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Birth Control and BFing Supply Question...

I had a Mirena put in at about 3 months PP and wanted it like it so badly. It was exceedingly painful to have inserted (just as bad if not WORSE than my all natural childbirth) which should have been the first sign, and I've continued to have a lot of pain and cramping from it over the last 3.5 months. I think I'm going to end up having it taken out, which is a little sad because it has been SO easy!

I know the only real choice to not affect supply is the mini pill but because of working nights that just won't work for me with having to time it correctly.

Does anyone know anything about supply issues with other forms of BC when started after your baby is quite a few months old and your supply is well established? I didn't have any issues with supply after getting the Mirena but am scared that if I went to something like the nuva ring which I loved before DS that it still might cause an issue.

Are we just SOL?



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Re: Birth Control and BFing Supply Question...

My uterus spontaneously expelled my Mirena so I went with Implanon instead. It has been great--I have preferred it to the IUD, actually.

I started using the NuvaRing at about 5.5 months postpartum with my DD and never had a supply problem. Here's what Dr. Jack Newman says:

13. Breastfeeding women cannot take the birth control pill. Not true! The question is not exposure to female hormones, to which the baby is exposed anyway through breastfeeding. The baby gets only a tiny bit more from the pill. However, some women who take the pill, even the progestin only pill, find that their milk supply decreases. Estrogen containing pills are more likely to decrease the milk supply. Because so many women produce more than enough, this often does not matter, but sometimes it does even in the presence of an abundant supply, and the baby becomes fussy and is not satisfied by nursing. Babies respond to rate of flow of milk, not what's "in the breast", so that even a very good milk supply may seem to cause the baby who is used to faster flow to be fussy. Stopping the pill often brings things back to normal. If possible, women who are breastfeeding should avoid the pill, or at least wait until the baby is taking other foods (usually around 6 months of age). Even if the baby is older, the milk supply may decrease significantly. If the pill must be used, it is preferable to use the progestin only pill (without estrogen).
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