Supply Issues.. from small breasts?

Originally Posted by BabyCentric View Post
I read somewhere that pumping output is not an accurate indicator Of how much you produce. Your baby may be getting more than you think.
This is absolutely true! I actually DO respond well to the pump but I avoid it like the plague because I had to pump a lot with DS and I hate it. I know she eats that much because I go to group and I weigh her, then feed her, then immediately weigh her again so I know how much she took in (really the only way with a EBF baby). It may seem great that I make that much but I constantly battle oversupply which can cause issues just like under supply can. I have to avoid oatmeal or I go into overdrive and like I am dealing with currently I get plugged ducts and with DS I got mastisis because I make a ton of milk but she is STTN so by morning I am in serious pain. I ate too many oatmeal cookies the other day and I am paying for it now
Reglan has some BAD side effects so if you go that route alert your husband to keep a close eye on you and get you off of it if need be.

Oh and lastly just keep feeding as much as necessary because that tells your body to make more milk.
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Re: Weird Supply Issues.. from small breasts?

Originally Posted by Blindbatbeth View Post
I can't remember what site (kelly mom?) but it said that when your breast are "full" you should only be able to pump 2-4 oz and if you nurse every couple hours for 5-10 mins thats normal. Not to sound harsh/judgemental or whatever but doesn't sound like supply issue, my baby was Always hungry and I though I had low supply until I understood breastfeeding better. Let your baby nurse as much as possible because it builds supply and the baby cannot completely empty your breasts. Imagine your breasts like a cup of water and you drink it with a straw but at the same time your friend has a pitcher of water and pours it in while you are drinking it. Definitly read on Kellymom because it really helped me understand how breastfeeding works and helped me overcome my fears. I wouldn't take anything to boost supply unless your sure you have an issue because over supply can cause issues too. Good luck mama :-)
This is such a good point. We as a culture have lost confidence in breastfeeding and we think of breasts as flesh-colored bottles that would need to refill, but they are actually the factories right there. They don't need to refill; the milk is made right there in the breast tissue all the time--as long as milk is being removed from the breast. If it's not being removed, then the body gets the message to make less.
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