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Re: S/O Thread : Share Positive Circ Stories

3 boys - all circd in the hospital by the same ped while their dad held their hands. He said none of them cried - but they did really like the little suckers they got

No issues, no problems, nadda..... I honestly never thought about it being "controversial" until getting involved in DS. I talked to DH, asked his preference, did some research, made a decision and called it a day. Haven't thought a ton about it since

Oh and just for informations sake they all had plastibells....


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Re: S/O Thread : Share Positive Circ Stories

Originally Posted by Treasures From Elf View Post
I know y'all are getting information, but remember this is supposed to be POSITIVE stories.

Seriously, there is another thread where you can post this. RaZZberry's in fact. This really isn't the place. I know you had issues RaZZ and I started this thread to try to keep it off your thread. Please have the same respect.
Okay, I was done, anyway. I just wanted to answer the question where it was posted. Those mommies who would like to discuss painful intercourse due to circumcision any further can PM me.
One Mission. One Body. We are men and women across Idaho sharing research-based information on intact care and circumcision.!/INTACTID
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Re: S/O Thread : Share Positive Circ Stories

I have 2 boys.. We are jewish so circ was a "no-brainer" for us, even though we are not really religious at all. They were both circ`d at 8 days old by a mohel (who is kind of a rabbi/dr) and we had no ill effects or need to re-circ. ODS is almost 3 years old now and YDS is 4 and a half months. They never cried, they didn`t even need tempra or motrin drops to ease the discomfort. IT did look kind of raw for a few days but it never bled after a lil clotting blood on day 1.

For us, circing hasn`t been an issue whatsoever. At all.. my kids slept fine, ate fine and have grown up fine healing perfectly well. Hope it helps.
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Re: S/O Thread : Share Positive Circ Stories

Here is something I posted in another thread tonight that was running on the topic of circumcision.

Locking this for a bit as I'm seeing a bit that appears to be mocking the other side and appear to be written in a way as if the intent was/is to get a rise out of those on the other side of this debate.

I just had a novel idea.

There should be a thread for everyone who supports circumcision and one for those who don't. Nobody is allowed to post in the thread *belonging* to the other group. Nobody from the *other* group is allowed to use their thread to berate the other group and their choices.Nor can they use harsh words to describe the other side. Nobody is allowed to imply that one side is mutating their child and/or that they couldn't possibly love their child because they willingly hurt him. Nobody is allowed to imply that a child will dislike parents when he reaches adulthood and is disease ridden from not having been circumcised or imply that the uncircumcised penis is ugly and dirty.

Sounds extreme doesn't it?

After the last few days on here, it sounds like a really,really good idea to me.
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