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Re: After preemie did you plan for another one next time?

My mom had really hard pregnancies. She also was later diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder (lupus), and candida overgrowth, which I really think is related to her preterm birth issues. She lost her first set of twins at 26 weeks, and my sister and I were born at 31 weeks and did really well, probably because she was determined to breastfeed us and we were EBF from birth. My brother was a singleton pregnancy but she still had a lot of issues with UTI infections that took her to the hospital multiple times; he was born around 37 weeks.
My parents decided after that to not have any more children; my mom really felt that she couldn't risk it; she was afraid that something would happen and she would either lose more babies, or she wouldn't be able to raise us. it's a tough decision, I think.
I would encourage anyone with problems with preterm birth to read up on GAPS and try to implement the GAPS diet before trying for another baby. Preterm birth is most likely linked to an immune system that is not functioning properly, but that can be helped by healing the gut system through diet and probiotic supplementation. It's definitely something to consider!


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Re: After preemie did you plan for another one next time?

My first DS was born at 36 weeks. I had no contractions at all until 35 weeks when I lost my mucus plug. Then that whole week I had contractions and fluid gushes which I ignored. Finally at 36 weeks I couldn't ignore it any more so I went to the hospital I was fully dilated and delivered less than 2 hours later.

With baby number 2 I fully expected a premature baby. I started having serious contractions at about 29 weeks. I was shocked to make it to 35 weeks. Again at 34 weeks I started to have serious contractions. But then at 35 weeks they went away...and stayed away until 38 weeks +1. Then, I had contractions for a couple of days, but didn't feel nearly as bad as the ones I had at 30-35 weeks...then I went to the hospital fully dilated and delivered 40 minutes later at 38 weeks +5. I never expected to make it that far! DS 2 was 7 pounds and he seemed like a giant compared to DS 1. Those few extra weeks made a lot of difference!

My doctor said that frequently if women make it past a certain trouble point they will go on to have full term pregnancies. Don't know if that is always true, but it does seem like from 35 weeks or so to 38 weeks I didn't have many contractions at all and I didn't dilate or efface at all in that period either.

Bottom line, who knows what is happening in my uterus! It must be a chaotic place.
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Re: After preemie did you plan for another one next time?

Well just thought I would update this with saying I am now pregnant. We have talked to my peri and she says I will def need a cerclage between 13 and 14 weeks. They will also be watching very closely but she has hope that things will go more smoothly. It is still very early. I am six weeks now. I guess it is just a waiting game now to see how things progress.
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Re: After preemie did you plan for another one next time?

Originally Posted by shortcake2386 View Post
i do. better to be prepared, imo.
dd1 was born at 35 weeks after 12 weeks of PTL and bed rest.
pregnancy 2 was lost at 13 weeks(no idea why baby was fine 2 weeks prior)
dd2 was born at 38 weeks but after 18 weeks of PTL and bedrest and was only 1oz bigger than older dd.
dd3 was stillborn at 20 weeks.
ds was born at 36 weeks with IUGR.
I have been told that i likely will never carry to term and my babies will never be "full size" whatever that means. ds was perfectly healthy despite being 4.5 lbs and needed no care or extra attention. as long as they are healthy, i can deal with the rest.
well we are 15 weeks pregnant start 17p injections in a week or so. also will be having frequent u/s to monitor my cervix in case i need a cerclage.(hopefully i wont). thats it. u/s in 2 weeks babies dont typically measure small until 28-30 weeks so we'll see...
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Re: After preemie did you plan for another one next time?

I have type 1 diabetes and three of my four were born early.

DS was born at 36 weeks, 1 day, DD2 was born at 33 weeks, 1 day, and DD3 was born just shy of 34 weeks. DD1 was my only "full term" baby born at 37 weeks, 1 day.

Two were planned and two were total surprises. I made what my OB called a "preconception appointment" and went to that. They basically did a physical, talked about the risks of this and the risks of that, what I could do and what the dr could do to lower those risks, and did some blood work to make sure my blood sugar levels were as perfect as they could be before giving me the green light to TTC.

I plan to do this again when we TTC #5. If the doctors don't give me the green light right away and want me to do x, y and z first, then that's what I'll do.

Good luck, OP.
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