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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

Both of mine were induced with cervidil due to high BP. Both of mine were SO similar! Within 12 hours, baby out - no pain meds. No IV (not even a hep lock). No epidural. No pitocin - although with my second, I had to tell them "STOP telling me to start thinking about pitocin!" (Cervidil in at ~7:30am and my water broke at noon and by 1pm they were talking Pit.) I would say I had very successful inductions with the outcome I wanted for both.


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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

My last delivery was induced due to GD at 40 weeks. The worst part of the whole day was getting the IV. An anesthesiologist had to come do it after we blew a bunch of veins in my hands.

I had pitand water broken at 9 am, made some progress with minimal pain (previous labor was back labor, so prettymuch everything was "minimal" compared to that), got an epidural at 1:30, hung out for awhile, started to feel like maybe the epidural wasn't working on one side, then came to find out I'd gone from 4-10 cm in about 40 minutes and was prettymuch just sitting there with a baby ready to be born for over an hour. Grrr....and I was so hungry. I was at 4 cm in the morning thinking how hungry I was and I was so discouraged. Thankfully, 3 little pushes later and I could have a sandwich because I was starving.

ETA: I think the best part was having these 2 nurses who were in there with me all day. One was an intern, so it was a teaching delivery for her, but it was nice to have the extra company and support if I had needed it.
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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

I have had 3 sucessful inductions Two with pitocin and one with some kind of gel (do not remember the name). For me once they start the medication my babies are born within hrs. I did the first 2 inductions with no epi but opted for one with my last one (just because I thought she was my last and wanted to enjoy it more, and I did!!) lol
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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

I also had 2 great inductions. With both I was already dilated to 3+cm so just pitocin to get it going. With my first I got the epi at 5-6 cm because the contractions were too much for me. He was born about 12 hours after starting pitocin and all was wonderful with him. With my second I made it much further, but still got the epi because I wanted it. He was born about 5 hours after starting pitocin, but with both I did a lot of walking the halls dragging the pole with me just because I could. I had very enjoyable birth experiences with both.
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I was induced with all 4 of my pregnancy by choice. I had epi's with all but my 3rd, he came too fast after they broke my water. My last didn't come as fast bc she was turned wrong. My first was the longest at 7 hrs. All of the births went great with no problems for me or babies. Oh I had/ have a umbilical hernia with all four pregnancies, herniated disk in my back & separated pelvic bones with the last two pregnancies.
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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

Just wanted to say that my 'induction' was amazing!! My OB was actually hesitant to induce since I wasn't 'favorable' for an induction. I was 0% effaced, and only 1cm dilated, and my cervix was way up high. That same night after the appt, my water broke on it's own!

I went in with no contractions that slowly picked up throughout the night. I got an epidural when I wanted to, and enjoyed a pain-free labor up until the last hour. I pushed for about 10-20 minutes and then had DD. The last hour was pretty painful, but I was SO greatful I was able to have the rest of the labor pain-free because of my epidural.

Awesome/amazing experience, couldn't have asked for more. In the future, I think I will be asking for an induction if I can get one. Had my water NOT broken, I would have never been admitted even though I was in labor, and I wouldn't have gotten an epidural until I was 4-5 cm, which for me, is usually 10+ hours of pain first.

Really happy, and so happy I could read your stories to reassure me about the whole thing!
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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

I've had three inductions, two that were successful and one that ended in a C/S, so I'll tell you about the first two.

The first was done because of cord concerns at 38w5d. I was upset about needing an induction, and the memory of my previous birth and the discomfort was all too fresh in my mind. Started at 4 cm. dilated and 75% effaced. Pitocin started at 8 AM. Around 11 the contractions were consistent, got the epidural, and they broke my water. She was born at 3 PM after 10 minutes of pushing.

With my second, I felt like the first felt too unreal - it was truly a painfree birth/delivery as I was medicated before I ever got uncomfortable. So since I was 5 cm and 80% effaced we opted to break my water before doing anything else. This was done around 730 AM and I walked the halls until midday. Since no progress we augmented with pitocin. Tried to hold out as long as I could, but ended up at the max dose and it was so painful - got the epidural. He was born at 440 PM in just 2 pushes.

My words of advice - don't let them turn up the pitocin too quickly. The higher it is, the more uncomfortable you will be.
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Re: Those who had Good/Great Inductions?

my last one was awesome. granted, it was my 4th birth and my body knew what to do
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I've had two good experiences and two not so good ones.
The first one I was 40w3d but not dilated or effaced at all. My MW wanted to use Cytotec at 4pm and start Pitocin at 6am. I was able to eat, walk as I wanted, had a saline lock, watch movies, etc. I wasn't "in labor" even though I was having mild contractions from the Cyto. About 2am I wanted some chicken broth and just couldn't get comfy enough to sleep in the hospital bed. I tried the rocker but it was too hard, tried pillows and it was too annoying. I asked the nurse for the sleeping pill she offered me earlier but she had to check me first JIC. I was 7-8cm! I had no idea I was even in labor?! Within a few mins I was in the shower, then my water broke and he was born minutes later. The dr didn't arrive in time and the nurse guided me in delivering the baby once his head was out.

The 2nd induction wasn't super fab like that one, but I went to L&D at about 8am @ 2cm, dr arrived at 9 to start Pit. Broke my water at 12pm, around 2-2:15 I started feeling out of control and couldn't do it anymore, wanted drugs! The nurse checked me and I was 9+cm so it was actually transition. He was born within about 20 mins I think?

My last 2 were both pretty similar. My 5th baby was at 37wks, started Pit at 11am, didn't do anything by 7pm, so I got a break and we started Cytotec at 9pm overnight. At 5am I was in a bit of pain, I was 3cm and my dr stripped my membranes and started Pit. I was dying by 7am and begging for an epidural. I got one at who knows what time and labored until 9cm when the epidural stopped working, I could feel everything but not push! It was awful. He was posterior and the weak epidural made it harder for me to push like that. I pushed for 45mins with no movement. They had me get some oxygen cuz I was in quite a bit of pain and not breathing well. I layed on my left side and the next contraction baby started crowning. The MW was in the next room checking another pushing mom so the nurse delivered the baby.

My last delivery wasn't as bad as that one really. It started off horribly when it took 6 attempts by 3 people to get my IV in! I had Cervidil overnight from 11pm to 7am. I was having some minor contractions and was about 2cm so the dr broke my water to avoid Pitocin. Well after a few hrs I was having contractions and they were a little painful but once they started the Pit it was bad!! I took it for another 3hrs with no change and finally asked for the epidural. I guess the nurse didn't get it when I said I wanted one and held off on getting the dr. I waited another hour or more and finally about 4pm I got an epidural. I was freaking out at the end. The epidural was really good though and I was able to feel him coming down. In fact, within about 2 mins of the epidural kicking in, baby totally shifted and dropped. Unfortunately they blew my vein giving me the fluid bolus before the epi and it took the anesthesiologist 3x to get another IV in. I dilated to 7-8cm within 5 mins and just waited until I couldn't hold him In anymore and he just popped out with a few pushes. It wasn't bad once I got the epidural and wish I would have said "sign me up" when he came in about 6hrs earlier and I was fine! LOL
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