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Re: Co-sleeping and frequent nursing

I always thought it was normal for babies to wake every 2 to 3 hours to eat. All of my children have done this except my last one. This worried me so I would actually wake him to nurse. I just go back to sleep after they Latch on.


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Re: Co-sleeping and frequent nursing

DD2 is 19 months and still wakes every 2-3 hours to nurse, sometimes more. DD1 did it until she was almost 2. Sorry, I have no advice for you other than it sounds normal to me.
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Re: Co-sleeping and frequent nursing

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
Plus you are right near the 4 month sleep regression.... just remember nothing is forever!
I feel like we're still in the 4 month sleep regression and ds is almost 10 months! So it FEELS like forever!

Actually, he's been doing better the last few nights. Now, if I could just get him to take decent naps!
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Re: Co-sleeping and frequent nursing

Im having the same issue and my DD. She is a few days from 4 months. I think it could be one of two things for me: She's either nursing more because she's teething or she's not getting a full feeding. I usually don't sit up to feed, I just nurse laying down. I noticed she's falling asleep while eating. I gotta stop being lazy and prop myself up to nurse again. See if that works.
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Originally Posted by theonenonlymrssmith

It wasn't clear to me, Were you supplementing with formula before? Breast milk is digested much faster than formula, which may explain the more frequent feedings.

If it was breastmilk in a bottle, then I wish you luck. My ds has been nursing ALL night for a week now, and I am trying to figure out the same thing!
Nope, just pumped and bottle fed, same stuff!
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Re: Co-sleeping and frequent nursing

Same here ladies. My 4.5 month old wakes up about every 2 hours at night to feed. Some nights more, some nights less. I try to cherish the "less" lol. I figured how to get nice and comfy though so its really no problem.
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Re: Co-sleeping and frequent nursing

I know this sounds impossible - but if it continues past the growth spurt... this is what eventually helped my son - and what I think has helped my newbie - 4 weeks. I know it sounds exhausting... but...

I actually woke up - got out of bed, nursed, tried to burp, then layed him down back in bed and went back to sleep.

He'd been waking up every hour for months. My longest stretch of sleep was usually 45 minutes. I think it helped us both stay awake enough to actually eat, and helped him learn how to sleep without the "pacifier". I also think, even though most breast milk babies don't seem to have gas problems as much, mine do - and need to be upright to burp/digest for a bit...

The first couple days DH had to help and hold him for a 2-3 hour stretch so I could sleep for a couple hours. But after that first week he dramatically improved. For him that only meant a 2-3 hour, but still it was dramatically different.

My newbie has had some nights where she's slept great for her age, some nights I'm up every hour-two... but I think hers have mostly to do with development/growth stuff...

Hang in there mama. I know how it is to be drained and tired - but it does pass.
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