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Sorry you're feeling down about nursing. That sounds frustrating and I agree that you should make whatever decision you feel is right for your family.

I wonder if a more structured appeoach would work better for you and allow your lo to still get the nourishment of breastmilk. I agree to maybe try night weaning first- Dr. Sears has a helpful article on ways to do that on his site.

Also, you could try only nursing when you believe your lo is truly hungry. What has been working well for us lately is to feed upon waking, then playtime, then when she gets tired I try to soothe her to sleep another way (usually the Beco or the carseat, sometimes just holding snug and walking or bouncing). If she doesn't settle down or is giving obvious hunger signs I go ahead and nurse. We end up nursing every 2.5-3 hrs unless dd is going through a growth spurt or something. I definitely watch for cues; I don't just go by the clock and I think that's important if using a routine like this.

I find that there isn't so much endless sucking when she isn't nursing to sleep and when ahe wakes up she is ready for a nice big meal that will hold her for a while.

Hope you find a solution that works for both of you!


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My DD just turned 1 year. I am also a human pacifier, she wakes 4-6 times a night. I keep saying I'm done and exhausted and can't take it and I'm weaning her. I've been saying that for 4 months . I haven't for 2 reasons:

1) it's so darn easy to nurse her to sleep! She will lay down for naps, and even though she's up a lot, she's back in her bed within 15 minutes or less

2) I suspect some food allergies so I'm hesitant to cut her off until talking with her doc.

And everytime I'm SURE I'm done I look down at her sweet little face as she falls asleep nursing and can't imagine denying her the comfort she so obviously gets.

BUT you have to do what's best for you and you're baby. Resenting your nursing relationship won't help either one of you. Good luck!
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Re: Please dont flame me...

Originally Posted by carolineb View Post
You are so right. It's so hard to describe because I do love nursing him but I think because as a pp suggested wearing him, which I do, I guess between wearing him a lot and nursing him a lot, I feel like he's constantly attached.

I had set out to nurse him to at least 2 years old. I don't know why but I just can't see myself doing that now. I guess I feel a little guilty because if I do start weaning him, I'll be forcing it on him before he might be ready.

A part of me is afraid I might regret it if I did wean him, but another part is ready to have my body back, and a little bit of freedom, too.

Funny thing though, if we do ever have another one then I would no question ebf that baby too, with a goal of a year which was my goal this time since I didn't make it with my other 2. I know I'm only a few months away so maybe I can hang on a bit longer. I think I might try night weaning first. We are visiting family right now so sleep has gotten all out of whack! After we get back Saturday I will give him a few days to get resettled and then work on night weaning.

Thanks again all for the positive encouragement!
One year is already a good accomplishment. If it helps, I did feel better after about 11 months, did okay for a few more, then I'd flip flop. I ended up nursing my son for almost 3 years but I sure didn't like it that whole time.

I did get touched out, though, from wearing and nursing so much and I think it was at about a year that I had to stop nursing him just because he wanted it. I made sure he got enough and went with that.
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Re: Please dont flame me...

Yes, try nightweaning first. It can really make such a huge difference in the way you feel because you can get some sleep again! Nightweaning is hard and you have to be really committed to it or it will take, but that would be the first thing I would do, and then reevaluate how you feel after that.
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Re: Please dont flame me...

OH. MY. Goodness. My son did the same thing. I kid you not he was attached all. night. long. Finally hubby said he needed to be in his own room. I was like there is no way he is sleeping without me....he slept through the night the very first night we moved him!! I guess he could smell me when he was in bed with us or something...and wouldn't even sleep in the co side sleeper...maybe it would work for you? He still nursed often during the day though and I continued to nurse him until he weaned himself when I became pregnant.
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Re: Please dont flame me...

dd is 21mo and I am still the paci here. I can only say it doesn't bother me as much now because I know she is my last and I will miss it one-day .
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