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Originally Posted by Insincereturnip
I have not read the other replies and i am sure you will get lots of good advice. I am here to tell you that i totally understand where you are coming from. I have the same model of baby that you have. Constantly wants to be held and no further than six inches from me. OVERTOUCHED is a great word for it. And sometimes i think if she claws at my face or pulls my hair one more time, i am going to hurl something at the wall. I dont hate breastfeeding simply because i worked really hard to get bfing to work. I was not successful with my first and i will always feel awful about that. He has some feeding issues at almost four so i amnot sure if there wasanything morei could have done. But it makes me appreciate baby #2's healthy appetite and ability to nurse. That being said, sometimes i wish i wasnt her only source of comfort. And i get pretty worn out when she is constantly crying about not being held or nursed. She isnt fooled by baby wearing either. She wants arms around her. She can also be appeased if she is right in the middle of the family goings on. Which is great but not helpful when i need to clean or whatever. i feel like a jerk for getting frustrated with an 8 month old. But it happens. Its the screaming for constant attention and the nightly nursing marathons that add up to exhaustion. Her little rat teeth aren't a great addition either.
All i can tell you is that breastfeeding seems to be worth it in the end. I wouldnt want to wean her and i think it has its ups and downs but as they get older it gets easier and more precious.
Some babies just need more attention. I have friends whose babies were similar and have grown into independent toddlers. So it isnt forever.
It is ok to hate breastfeeding. You love your baby enough to keep going and that sacrifice will be rewarded down the road. In the meantime, i feel ya. Baby has been up more or less sine 2:30. Theres a little reflux going on too.
Hang in there!
This sounds like both of my children! I kept thinking out it and my biggest problem is being over touched! There's nothing left in the tank for my hubby. If only the bottle worked. I am sending you hugs!


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Re: So....I hate breastfeeding :(

The frequent night nursings eventually wore me down. It happened so gradually, that it took me a while to notice, but I was edgy and irritable, mostly taking things out on my poor hubby. I finally realized I was sleep deprived from never hitting a deep sleep. I tried different sleep strategies, but they didn't work. I eventually decided to try moving him out of my bed and room. It's not what I wanted, especially since he is only 5 months, but it worked like a charm. We didn't even do any special sleep training techniques and he just stopped waking to nurse. I think we were keeping each other up all night, responding to each other's each and every move and sound. I don't think there is a "problem" with frequent night nursings, but it just wasn't working for me anymore when I went back to work. I miss him like crazy and often bring him back into bed with me for the early morning nurse so that we still have some snuggling time. But now we are all getting sleep and my hubby got to come back into our bed. I forgot I had another snuggling partner!
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Re: So....I hate breastfeeding :(

My youngest is 15 months and she has been my most demanding baby. She didn't want solids until she was 8 months and we EBF. She finally started sleeping through the night(wakes up at 5 sometimes) a week ago. Oh and I'm the only one she wanted to hold her all the time. I actually got my 5th full nights rest the other night but unfortunately now I still wake up in the middle of night, lol! She woke up through the night until then. I felt so exhausted most days, I had to nap during her first nap of the day! I know thats not an option for you most days so I understand! I ended up doing the cry it out phase for naptime and bedtime for sanity! To my surprise she didn't fuss long at all and just the first time. She still would feed through the night in my bed then I would move her to her bed when she fell asleep. For the past 3-4 months shes been waking up every night at 11pm and 2am to BF. This past week I decided to not get up when she fussed at 11. She fussed for a minute and seriously laid back down and slept until 6!! So with a little push from me shes sleeping through the night. She still BFs at night before bed and in the morning and I enjoy, I've thought about weaning but am enjoying the time to much. Not sure of any advice for bedtime:/ But during the day it helps me to remember that I know I'll miss this stage when it passes!
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