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Re: Big Mama's C-section (support)Stories/Tips for Recovery!!!

Originally Posted by mabelino View Post
Its harder being overweight with a Csection, because for me...the 20lbs i gained between one and two made a huge difference! i didn't "hang" as much in the tummy with my first, so it got air...dryed nicely and healed rather quickly(2-3 weeks)

The second time around, tummy hung lower(kids were close never lost baby weight) and covered the incision and after lots of trial and error with the midwife, the only thing helping it heal after 7weeks was to put a sposie postpartum pad over the icision, with some tall undies to hold it in place. it kept the area dry and seperated...and healed quicker. it sounds so yuck, but unfortunately, thats what I had to do.

I'll be stalking this, just in case i do end up with another C next summer!
I had the "hang" too. While in the hospital I asked for gauze pads and stuck those in to keep the skin from touching and getting damp. that helped a lot.

Originally Posted by LaughingPeaMama View Post
I'm not really fluffy in the tummy area because I had lipo several
Years ago but I got a postpartum support band because I've had several
Abdominal surgeries and I felt like my insides were falling out. You could combine that with the abdominal surgery pad (it's like a period pad but no sticky) to keep things dry and clean Also get up and move. Do not stay in bed. Use pain meds if needed but light walking always helped me recover from surgery faster.
I used my belly band for a few weeks afterwards. helped support the ol' "bowl full of jelly" feel and helped alot with the pain from moving and shifting especially the first few days.

Originally Posted by DalesWidda View Post
Well I had a c/s in 2001 and I am a bigger girl (5'2" and 200 lbs ish). I guess I never considered my weight hindering my recovery but I can suggest that one of the best ways for me to keep that area clean and dry is to use the cool setting on a hair dryer. That really helps keep the moisture away under "the hang"! It's a lot more pleasant than trying to pat it dry. Just be careful with lifting too, but that's with anyone.
the blow dryer is brilliant. After a shower I would fold up a washcloth and stick it there until I was finished drying off and ready to dress.

ASK FOR HELP! If you need help moving around afterwards, be sure to ask for some assistance. It is amazing how many simple moves require muscles in your lower abs area.

no real other tips that I can think of at the moment. I am large as well. 270s for first c-section, 290s with second. it can be done, you can do it.


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High granny panties, gauze over the incision bc of the hanging tummy and time are you friend. Since it is a hard area to keep dry you definitely need something to separate the skin for quite a while. After the c you have to get up and moving. Stand up straight and stretch out. If you hunch over bc it hurts it will be more painful when you finally do have to stretch out. I had a hard time sitting up, rolling over, getting out of bed etc bc you need those stomach muscles that have been cut. But try your hardest and use your SOs help when needed. That's my advice :-)

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I just came home from cs #3. One thing I discussed with the dr. was my risk of developing infections around the incision area (happened with both previous c/s) because of my tummy hanging over. So when he did the c/s this time, he created some kind of wrap out of gauze and tape that he used to lift up my pouch while I was at the hospital. It was great because I didn't have the constant worry that moisture was breeding on the incision area through the dressing (this happened each time) while at the hospital. When they finally took the dressing off today (he also asked the nurses to keep it on longer than usual) it was dry, so far so good.
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Re: Big Mama's C-section (support)Stories/Tips for Recovery!!!

C-section's are tough to recover from even for the thin ladies! My first was tough because of being put to sleep and the hours of pushing trying for a vaginal birth before hand. I made it worse by not getting out of bed much in the hospital.
C-section #2 wasn't nearly as bad, but I was awake and had a spinal. I got out of bed as soon as I had feeling in my feet again. I kept my pain meds. up so they didn't run out. If they run out, it takes a while for them to catch up with the pain again. I also tried to do a little walking every day.
C-section #3 plus tubal ligation I was up the same day and showered and got real clothes on the next morning. I was in a little more pain than with #2, but not nearly as much as with #1. I never really had any issues with not healing, but I did ask for an abdominal binder after #3 because I felt I needed the extra support for my gut. My best advice would be to only do what you can without pain. No matter what the dr. says, if they say you can lift 20#'s and that hurts then it must be too much for you. If they tell you only 5#'s and you feel fine then you probably are. Listen to your body and you should be fine.
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Re: Big Mama's C-section (support)Stories/Tips for Recovery!!!

I was 236lbs when I had DS2 (a little less with DS1) and 5'3" and have had 2 c-sections. My tips are to get up and walk as soon as possible. Do what the nurses say - caugh with a pillow on your tummy and squeeze. Also keep gauze/pads on the incision afterwards and change often to prevent too much mostiure from getting in. And if it smells a little, that doesn't always mean an infection, could just be water getting in between the folds. Ask for extra of their big mesh undies and wear those babies! They are comfy. Take you pain meds as directed (no need to act like super woman and decline them imo). Have a recliner at home you can rest and maybe even sleep in as laying down flat is sometimes hard in the beginning (couldn't for 2.5wks with my 1st, but was fine laying down with me second).
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Re: Big Mama's C-section (support)Stories/Tips for Recovery!!!

I was between 255-260lbs and 5'1 when I had my first via emergency C-Section. I had the same tummy hanging issues as PPs. I wore super baggy sweat pants (mens sweats lol) and tucked them under my belly, along with my hugggeee granny panties =) I also used a cool hair dryer.
I honestly don't remember my down time being huge. I was in bed for 24hours because they kept my catheter in, then I was up and showering and walking small distances. At 2 weeks post partum I was basically back to my normal self. I couldn't walk forever without getting sore, but I was able to get through the day easy enough.
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Re: Big Mama's C-section (support)Stories/Tips for Recovery!!!

I'm 5'2", I've had 3 and I was 242 pre-preg with the last one-my heaviest pre-pregnancy weight. This recovery was the easiest of all of them actually. My first two were emergencies, the first was after laboring for so long and heartbeat decreasing, the second was breach and in the middle of the night. My last was scheduled because I give birth to toddlers, she ended up only being 6lb 7oz!!! This time I got up as soon as I was able and started to move. That is what helped me-just moving. I breastfed this one and the weight kinda melted off (huge bonus!), but it hurt so much when she nursed! The cramps seemed extremely bad because my recently sliced open uterus would contract when she was nursing and that was pretty painful. It passed after about a minute, and the cramping only lasted maybe 4-5 days, lessening each day. I had some PPD with #2, but none with #3 (or 1 IIR). I firmly believe that BF'ing helps with PPD so much more with a C/S than a vag delivery (I've never had a vaginal birth, only C/S), lots of my friends who've had both agree. Not trying to tell you what you should and shouldn't do to take care of your children, but if you can at least try to BF the first few days, that's been shown to lessen the severity of PPD than not trying at all. Good luck mama!
ETA: The gauze worked great for me too! I had staples with the first two, and the super glue stuff with the 3rd, and a soft folded wash cloth works great once it's healed just a bit. I didn't use the wash cloth until the staples were removed because I was scared of it catching. After about a week or so once the insicion was healed enough, I took alcohol and cleaned around the scar and used the cool setting on the blowdrier once a day. Never was red or had an infection once I started taking care of it like that.
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Re: Big Mama's C-section (support)Stories/Tips for Recovery!!!

There might be some info here:

I haven't looked at her site in ages, but I thought it was great at covering a lot of the negative attitudes you might encounter as a plus size patient, and ways of dealing with them. She also discusses plus size maternity clothes, if I remember right.
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