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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

We don't give the birth dose of Hep B (just because I don't feel it's necessary and don't want my newbie poked), but otherwise are fully vaxed, happy, and healthy. Vaxes are especially important to me, since we live in an area with a LOT of illegal immigrants who are largely unvaxed, and have had outbreaks of diseases that some claim aren't an issue in the US (and I don't live anywhere near a border, so it's not an isolated thing).


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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

I have two boys fully vaxed on schedule. No issues with any of the shots. Only normal crying . Both are healthy happy and have reached all milestones on time or early.
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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

Originally Posted by NSB View Post
How would you feel if your child died or had unfortunate complications from a TOTALLY PREVENTABLE child hood disease? Honestly, everyone is entitled to their opinion (yes, even me) but the ridiculousness of people's misinformed, fear based decision not to vaccinate their children burns my butt. Everyone's an expert these days
I'm sorry this was uncalled for, I could turn it on you & say how would you feel if your child had a vaccine injury or died from getting a vaccine. I'm not completely anti vaccine but I do delay. It burns my butt when people call other peoples opinions ridiculous, misinformed & fear based.

Op: we stopped my sons vaccines after 6 months to do more research & I put them off till 3 then I will vax him for the rest minus one or two.
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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

Both of my children are fully vaxed. My son is on the Autism spectrum, but there was something off since birth, and I don't believe the vaccines caused his issues at all.

Neither of my children had any strong reactions after their shots. DS got 1 or 2 pox after his chicken pox one, and DD would just get cranky and sleep a lot.

The good thing? In my opinion, they work. DS didn't get vax'd for rotavirus (they didn't have the vax then) and caught it when he was 11 months old. It was HORRID. About 9 days of the worst, smelliest diarrhea ever. I mean, I was afraid to leave the house b/c it was explosive. If he took a bottle, it would immediately come out one end of the other (we had about 3 days of vomiting with the diarrhea.) I finally stopped dressing him and turned the heat up because we would go through so much clothing. On doc's orders, I was feeding him pedialyte by the eyedropperful every 5 minutes to keep him from getting dehydrated. FOR 9 DAYS! And DH was in Iraq so I was all by myself which made it so much worse.

When DD came along, I made sure she got the vax and she never came down with it- thank God! Because I never want to repeat that experience again.
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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

I've vaccinated my first 2 (second on a delayed schedule, only because like you I couldn't really decide what to do, researched and researched and in the end decided to vax).

Both of them are perfectly normal, in fact they are both 'gifted' level. Both were talking in complete coherent sentences at 18 months and both are very advanced in knowing colours, numbers, letters etc. In short, they're smart kids, definitely not affected by being vaccinated. We have never really had any adverse reactions to any vaccinations, other than sleeping a little more than usual and having a mild fever, but never even much swelling or discomfort.

ETA: Oh and just to say neither of my kids have ever had any serious illnesses or ever had to go to the doctor or ER. Never been on antibiotics or any sort of medication for ANYTHING. They get the normal run of the mill colds, tummy bugs, childhood diseases.. but that is it, and I wouldn't say they are sick frequently either.

Basically, I really think now that the risk of being unvaccinated is greater than the risks of getting vaccinated.

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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

It burns my butt when people call other peoples opinions ridiculous, misinformed & fear based
The thing is, there are a LOT of people who DO form their opinion on vax based on fear and misinformation, and never do a lot of real research. For every mama on here who does all her research on vaccinations, there are three other people out there who heard some celebrity say that vaccines cause autism and decided not to get their kids shots based on that. And THAT is absolutely ridiculous, misinformed and fear based.
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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

I have met HUNDREDS and hundreds of kids over the years.

I have only met one child who had a very severe reaction to vaccines. I've met one grown woman with the same reaction the other child had.

I would not fully vaccinate on the same schedule the doctors suggest, but, I don't know any kids who do the full vaccination on the current schedule who has had a bad reaction. They all seem to sail through it just fine.

Most kids I know only have sore legs for a few days, or will get mild cold symptoms a few days later.

The worst problem we've had, and it's not proven at all, just what we *think* happened was one child broke out in hives a few days after a flu shot. I had two flu shots in the past, and was sick those years, but never sick any other, I stopped getting a flu shot. I have no idea if it was really the flu shot, but I figured I don't have much to lose either.
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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

My 20-month-old is fully vaccinated on schedule and he's perfect and healthy. No deadly or extremely painful illnesses for my little man!

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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

There isn't a story anymore than I can tell you about them never being in an auto accident.

My kids are happy, healthy, sweet, intelligent people. They are pretty much "fully vaxed." My youngest is 3.5 and the most exciting health issue has involved his teeth due to a fall. My eldest has ADHD and goes to gifted classes twice a week. It's not a death sentence. I can think of a bazillion scarier things to deal with than ADHD. I'm sure genetics caused it-not vaccines or TV or inconsistent parenting or whatever.
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Re: Give me good stories about vaccinations

We too have fully vaxed kids.

We follow an alternate schedule. It isn't on purpose though. My newbies have all been sick - I won't vax an already sick child so whenever they are healthy they get a vax.

Here (Canada) they do three shots at once - the most I will do in one day is two IF they have already had one of the two before. I just want to know if they are reacting to a shot -which one it was.

DS9 is fully vaxed and very healthy. He had a rough start but that was due to GERD causing FFT.

DS8 is fully vaxed and has several health disorders including being mildly autistic - NONE of those is REMOTELY realted to vax's. Even the austism they think has more to do with being so sick - he didn't develop social and play skills because he couldn't. Not much play time lying in a hospital bed. Now that his health disorders are in remission/outgrown/cured/or under control (depending on which) he is super healthy and working on learning those skills which make him "autistic".

DS2 is fully vaxed and is VERY smart. Too smart. He is big and strong and healthy. He just had crummy luck as a baby with RSV x 2 and metopneumonia.

DD9 months is almost fully vaxed - she fell behind. She too has a few health issues but has had them since birth - we noticed them in the minutes after she was born (feeding issues, raynauds disorder) and they are not at all related to vaxing. Although she techincally has "health issues" she is also super healthy sickness wise and is VERY bright and aware of everything.
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