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baby acting hungry but not eating

My baby is 3 weeks old and has been breastfeeding well until the last couple days. She was eating every 3 to 4 hours for about 45 mins. Now an hour or so after eating she is all fussy and acts hungry again. I'll try to feed her and she'll eat for a couple mins and then spit it out. Five or ten mins later she acts hungry again but again spits it out. I've been relatching her again and again now but she keeps eating and pulling off. It's getting frustrating. She's also developed baby acne on her cheeks and chest. I don't know if it's related to her fussyness but I'm considering could it be a milk allergy. I've been eating a lot of yogurt the last couple days.


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Re: baby acting hungry but not eating

Sounds like she is gassy or focused on something else like pooping or gas. Doubt it's a cows milk problem at this point. Do you have a strong let down? Try nursing her on just one side per feed in a slightly reclined position. That will help with fast milk flow that can cause more gas.
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Hmm, my ods had that, and it turned out it was related to the oatmeal I was eating to up my supply. Once I eliminated that, it cleared up, and he was fine.
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Re: baby acting hungry but not eating

I would cut back on the yogurt. That's exactly what my ds would do and he's milk soy protein intolerant. It could also be reflux. Sucking helps keep acid down and breast milk acts as a natural antacid but eating again then aggravates it. Will she take a pacifier? A trick I have used with my ds is to run the pacifier under water just so there are drops on it and then give it to him. The little tiny bit of water may wash down any acid that is bothering them and the sucking motion will keep everything else down.
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Re: baby acting hungry but not eating

It sounds like a very gassy baby. Do you burp her often? Is she arching her back? It looks like she wants to be burped before latches on for good. That's what she's trying to tell you by unlatching so often while you are trying to relatch again and again.
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Sounds like reflux or gas. She doesn't have to be spitting up to have reflux. And she could be wanting the milk to soothe the burning, but then it just makes it worse.

I would cut out any overly gassy foods (broccoli, cauliflower, beans), anything very acidic (oranges, lemons, tomato sauce) and dairy. Give it atleast a week and see if anything improves. You can always introduce those things back one at a time and see if your LO is showing any kind of intolerance.

I did that with my dd. For a few months I was pretty restricted but I slowly was able to start eating those things again as she grew and her Timmy developed more.
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