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FF and BLW? I'm unsure how.

So, my DS is 10.5 months and he really likes to taste and play with whatever I am eating, but he doesn't "eat" much. I do offer him pureed foods and yogurt as well. And he does eat those, up to an 1 oz at a sitting, sometimes. It does vary from day to day. And I never push it if he refuses. I offer him food when ever I am eating or at least three times a day. We are exclusively FF and I don't want to push him to eat more solids unless he is interested, but the "Formula for infants up to 12 months" deadline is approaching.

I know a lot can change in the next two months, and I also know that there are toddler formulas, but for some reason I can imagine a EBF baby taking weaning slowly, but I can't wrap my mind around feeding formula for more than 12 months. Is it sufficient nutrition? Ok, so this has tuned into a FF support question, but really I wanted to ask if there were other mamas who had FFed and BLW. If so, how did it go for you? Thanks!


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My dd1 was attached hardcore to that bottle of formula. And she wasn't too much of an eater, very picky if she did eat. So what I did was just quit the formula cold turkey. She didn't seem to notice the difference between whole milk and formula as long as it was in her bottle so that made it a lot easier. I know some moms have done half and half and just slowly decreased the amount of formula til it is all cows milk. Good luck mama! I think it's a lot easier

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Re: FF and BLW? I'm unsure how.

None of my babies have been off formula by 12 mos. You can continue formula instead of switching to cow's milk or some other milk. My babies who drank formula the longest had the best growth of all my dc. Ds2 is 9 mos old right now and he will definitely drink formula until 2yo. He already eats a fair amount of solids and I obviously expect that to increase but there is no harm in keeping him on formula just to fill in all those nutritional gaps
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Yes and yes.

formula is fine past 1. Even as the major source of sustenance.

FF babies wean the same way as BF babies when given ample opportunities to try solids.

I followed my child's lead. At about 10 months, she decided to have only solids for breakfast. But the other solid meals, she picked and played and then wanted her liquid.

At about 12 months, she switched another meal to solids and then shortly thereafter weaned herself of all liquid feedings.

I actually still give her 14-20oz of milk a day (recommended until age 2), but she has been on all solids since 12-13months.

My plan was to continue toddler formula to supplement nutrition until 2 or later. My research and talking to pediatricians indicated that it was a bad idea. Toddler formulas are largely sugar, more expensive than milk and it's good to not actually rely on liquid as the main source of nutrition until age 2. My dealings with breastfeeding mamas seems that their children may BF until 2or3, but it's 1/2/3 times a day. Not the same as an infant that isn't eating solids.

I think if you continue with the baby formula and continue offering solid options then you'll be fine. Follow your kiddo's lead. But don't fall into the trap of not trying solids because you know they'll get it from formula later.

Sorry if that sounds confusing. It's fine to let them drop liquid meals/add solid meals at their own speed, is my point.
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