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Would it be terrible to go to new practice for couple months then switch back?

We're debating TTC #3. We used the local midwives with one hospital for our first 2. We'd plan to use the same practice and hospital for the third, however now there is a kink in that plan.

A nosey-can't-keep-secrets family member works at that practice now. I fear that I'd go in for the early appointments and as soon as she knows, she'd tell and our news wouldn't be our news to share anymore. I KNOW about HIPPA, but I don't think it'd stop her since we're family. This girl was in my wedding. We used to be close. Her mouth and quick temper have put distance between us in the past couple years. I tend to think she'd say something too because she "swore" she wouldn't tell anyone when we started TTC #1 - and when we got pg with #1, she knew.... and then when I called my brother and his wife to tell them OUR news, they already knew...because of this cousin. I want news of #3 to be ours to tell.

SO - to the question...
Would it be terrible to get pregnant and call the midwife group in another town with a different hospital to get the first few appointments of care... like through the first trimester - and then once we announce the pregnancy switch back?

Does that just sound stupid and like a lot of work?

ETA: I have my yearly appointment in the end of this month and although I think I want my IUD pulled, I'm nervous that said cousin will see that in my chart and then assume/know that we're going to TTC again. I feel like I can't be honest with MY health care providers because of this.


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Re: Would it be terrible to go to new practice for couple months then switch back?

I've switched practices at 30+ weeks with no problems. I've switched OBs twice within the same practice. I don't see any reason why you can't switch in the short term. Just don't tell your current place you're switching for awhile. LOL Just go see the new practice and then call your regular place and tell them you're pregnant when you're ready to announce.

FWIW, when you do return to your regular practice, I would tell them that you're related to a staff member and would appreciate if your medical records were kept private. If your cousin asks why you weren't seen there sooner, be honest and tell her that you wanted to keep this pregnancy under wraps until after a specific time period and wasn't ready for her to know yet.
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Re: Would it be terrible to go to new practice for couple months then switch back?

Mama, you are in a hard position. I think that if you are really concerned with this cousin telling your business and you aren't willing to pursue the legal repercussions if she does (which I completely understand because of the family repercussions involved) then I would switch practices for good.

If you like the practice too much and said cousin is more of an annoyance than anything then I would stay and not try to switch back and forth. Think about what is more important to you, staying with the midwife practice or getting to share your news on your terms?

It's not very fair that you even have to think like that but unless you are willing to legally call your cousin out for violating HIPPA, it seems like this is the position you are in.

Think about it this way, what about the end of your pregnancy? Do you want her to be able to share all of that with relatives too?

I'm sorry. I know its can't be a fun place to be in. Hugs to you!
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Re: Would it be terrible to go to new practice for couple months then switch back?

I would go in for your exam and tell the midwifethe situation. They take HIPPA very seriously and they can get into trouble for her disregarding the law. I'm sure if you explain what's going on they can and will pull her aside and warn her not to open her mouth. And if she does she could be fired. That way you get your favorite care providers and to share your own good news
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I like your plan. I know that things get out regardless of hippa laws.
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Re: Would it be terrible to go to new practice for couple months then switch back?

Sorry you are in this position.

I would switch till i felt ready to tell everyone...and i'd only go back to the office where she works if i really loved the midwives. I don't like people i know having access to my personal medical charts..i have nothing really to hide, but it's all private, and should be...and you should feel safe sharing any concerns you have.

I just thought of this for example: You switch back and announce the pregnancy. You have your 20 week u/s and a red flag comes up that needs further evaluation....your family member, trying to be helpful/gossipy, spreads the word...while you're trying to deal with the potential news and not freak out or concern anyone before you really know anything, your whole family thinks something is terribly wrong and starts asking questions that you don't even know the answers to. Then, thankfully, everything is fine with the babe, but that info doesn't usually travel as fast, or people still think something is wrong despite your ob/midwife saying everything is fine and it all just stressing you out more... Does that make sense?
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