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who sits where in your vehicle

and why? We are expecting #5 and I am wondering where to put everybody when the new baby gets here. We will have an 8 yo, a 6yo in a high back booster, a 3 yo ff, a rf 2 yo and the new baby.

We have an Expedition with 8 seats.


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Re: who sits where in your vehicle

This sounds like me almost I have a minivan though. I am no help though, I'm still trying to figure mine out.
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Re: who sits where in your vehicle

7 pass van. right now the olders (13, 15, 17 and 18) take turns in the front (if DH isn't with us), next to the toddler and the back seat. 22 mo old is always right behind me (driver's side). When the new baby gets here, I will put their seat behind the pass side, next to the toddler. Easier to get them in and out (we have doors on both sides). But not sure what else to do bc we will have 8 in our family and a 7 pass van
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Re: who sits where in your vehicle

I have a 2007 Dodge Caravan. In the 3rd row I have my 3 oldest. The 2 girls (ages 5.5y and 4.5y) are in high back boosters on each side and my oldest son (almost 3y) is in the middle FF in a Radian. It is a tight fit and hard to buckle the girls but it is our safest option in this vehicle. Our 2nd row is a bench seat and we have my second son (20m) RF in a Marathon and my third son (4.5m) RF in a Graco Snugride behind the driver's seat.

My van is really small, too. It is smaller than the Grand Caravans and the Siennas, Odysseys, and newer model Quests. Yet, we managed an arrangement that seems to be working.
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Re: who sits where in your vehicle

We have a 8 passenger SUV, Honda Pilot. Up until last week, we had our youngest (soon to be 3 yr old) rear-facing in the middle seat. We just moved her to forward facing behind the driver and our oldest is now in the middle in a 5-pt. harnessed booster. We made this switch because I have back problems, can't lift the kids anymore and this way the kids can get into their seat easier and I can easily reach my two youngest at each door to help them buckle in.

In your situation I would put the 8 & 6 yr olds in the back and the youngest 3 in the middle row with baby in the center. If the rear-facing 2 yr old doesn't fit behind the front row seats I would put the 2 yr old between the 8 & 6 yr olds in the back. Not sure what seats you are working with, it is definitely like putting together a puzzle. We have 2 radians and a nautilus that fit in one row all forward-facing.

I always tried to put the most vulnerable kid in the center of the car to provide as much distance from an impact as possible. So in my mind, older kids in the back of the car and working oldest to youngest from the back of the car to the middle row and then to the center of the middle row. This is just based on my 'mommy instincts.'
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Re: who sits where in your vehicle

My children are exactly the same ages as your and my fifth is 16 mths. We have an 8 passenger van with two bench seats. I put the oldest next to the baby or youngest so that she can help with the baby while I'm driving but I'm constantly playing around with seat placement because of where my tethers are. I have yet to find the perfect configuration.
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Re: who sits where in your vehicle

2007 Suburban, when baby came last year this is what we did:

Captains chairs: 6 year old (Britax Frontier, harness), Baby (baby seat)
3rd Row: 8 year old, 4 year old, 4 year old (FFing Radians)

This worked, but I kept having trouble w/ one twin in the middle causing trouble, making it so that the 8 year old couldn't get in or out and just in general he's a difficult kid So recently I changed it up when DD2 turned 7. This is my current set-up:

Captains Chairs: 4 year old trouble-maker (Frontier), Baby in baby seat (will change to RFing Radian when she outgrows it)
3rd Row: 7 year old (low booster), 9 year old, 4 year old (in a Frontier).

I had the Frontiers from both older girls, so I switched out the Radians. I thinkt he Frontier is a more comfy seat, and since I now had room I sold one Radian to a family member and kept onefor the baby to grow inot. When we go on vacation next month I plan to put the baby in teh very back w/ the 2 oldest, and have the twins in the captains chairs. Pros to this are that kids cannow get out each side of the car (now they can only get out on the drivers side) and the older kids can help out w/ the baby. Cons are that I will have to manouver baby intot he back and buckle her. I do have to crawl in to buckle the 4year old now, but he can get himself intot hes eat and I just have to buckle him.
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Re: who sits where in your vehicle

Your ages and car sound similar to ours.
We have an 8 passenger Yukon XL - which I think is about the same.

In the back right now we have DS9 in a LBB and DS2 FF
In the middle we have DD1 RF, Newborn in the middle (well her seat anyway she isn't here yet) and DS8 in a LBB (just took off the HBB part) outboard.

The "Reason" we did it this way is because our back seat is too narrow for three seats and I want to keep everyone in seats as long as I can. DS8 in LBB is in the "flip" seat - the one you move to load into the back row - because I needed a seat that was removable so we could access that row.

It isn't ideal - I wish there was more room I don't like the difficult access to the third row to buckle up DS2.
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