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Re: If you had PreE before... question

Thanks Amber. I have been taking my BP regularly, and last night was the highest at 132 over 75, so still normal. My protein was at a plus 1 at my appt on Tues though so they are seeing me back on Fri. I am hoping maybe it was a fluke since my bloodwork was all fine after, but we will see what happens- they advised resting on side as much as I can now.


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I'm 34 + 4 with my first pregnancy and was diagnosed with preeclampsia last week. I definitely think if you feel off or like something isn't right, you should listen to those instincts. I ignored all kinds of strange symptoms because I thought it was just pregnancy and that I was complaining too much. My symptoms included: major swelling (feet, ankles, hands, face, arms) pain in my wrists and arms (thought i slept on them wrong) a sore in my nose that just wouldn't heal, headaches, pain in my upper belly right up above baby's feet (I thought it was from him kicking me), and being highly agitated and irritable, way more than normal. We went in for our regular appointment on Thursday and my BP was 186/90. My doctor freaked. They had me lay on my left side for about 15 minutes and checked me again, 178/90 so they sent me across the street to the hospital and then I was hooked up to mag, iv fluids, a heart monitor, and catheter and sent my ambulance to a high risk hospital 2 hours away. It was very scary! Thankfully they were able to get my bp down there and held me in observation for 3 days then released me. I now take methyldopa 3 times a day, go to weekly appointments, and have a home health nurse who checks on me at home twice a week.

The most important thing is to listen to your body. A low bp for me might be a very high bp for you. (yesterday mine was 137/70 and that's LOW for me so we were all excited) and ask for the 24 just to be sure! Never hesitate to call or ask questions!
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Re: If you had PreE before... question

I had it with my 2nd and my blood pressure didn't actually go up until I was in labor. I had a lot of other symptoms - swelling so bad my socks would leave indentations on my ankles, nausea, vomiting, headaches that got worse, rapid "weight gain" which was actually fluid retention, blood platelets crashed, etc.

It wasn't until I was a 4 hours into my 6 hour labor that my blood pressure shot up to something like 159/92 and started creeping up even higher and I got the stabbing pain in my side.
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Re: If you had PreE before... question

Mine goes up gradually and I start to spill more and more protein. This time I was on bp meds though so I made it to the end before my bp started going up. The worst part for me though is postpartum. About 2 days pp my bp spikes up big time and stays up for a few weeks. Oh, and this last time around I bought urine dipsticks so I could check myself for protein at home. It was reassuring for me to do that and I was able to alert my Dr when I started spilling protein.
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Re: If you had PreE before... question

Just a note that most of the time high BP is asymptomatic until is gets really high. Now, really high doesn't necessarily mean that the numbers themselves are really high, but they are a signfiicant deviation from the individual's normal BP. 137/75 is a high reading, but really it depends on what your BP is usually like while pg whether the doc will worry about it.

I had pre-e with all 3 of mine. It developed fairly quickly, with my bp going from a pg norm of 90/60 up to about 125/85. Sure, my numbers were not very high, but I was throwing protein, was having significant pitting edema and other symptoms. I was watched closely with all 3 and wound up induced with #1. In fact, it took almost 6 weeks for my BP to return to normal after the birth of my 3rd.
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I have read that a rise of 20 on top and 15 on bottom is counted as high. My BP is low normally, I have been monitoring it at home regularly and it's been getting higher the past couple of weeks... Nothing worrisome yet though. It's important to stay aware of your body and not just depend on the odd prenatal visits with a care provider for this kind of thing!
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Re: If you had PreE before... question

I just want to point out that it's normal for your blood pressure to rise in your last trimester. It generally does for most women, and for most women it's nothing to worry about. Just watch it, and don't stress... stress will just cause it to rise more
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Re: If you had PreE before... question

I just posted in my ddc about this. I am 23 weeks and am already spilling protein and had the 1st signs of hb at my ob appt yesterday. I was swelling some during the holidays but I thought it was because I was on my feet so much.
My 1st wass born at 32 weeks due to severe pe. I started showing signs at 19 weeks. The last 2 nothing. I didnt even swell. I wore my wedding ring until the day I delivered.
I am just so bummed about it. This is way too early.
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