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Anyone dealing w/ the baby blues?

I know that with new babies, we all want to be happy all the time.....but let's be honest, there are moments where we struggle w/ day to day life. Let this be the thread where you can let your walls down and be completely honest. It can be a place of support, to vent or what ever else we need at that given moment.

Personally, I'm very much in love w/ my Bean. She is a very easy baby. Plus I know more having been through the newborn phase before. I'm quicker to respond because I don't have some of the fears I did first go round, I can recognize her different cries better than I could w/ Gman and I'm not trying to take everyone's advice (like letting the baby cry "it's good for their lungs" type BS).

Tonight though, I just not feeling it. I'm tired, I just want some peace and quiet, and I'd love to not have one child attached to me for more than 2 minutes. Earlier I attempted to get a shower and ended up w/ both kids in there with me. I just wanted to get clean, but Bean would scream if I put her down and Gman has to be where ever Sissy is if I'm holding her. I finally managed to get us all clean when Gman (who's potty training) peed all over the floor, himself, the stool, the clean cloths(sitting on the stool) I brought in for us to change into-but totally missed the toilet. Thankfully my husband came home just then and was able to help out, but man was I PO. Not at Gman, he's regressed since Bean came home, just at the situation and myself for getting so stressed over it. I'm usually more mellow about those kinds of things. I need a kid free break that doesn't include a shopping list or doctors visit.

Feeling on the verge of tears if the baby cries, I don't want to nurse her right now. My boobs are so sore. The left one is still bruised and the thought of her gumming it to get milk out is more than I can handle right now. She has an appointment to get her tongue clipped on Wed., but that feels like years away at this moment. Plus it's def. losing it's supply. I nurse/pump for the same amount of time as the right, but it's just not keeping up to the demand. Plus feedings are just a chore. Nurse, bottle feed, pump, nurse, bottle feed, pump, nurse, bottle feed, pump, nurse, bottle feed, pump. Ick. Hopefully after she gets clipped I can just skip the bottles, 'cause night feeds are the worst.

Anyone else feel the need to just let it all out?

Side note-I really am happy about my family the majority of the time, just a bit overwhelmed tonight. It will pass once I get some sleep-which I'm going to do as soon as I post this.


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Re: Anyone dealing w/ the baby blues?

DDC - this has been my weekend, I blame the full moon, kids are always bonkers then. I just want a moment to myself so I know how you feel
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Re: Anyone dealing w/ the baby blues?

I'm just 5 days shy of delivery, but yes, I understand. My boobs are EXTREMELY tender as Samuel has such a tight latch and for some reason he'll take 2-3 hour naps all day, but then keeps me up for nursing marathons all night. I think I slept from 12:30 to 2:30 last night and that was pretty much it. DH is going back to work tomorrow and literally the thought of it makes me want to break down and cry.
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Re: Anyone dealing w/ the baby blues?

You're not alone! I have dealt with the baby blues, to some extent, after the births of most of my children. This time included. I thought I was doing OK, even when I came home to three kids with nasty colds. Then, we got pink eye (three of the kids, including the baby, DH, and myself. We're all being treated but it's still here and the other two kids could get it) and now DD3 has a fever and is miserable.

DH goes back to work tomorrow... he went on Thursday, and it went well, but that was before the pinkeye and fever. I am so at my wit's end.

All that to say... I can totally sympathize. It's really, really hard sometimes, these first few weeks/ months.
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Re: Anyone dealing w/ the baby blues?

Yes, except in my case I keep reminiscing about my experience of him in my womb. Every movement he makes takes my mind back to what i felt when he would move inside me. I am a FTM, so I have no experience with mothering. I am enjoying this process, but there are some days when I cry because I feel "empty" on the inside or I miss feeling him inside me. I am SO happy that he is finally here with us. I just go through these episodes where I just have to mourn the loss of life from my womb all while celebrating the birth of life in my family. It's a very weird experience to go through.

Just yesterday I was riding in the car with hubby and baby and a song I sang to him all the time came on the cd player. i just burst into tears b/c I was reminiscing about what once was. Pregnancy is an incredible experience, and i thank God for the opportunity to bear a child. No one ever told me that I would also mourn my empty womb when it was over.
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