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Re: vbac after 2 c sections?

You can do it! I just had my 3VBA2C in September! Now there are more VBAC babies than c/s babies in this house!

It took a good bit of work finding a doctor willing to let me "try", and I have even gotten grief from med professionals with my 2nd and 3rd VBAC. Those c/s are a distant memory for me but they still hang over my head and would have limited my birthing choices had I not been determined.

My biggest recommendation is to find a positive minded HCP. Find someone who inspires confidence in your ability to birth vaginally. It may be an OB or a CNMW. I do best with someone who is relaxed and not a worry wart. Worrying on their part triggers worry on my part and I have actually had 2 experiences where CNMW were discouraging and worrying me and I had to switch. So MWs are not necessarily better! Every single VBAC of mine has had that "uh-oh" moment where we all wonder if this is going to work but we get through it and I have 3 VBA2C babies to show for it. Good luck mama!


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Re: vbac after 2 c sections?

Hopeful VBA2C mama here!!

I've yet to find a doctor that is supportive of my decision, so i'm on the hunt!
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Re: vbac after 2 c sections?

Originally Posted by Maddalena View Post
This is beautiful knowledge! I'm so thrilled to know I don't HAVE to be robbed of a birth experience. Although admittedly I'm scared to death still but I JUST learned its possible. I will find a good team and a doula that I love and keep working to overcome my own mental hurdles.....I CAN do this!!!! I WANT to see what its like to birth and what its like afterward. I hear the recovery afterward is so super quick!

Read lots of positive birth stories, too! has a lot, as well as the Birth Stories section here! Filling my mind with good labor thoughts really helped me look forward to my second, first natural delivery and I think overcoming that fear made a huge difference.
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There is a lot of factual data and statistics here:
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Re: vbac after 2 c sections?

I had my vba2c this past Nov and it went great.
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Re: vbac after 2 c sections?

I had a vba2c in Oct! I seriously doubted myself, and felt like my body was broken and unable to bring a child into the world. I've never been in labor before this one so I just felt like I had no control over my body. It took lots of praying and trusting in the Lord to get me through it. I actually went into labor on my own, 10 days late! I had to reschedule my section date twice to give my body more time to go into labor (my dr wanted one scheduled just incase) It wasn't an amazing experience for me like other moms have had. I just remember I didn't think I would be able to make it through the pain. I ended up with an epidural at 7 cm, and tore. Recovery from the tear sucked, and I couldn't sit up and nurse right away because I had to be stitched up. In hind sight, had I had someone tell me that I could make it through with out the epidural, and that I WAS doing it with out it, I think I could have done it natural, and maybe wouldn't have torn so much. But, I did have a vba2c! Healthy baby and mama in the end and that is the ultimate goal! Good luck to you!
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Re: vbac after 2 c sections?

You can do it! Our local ICAN chapter has seen 2 VBA2C in just a few months
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Re: vbac after 2 c sections?

I just had a VBA2C in december. I had never gone into labor....first was breech and second was a repeat. Everything went textbook and I had an unmedicated labor/delivery on my due date (backup c/s date was 3 days later). My advice....supportive dr. would be a plus, mine wasn't. Don't let them schedule a back up date if you can help it. I was seriously worried that I wouldn't even go into labor before mine. Stick to your guns. The OB's tried pretty hard to talk us out of it, scare tactics and all. I knew the facts from my online research...they will try to tell you something completely different. Have your support person on board with you. Stay home as long as you dare...if I'd gone earlier I know I would've asked for an epidural and might not have gotten to deliver vaginally. They did hook up an IV, continuous monitors, wanted internal monitors but things went fast after we got there and they didn't have time to hook them up. I personally would not have been comfortable with a homebirth after two c/s and no prior vaginal births. I did some reading but really had no idea what to expect...reading is not like experiencing let me tell you!
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Re: vbac after 2 c sections?

I'm hoping for a VBA2C in August. My docs are being extremely supportive. #1, 3 and 4 were vaginal and #2 and 5 were c-sections b/c of fetal distress. I'm praying for an uncomplicated labor so I can deliver vaginally again.
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Re: vbac after 2 c sections?

I'm so happy to see such a positive thread! I'm hoping for a vba2c in november. I have my first OB appointment on saturday so I'll judge then how supportive they are but I know there is a possibility that i will have to look fora new doc.
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