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I use the swing a lot for naps at that age. Either the whole nap or if he wakes up in his crib but I can tell he didn't get enough sleep, I put him in there to finish the nap.

Pp brought up a great point about reflux.


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Originally Posted by mysticmomma1879
Maybe try not trying?
That's what we have been doing and it's not working. She needs more than 6 hours of sleep in 24 hours. Period. Schedule or not that isn't healthy for her and her immune system will start to suffer because of it among other things.

My older child went with the flow well. This child not so much. There's nothing wrong with trying different strategies (except cry it out) in my opinion.

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Re: Sleep schedule for 4 month old

I found my dd2 needed much more of a routine than dd1 did. Her awake time was key in that case. I really had to watch her and see how long she could stay awake before she started giving me those early tired cues for nap. I think she was about 90-120 minutes at 5mos. If I got her down for nap before shew as overtired then she could settle well.

I think daytime sleep is KEY. They get more and more tired as the day goes on and an overtired baby will not sleep well at night. I think around 5mos was when I dropped the 4th nap but until then she was having a nap at 5ish and then bed at 8. I think I dropped the nap and moved bed to 7ish.

There is a blog called chronicles babywise mom. A lot of people here seem to think some of the babywise ideas are similar to child abuse but I don't find that blog that way. She's definitely not a let the baby do what she wants mom, but she does talk a lot about watching your baby for sleep and hunger cues and I learned a lot that I wish I had known with dd1!!
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Re: Sleep schedule for 4 month old

My DS is 6 months. He had some super odd sleep issues and didn't want to nap at all during the day. He would sleep like 20 minutes maybe two or three times a day and that's it. The days where I was really lucky and he slept during the day maybe more like 45 mins to hour long naps he would sleep better at night. I started to realize that overtired during the day = terrible nights. I also didn't really have any luck with anyone else's idea of what makes a good schedule.

We were tracking the first week from the hospital because of fear of dehydration and it stuck, we just kept doing it and still do. By track to check out body rhythms, I mean I have a dayplanner that sits on the table and for a week I wrote down like 7am, pee/poop, 7:15, 6 ounces, 8am cranky baby, 8:20 looks like he wants to sleep but fighting it, etc. We normally were just doing ounces eaten and pees/poops. I added the other stuff specific to get an idea of when he was acting tired.

In the end, I figured out that I needed to see what my particular baby's sleep/eat/pee/poop patterns were. I had all my "data" there and basically I found that he did get tired/cranky at certain times each day, I just hadn't really noticed it. I started trying to get him to sleep like 20 minutes before he was "tracking" to get tired. This worked really well for him because it was adhering to his natural body rhythms while still sticking to a schedule. I hadn't anticipated being a schedule person but it works for the baby so it's working for me.

It's kinda annoying at the beginning to write it all down but I ended up just using my phone to jot stuff and then at night would transfer whatever I had missed down on paper. I liked the dayplanner too cause I am a visual person and it was great to have a week laid out to see the patterns just go horizontally across the page. The day I figured out what to do I can seriously say was one of the most triumphant days I have had. Now I actually sleep!
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I read about a schedule for my 5.5 month old that seems to be working great for my LO. It is 2-3-4 as in 2 hrs after she wakes up in the morning you put her down for the first nap, then 3 hours after she wakes up she goes down for the 2nd nap. 4 hours after that is bedtime. I realized that my dd wanted to follow this pattern if I would just let her.
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Re: Sleep schedule for 4 month old

I'd put her down earlier, even if not at the same time every night. If she wakes up from a nap at 3pm, put her down at 6:30 or 7. If she gets up at 5pm, put her down at 8:30 or 9. 4 months is young to have a set "Ok, it's 7:00pm, time for bed" schedule, but I do think it's important to be consistant with where her body clock is if not the one on the wall I'd maybe try more of a routine too, if possible. If it's bath and nurse, maybe add in a book after bath, a special song to sing, ect. Maybe something you can do with her and Aubrey together? I might try some aromatherapy, too. If you have a scenty you can just put water and lavender or chamomile in the base and put it in her room. It also makes a nice nightlight. Sorry Hilary, I hope you find something that works soon!
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