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How to tell between allergies and something else?

When DS was younger he was allergy tested b/c of pretty severe asthma, and he tested to be pretty badly allergic to trees. That was when he was 5, he is now 13. Up until now, as bad as he tested to be allergic to tree pollen, he never really had much more than a stuffy nose during this time of year. Last year, though, we moved to a different state, and we are now in the country rather than the city.

Our house sits near a group of woods that is all oak trees. Where we lived before it was mostly walnut and pine trees, unless someone planted them. I think his allergy must be to oak trees b/c this year he is having a pretty severe reaction. At least I think that is what it is.

His symptoms are: bad wheezy raspy cough, TONS of phlegm and mucus that he is having a hard time coughing up, and a severely stuffy nose.

When it first started we were giving him generic "allergy tablets" (Chlorpheniramine meleate?) but on Saturday evening we picked up some generic Claritin and it helped a tiny bit but not much. Nyquil is helping him sleep at night and is controlling his cough, although I'm not sure that is a good thing. We cough for a reason.

My question is, for those that have experience with a child that has seasonal allergies, does this sound like what is going on, or should I be concerned that it is something different? He isn't running a fever or anything.

Thanks mamas!


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Re: How to tell between allergies and something else?

My child has food allergies but I have environmental allergies (I am allergic to everything outside and few things inside as well). It does sound like allergies especially if its lasting for a while. I also find that for reactions that bad- claritin and the like only prevent a sinus infection and do very little for symptoms. He's beyond what claritin can handle. When my allergies were at that point I had to take 3 meds full time (antihistamine, flonase and a decongestant). Then they changed my decongestant formula and my trio stopped working. I started on Singulair about 7 years ago and have been close to symptom free since then. I only have to add flonase during high pollen times.

I'd take him to the doc, they can tell you what combos you should try to get him. Your gonna need more then what your currently using.
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Re: How to tell between allergies and something else?

Since the move, he is now exposed to new allergens. Plus, allergy season is super bad this year. Since he's having a reaction, I'd suggest getting him tested again. The doctor can suggest a course of action, such as a drug combo or immunotherapy (allergy shots.).

If it's gone on more than two weeks without really getting better or worse, then I'd lay money on allergies. A cold will either get better in abou two weeks, or devolve into a nasty infection. Allergies just go on and on, only waning slightly with certain weather (a good rain might knock down pollen, but enough rain can bring out mold.).

Allergies can develop at any time (unfortunately). Good luck to you and your son. I know how much it sucks...
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Re: How to tell between allergies and something else?

Another thing to consider -- many allergy medicines are meant to be taken starting before alleegy season and then throughout. Claritin, Allegra, and Zyrtec are all like this. They are meant to build up in your system to help reduce allergy symptoms when they occur at a later date. If he is needing immediate relief, Benedryl would be a better bet.

I agree that getting him in to be allergy tested would be a good idea, as well as talking to the doctor about what you can do to help reduce him symptoms.
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