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Re: tax rebate/credit for cloth...join me in writing congress

Truly amazing conversation, ladies. After reading the comments, I can't count how many times I've thought, "good idea," "oh, but that's true too" and "yeah, there's also that."

Personally, I'd prefer that the government stay out of it. A tax credit would be good, but not for the US economy as a whole. A tax on single-use items would be good, but the cost gets passed down to us, and who can afford MORE expensive stuff? Providing cloth diapers thru Medicaid or something would be good if disposables are already provided, but if it's a new expense, no way.

Ultimately, long-term changes need to be a trickle-up thing. I love the idea of a cd information campaign. The more people know, the more people will change over to cloth and give up disposables...which will decrease demand.

Maybe we should all make t-shirts that say, "I cloth diaper my baby." That'll get people asking.


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Re: tax rebate/credit for cloth...join me in writing congress

I think a cloth tax rebate would be awesome! I don't necessarily agree with charging extra for disposables but I do think there should be more education available about cloth diapering. Many people are scared by the concept of it and think that it's really hard but if there were more classes about it then there probably would be more interest. When a mother takes a Childbirth class at the hospital there should be a short introduction into the basics of cloth diapering along with a follow up more in depth class that can also be taken. When WIC does their educational classes they should also do one on cloth diapering. I think a laundromat card is a great idea - just like with food stamps :-)
Also there should be more easy-to-use cloth diapering systems available in stores like Wal Mart and Target. If these stores carried more cloth diapering systems then more and more people would be exposed to them instead of it only being online or in a specialty store.
Great point about just as you can get a rebate for getting a hybrid car or environmentally upgrades to their house so too should cloth diapering get a rebate for our investment :-)
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Re: tax rebate/credit for cloth...join me in writing congress

First, I haven't read through all 6 pages of comments so if I'm repeating something please forgive me. While I would love a tax credit for using CD's I just don't see that it will ever happen. It would be along the same lines as getting a tax credit for recycling. We put our full bin of recyclebles by the curbside each week but don't get any kind of tax break for that. In fact there are some cities that charge to recycle people's items.
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One of the key points I have read through a lot of these posts is a hope to educate more people on the benefits of cloth diapers. I do not want the government to make choices for me and I already save a lot of money just by using cloth. So, instead of writing to congress, I am going to write to at least one group that has the opportunity to educate parents. Places already mentioned in previous posts like childbirth/parenting classes but wouldn't it be great if in that big packet of information (usually sponsored by formula companies) you get from your OB or hospital, there was a pamphlet about cloth diapering and coupons? Who will join me in writing such a letter to help educate parents?
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Re: tax rebate/credit for cloth...join me in writing congress

Well said. And there just may be hope in something like that!
I would! Although, I'm not the best at wording. I'm great with ideas though.
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Re: tax rebate/credit for cloth...join me in writing congress

Interesting idea, but I personally don't agree with it. I personally think the benefits of cloth diapers are already there, and people don't do them -- saving money, better for baby, etc. I have saved well over $500 by using cloth. I just don't see many people using cloth to get a tax credit who wouldn't already be doing it without the tax credit. And if WIC/Medicare/whoever wanted to promote the use of cloth diapers, I am all over that. But just giving cloth diapers to people? Nope. Just one more way to get people relying on the government. And what would keep people from just selling them?
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Re: tax rebate/credit for cloth...join me in writing congress

Ok, I guess I am bringing this thread back to life. I am researching a paper to send to congress to ban disposables and only use biodegradable diapers and cloth diapers. The impact to the environment is awful (to say the least). Anyway, I am looking for any information about diapers that have been submitted for congress...I can't find anything...and there may not be...but any help, would help THANKS!
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Re: tax rebate/credit for cloth...join me in writing congress

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Re: tax rebate/credit for cloth...join me in writing congress

Since household waste disposal is usually a local matter, a "pay as you throw" program would address the overall use of disposable products, including diapers. Unfortunately, pay as you throw systems tend to increase illegal dumping. Every thing is a trade off.

If you want to change state law, contact your local state house representative or state senator. You can also try to work through your local city/county to lobby your state legislature. Most municipalities have a lobbyist working in the state capital to push legislation that is favorable to that city/county. If you want to see a change in what is and isn't taxed, I'd go this route. Otherwise, people will just drive to the Walmart in the next county to avoid the tax.

If federal intervention is your preference, lobbying to include cloth diapers as a flexible spending account eligible item would probably be your best bet. The IRS sets the rules for medical FSAs, and those rules are reviewed and adjusted for each tax year on administrative level. Since getting a rule change is a lot less trouble than trying to get a law passed, the IRS might be your first stop for a lobbying effort. (Call your nearest IRS office to find out to whom your letters should be directed.)

The downside of an FSA is that only those whose employers offer an FSA option as part of their benefits package would have the opportunity to take advantage. However, if you were to succeed, a tax credit would probably only affect those who itemize anyway. (For example, we never benefited from the mortgage deduction because the standard deduction was always greater than our itemized deductions.)
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Re: tax rebate/credit for cloth...join me in writing congress

Originally Posted by Kama View Post
The tax credit for using cloth I could get on board with but not the extra tax on disposables. Some families are in situations where they can't do cloth and the last thing they need is for their diapers to be even more impossibly expensive.
I agree with this
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