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Any recommendations for Pediatric Ear Plugs to muffle loud sounds

My son has always had minor auditory sensory issues; he usually would act bashful and bury his head but always still had a grin on his face. The last few months his issues have been getting much worse. I think it started when we were in the F4 tornado in April and couple days later were rear ended. Both incidents were scary and very loud. Now he gets scared all the time if there is something that gets to a yelling volume or above. My Mom sneezed really loud next to him just yesterday and he started crying.

I would like to get him ear plugs for when loud noises can't be avoided and was wondering what kind worked best for fitting small ears and muffling sound. He is 7 years old with microcephaly but his ears are actually normal 7 year old size. We can't do ear muffs or bands for 2 reasons his head is extremely small so nothing would likely fit and because he has severe head sensory issues and would rip them off as soon as he could.


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Re: Any recommendations for Pediatric Ear Plugs to muffle loud sounds

I have tried just about everything with my 10 year old. Seriously. He will do hunters ear muffs, and has used those, but now that he's 10 he won't around other people. (We started with those when he was like 2). He can't stand the way ear plugs feel in his ears. Or the way they look? He won't tell me, but refuses to wear any that I've tried (and I've tried many different types). What I've done that does work (here anyway) is buy noise cancelling ear phones from Sony. (they make ear plugs that are noise cancelling, too), and put those on him with a pod cast (ipod) or music or something else he likes. It distracts him, plus the noise cancelling aspect actually does cancel the external noise. I put his ear phones on (with tv going externally) and could only hear my music.

If the ear phones don't work for him (my son), I've toyed with calling an ENT (ear nose throat specialist) to see if there is something custom they could make that would work. I haven't done that, nor do I know that something like that exists.
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Re: Any recommendations for Pediatric Ear Plugs to muffle loud sounds

swimmer's ear plugs are great for babies and kids. They're wax so they mold and are comfy. They also do a great job at blocking sounds. hugs! sensory issues are tough!

P.S. the ear plugs are sold at walmart for pretty cheap (like $5 for 5 or 6 sets) and they're reusable. I'm sure that they can be found really anywhere that earplugs are sold.
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Re: Any recommendations for Pediatric Ear Plugs to muffle loud sounds

Gage has Autism and sensory issues. We tried the headsets, but they were too heavy and too big. We tried the swimmers 'wax' ones. He couldn't stand the feel. {Sensory issues}. I was about to give up and then my DH came home from Rite Aid with just a regular box of ear plugs. They are called Macks SafeSound Original Soft Foam Earplugs. You simply push the ends together with your fingers and put in little one's ears. They expand to fit inside the ears. I always make sure that the ends {that are out} fit inside the inside of the ear to keep from falling out. I wasn't sure if he would even let us put them in, but while out in a loud public place, we just explained they would help. They don't take everything away, so that he can still hear if we need him. They do cancel out half or more of the sounds though. They are cheap, come in a box with 10 pair and carrying case. The come in small, inexpensive packages, but I could only find these here. They are a large box and way more expensive then I pay. I just want you to see the box and kind that we buy. Here they are:

We buy the 10 pair pack at Rite Aid for about $3 dollars. I just wanted to show you the exact kind that we get. They work great for us. I even have used them myself for a loud amusement park and a loud restaurant. {I had a migraine for one of those and just too loud music for the other time}. Anyway.. they are cheap enough to give a go. Just make sure that you get them inside the ear and let them expand. A good fit is key. DS used to be so miserable when we were out and have meltdowns. Now he enjoys himself because he isn't overwhelmed with all of the loud noises.

Good luck Mama! Please update us on what you tried and how it worked. I hope that I have given you an idea to help also. I know how we struggled to find something for Gage. {Too heavy, too big, fit too tight, sweaty, etc}. Then the earplugs. I honestly wasn't even going to try them because everything else had failed. My DH bought them and we tried them. I am glad he did because life has been more tolerable for him. He isn't overwhelmed any longer and even can sit through a busy restaurant meal. Now.. that is impressive!
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