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Anyone know anything about a PH Probe? - long

My dd has severe Reactive Airway Disease ( we think) Asthma runs in dh's family. We had our appt. with her pulmonologist this afternoon. The problem is that we/I cannot find what triggers her-and now she's having silent attacks. It's just weird all around. Anyways, her doctor set up an appt. for a PH Probe-from what I understand they run a tube through her nose down into her esophagus for 24 hours. We have to stay at the Ronald McDonald House so we're as close to the hospital as possible without actually being admitted. Has anyone else had this done or know anything? I was told that they usually do not give them a sedative or anything while they put the tube in. I'm not sure I'm liking this-I know it will help figure something out-(and hopefully prove that I'm not nuts with this weird stuff going on)-but I want to be better informed about it. I can't find anything doing a search. Thanks.

Mary Beth


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Re: Anyone know anything about a PH Probe? - long

A friend of ours had this (or something very similar) done when their son was about a year old. He had severe reflux. The tube in his throat was supposed to measure the "stuff" coming back up from his stomach? We were all really worried about how he'd do but he handled it very well. Everybody was shocked that he didn't try to mess with the tube at all and didn't have any problems. I wasn't there for the test, I just know they raved about how easy it was compared to what they were expecting. They found out that his reflux was actually much worse than anyone thought and adjusted his medication and got it under control so it was well worth it. Sorry I can't be more help...your family will be in our prayers!
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Re: Anyone know anything about a PH Probe? - long

my oldest has asthma and had a lot of ear infections. Our allergy/asthma Dr said milk allergies and reflux are HUGE issues in these kids and very very often kids under 3 can be "cured" by stopping dairy if its a milk allergy or treating reflux if its really reflux. I was too afraid of the test. In hindsight I think it WAS reflux and I sometimes wish I would have done the test instead of fighting the asthma attacks with inhaled steroids etc. My youngest will be tested for a TON of scary stuff soon and they'll be doing the ph probe on him as well. I'm not scared of the probe anymore. It sounds terrible to us, I know, but EVERY parent of an under-2 that I spoke to who has had it done said it was really easy and that their child wasn't hurt or scared by it all. (((hugs)))
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Re: Anyone know anything about a PH Probe? - long

I used to place ph probes for 4 channel pneumocardiograms. (Sleep studies on babies with apnea or ALTE's).

It's a very quick procedure. The probe itself is about the size and flexability of a cooked spaghetti noodle. Once it's in place, the baby won't even realize that it's there. The end will rest about 2 inches above the stomach and will register changes in pH, as in stomach contents coming up. I can't remember the exacts to diagnose (lower ph after 20 minutes from eating....). They usually run for 12 hours...sometimes 24 hours.

As far as I've been able to tell, it doesn't hurt. Most babies quiet down once you pick them up. I always 'taco wrapped' my babies in a blanket and that seemed to piss them off more than anything. Mostly they just sneezed when I started to put it in. Some even smiled at me! Also remember that most are hungry because they need a fairly empty stomach and hold feedings for about 2 hours prior to insertion.

Most likely they'll ask you to step out. Most parents get upset if the baby starts crying. I was able to insert and tape the tube in about a minute if the parents aren't in the room. I was able to get it in and over with before the baby would know it and had very little crying. And honestly, with the parents in the room, if the baby started crying I felt guilty so I'd be extra careful wich would take longer, and honestly I don't think it helped anyone.

Good luck, and I hope you get answers! Pm me if you have any more questions!
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