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Bone diseases?

This seemed like the best place to ask this, does anybody know anything about possible genetic bone diseases. I don't want to make assumptions but I'm starting to think me and my daughter might have some sort of genetic weak bone syndrome or something. I don't want to say OI (aka brittle bone disease) but its starting to fit a little bit. I've read that some people with a mild version is often passed genetically and people with moderate/severe versions get it through a mutated gene. People with mild symptoms can have only a few breaks their entire lifetime and be considered "normal". I don't mean that severe OI people are not normal, but that they can't do certain things like go out and play football, etc.

Anyways, we both fit more than just one or two of the symptoms on the OI website but the problem is our breaks weren't just caused by something simple like someone grabbing our arm to hard, etc. I broke my collarbones a combined 5 times from falling off of things like a trampoline (onto a bicycle), a top bunk (landing on a little tykes vanity), a kitchen counter, wrestling with my older bro and being tossed over his shoulder and landing flat on my back on the floor (he was only on his knees though so I fell like 3 feet) and lastly, my brother and my neighbor were sitting on the end of a small trailer which made it tip down like a ramp. They somehow talked me into riding my bike off and when I got to the edge, they jumped off the trailer sending me flying through the air and again landing on my back on the ground. So see, most of mine I can kind of see how I broke them...

My daughter is 4 and already broken 2 bones. Her tibia (shin) right below her knee (at 2.5 yo) and her humerus (upper arm) last week right above her elbow. Both of these happened from her jumping on a trampoline and landing wrong. She didn't fall off of a trampoline or any of that, she just landed wrong and her bones cracked.

Des anybody have any help that might send me in the right direction of a google search? I tried looking up some causes the other day but the only one that seemed to fit was mild OI and that just seems so drastic and like "it could never happen to me" kind of thing.

Or were all these breaks just normal from the activities and I'm looking for zebras but it's just horses?
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