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Jonathan Hera is here...

...making his debut on Saturday, March 31st at 12:37 pm weighing 7 lbs and 15.5 oz and screaming his head off . I will post his birth recap a wee bit later since we just got home from the hospital


Jonathan was "supposed" to arrive by March 17th according to the all-knowing scientific community and if not then my dates or calculations must be wrong. Fast forward 41 weeks and Jonathan still hadn't made his appearance. On Monday the 26th of March, my ob and i had a discussion about being induced. I had already explained to her my reservations, but I understood that she was covering all her bases. I declined and agreed to undergo a membrane sweep, a non-stress test and a biophysical that very same day. I also agreed to schedule an induction for Friday 3/30 because I wasn't comfortable going past 42 weeks. The results came back and everything looked good. Baby boy could stay in utero a few more days.

Let me just take a tangent and say that I have nothing against being induced. I was just hoping that my body and my baby would send me into labor. I had heard so many stories about induction leading to c-sections and I wanted to avoid a c-section at all costs.

So I prayed and I waited, I waited and I prayed. Tuesday passed-nothing, Wednesday passed-nothing. By this time I had gotten so low emotionally until I was just a mess. After a series of repeated arguments and emotional blow-ups with my beloved family, I finally realized that I was forgetting the most important part of pregnancy getting my healthy, happy, baby boy. Thursday came and went-nothing. However, this time I was able to focus on what mattered most. By Friday I was once again very excited. I knew that I would be meeting my boy very shortly. Since i hadn't gone into labor on my own, hubby and I kept our appointment for the induction. This is when the fun began...

12:25 am 3/31/12
I was told that before the induction I needed to have another BST and BPP. Everything looked good so we proceeded with the Cervidil. I was hoping cervidil alone would send me into labor. It sorta happened that way. I dilated to about 3-4 cm and became 80% effaced after 2 hours and the cervidil was removed. I was laboring on my own-kind of. I had no pain meds at this point because I wanted an unmedicated birth.

6:25 am 3/31/12
Well after 4 more hours of very strong contractions, and knowing that the pit was coming next I opted for the epidural. I found that I couldn't handle contractions induced by meds. However, I had to wait another hour because they wanted to start me on an IV drip. While I waited for that hour to pass the contractions became stronger and loooonger. I finally got the epi and suddenly I felt better. That is until the pit was started. As it turns out, either the epi didn't work or I didn't get the correct dosage because I felt intense pressure and lots of pain still (just not to the extent of what I felt w/out the meds). When told the nurse she asked if I wanted an increase. I declined b/c I was afraid my baby would be to drowsy.

8:00 am 3/31/12
Anyway, we started the pit and after about the first hour I went from 4 cm. Then my water broke spontaneously!!! Yeah!! After an hour more I was at 6-7 cm. Great!!! It was starting to look like God was going to grant me a vaginal birth. That's all I wanted at this point. Another hour to an hour and a half went by and the contractions were so intense that my body shook nonstop. I wish I could say that the epi caused me not to feel them. That would be a lie. I felt the INTENSE pressure and INCREDIBLE pain. I shutter to think what it would have been like without the epi at that point. I said to myself that I must have been in the transition phase. I called for the nurse to check me and sure enough I was. I was fully dilated and fully effaced. So she encouraged me to "labor down" for another hour in order to allow for as little pushing as possible.

11:00 am 3/31/12
I had "labored down" for an hour, and it was time to push. The only problem was that my OB was no where to be see. So I had to wait another hour. Mind you my legs were in stirrups and I was as open as a whore-house on a Friday night. She finally arrived and so did the rest of the team. A formed mid-wife acted as my doula, which was a blessing because I couldn't afford one. When the first couple of contractions hit, I pushed but was only able to make my baby crown. They gave me oxygen because they could tell I was getting tired.

12:37 pm 3/31/12
As soon as I inhaled the oxygen and they told me to push, I pushed so hard that little Jonathan came out in a big gush and I ripped from rooter to! No kidding about that. I ended up with a second degree tear and was stitched up in many places. My husband was trying not to freak out b/c tore so much, but he couldn't stop looking at all the stitching I was getting.

Anyway, I will NEVER forget how amazing I felt after they placed my baby on my chest. I love him and it's as if i always have; like I've always known him. My husband cried (although I missed it), but he NEVER cries. I know how much he loves that little boy. Funny thing is that I recall that I was in a lot of pain, but I don't remember the pain if that makes sense. It's like it was somehow blocked out of my mind when I was holding my baby. Maybe someone else can understand and articulate this better. I would do anything for him.

After he was all cleaned up, they gave him back to me and confirmed that mucuniom (sp) was in the water but it was trace and my boy had been suctions and was fine. I thanked Jesus because of all the crazy stuff people told me about going to 42 weeks. Let me just say that I am glad I followed my own convictions because my baby was only 7lbs and 15.6 oz at birth. i am sure that two weeks ago he measured much smaller and he really wasn't ready to come out. He wasn't even dry and wrinkly. He definitely doesn't look like a post-due baby. I'm glad i prayed on it and waited even though it was hard to do.

All in all, I wouldn't change a thing. Baby and i are doing well. I am healing quite nicely. I was always able to do number 1. I did my first number 2 today. It hurt like hell, but now I am not as tight as I was. Also, i have a confession to make I did P90X for 2/3s of my pregnancy (I had been doing it for two years before getting pregnant), and I am sure that has helped me to recover so nicely. I hurt, but I am amazed at how much strength i have despite having second degree tears.

I know this post was long and rambly, but I enjoyed writing it.


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Re: Jonathan Hera is here...

Congrats mama! Can't wait for an update!
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Re: Jonathan Hera is here...

Yay for lots of babies today! Congrats
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Re: Jonathan Hera is here...

Congrats! Don't you just love hearing them for the first time
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Re: Jonathan Hera is here...

Bump for updated birthstory!!
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