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High functioning autistic AND gifted?

Anyone have a child like this? Getting ready to have the IEP meeting for my son who is "twice exceptional" and wondering what to expect. What did they do for your child?


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Re: High functioning autistic AND gifted?

I would think my DS falls in that category, and it was a huge failure trying to deal with the public school. They fought me every step of the way.

DS had an IFSP since he was 20 months old, and we had no issues switch to an IEP at 3 (he received a formal PDD-NOS diagnosis from our children's hospital at 3yrs 4 months.). When we hit the transition meetings for Kindergarten, things became difficult. They tested DS and said that he scored too high on the cognitive tests ( above the 99th percentile) and that disqualified him from receiving any help. The OT told me that he would fail in class b/c of his sensory issues, but that wasn't enough to get him services. She told me all they could do was watch him fail, and once he started doing poorly enough in the academic subjects, then we could have another meeting to discuss what we could do.

I thought that was garbage and ended up sending DS to private school rather than put up a fight and watch him fail in the meantime.
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Re: High functioning autistic AND gifted?

Well my son has Aspergers, so very similar. Because he is gifted, he does not qualify for an IEP, or so I have been told many, many times. We actually have a 504 meeting for him this week - I have been fighting the school ALL YEAR trying to get him social skills, so far with no luck. While I am grateful for all his talents, it is so much harder getting help for a kid who is so smart. People assume (many people) that because he is smart, he automatically "gets" it, and he doesn't always, especially not social situations, or working in a group. He melts down when things don't go his way, but isn't always able to tell someone that something is bothering him.
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Re: High functioning autistic AND gifted?

My boy is like that. School has been some battles, his kindie school was the worst, we moved and the new school really tries but there have been bumps in the road and dissagreements.
We are now at a very good place in 2nd grade but the extra supports that have made it work they only implemented after he had a total psych meltdown in Sept. due to stress and anxieties that were brought on by both the increased social aspects of 2nd grade and also them taking away some of his supports in the room.
Before that point he had an aide in the room for 1 hour in the morning, plus the resource teacher comes in the room a little each day to help out with him and a few others in the room. He gets OT for 30 min a week, ST for 60 min (30 in a social skills group, 30 individual to work on social aspects of speech and pragmatics, he has no speech delay), PT for 30 min every other week as he has low tone and poor coordination as well. He also has a lunch bunch a few days a week, this is where a resource teacher has some similar age students with similar Dx invite typical peers to come have lunch inside and the whole group eats and then plays together with toys to help with skills.
We have now increased to add another 30 min social skills group. He also goes down to the resource room for a bit during the day to work on certain subjects. He does language arts down there as he is so far ahead and does independant work with his aide down there. The resource teacher is in his room at math time. Once I got her to remember his accomodation on his IEP for extended time on tests he was passed on the simple 2nd grade math facts and is now working on 3-6th grade made with her. During science it just depends what the class is doing. They are on weather right now. He knows the stuff they are going over so he works independently in the classroom on a weather board game and when he is done can invite classmates to join in. So he is broadening depth, staying with peers, still hearing their work and getting to interact with peers when done.

Some things you really want is support for social, hopefully there is some sort of social skills teach available, through a ST maybe. You want them to keep things structured, once they implemented a flip page thing for Thomas for when he was down in resource that he could check off when done things have been great. It takes work to make one for each day but worth it. His gen ed teacher has a small re-usable chart in her room for him and it helps too. One thing if they fight you and you keep getting bad reports demand an FBA. Feel free to message me if you want more specifics.
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Yep. My ods is aspergers and people assume because he is smart he is fine and really just has discipline problems. We hs because he is so frightened of kids his own age, we will not medicate and I do not have an "official" diagnosis (I will not let them make it official).
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