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Re: dealing with envy (my own...)

I could write this exact post.. My oldest are in 1st and 2nd and next year my 5 year old will be in K.. I don't know how I will manage to HS three of them and still have enough time left for myself, my husband and two other little kids!! I go back and forth with wanting to send them to PS just to get some time alone. I wish there was a happy medium, I don't want them gone all day everyday but a little breathing room would be nice too!


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Re: dealing with envy (my own...)

I totally get it. My friends who have their kids in school go out to lunch and then gym and shopping all the time together. Right now, I only have 1 left homeschooling, but bc of his schedule, I am unable to do anything with my toddler like LLL, babywearing groups and other get togethers. Next yr he is going to public high school and I really am going to miss homeschooling (have done it since my 19 yr old started elemen), but it will be nice to be able to do things with moms of toddlers and babies. (FTR, I do not want my kids in school, but bc of my divorce, 2 of the older kids (and then this one next fall) went to school starting in high school)
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Re: dealing with envy (my own...)

Totally understand! I am just trying to figure out how to fit 30 Day Shred in. I'm great for a week, then I can't seem to do it anymore. Not because of my physical standpoint, but because it's such a hassle just trying to get it in without interuption!!! Not to mention, nap time for my 14 month old is the only ideal time, and during that time, I need to help my 6 yr old with Math, and some of his other school work, or it doesn't get done if it's put off until afternoon! Then in the afternoon, I'm lucky if my little guy will nap again, normally he will, but we also have places to be, like Karate. So no such luck there...
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Re: dealing with envy (my own...)

have you tried talking to the teachers at the gym childcare? like asking if they could give it 15 mins? then in a month 20 mins? i think if you keep going the baby will get used to it over time.....honestly this is the ONLY way i can workout everyday, taking the kids with me to my gym.....i also teach Zumba so having the childcare there is a lifesaver for me.....if there was no childcare there there would be no way i could work out as much as i do....good luck finding a solution that works for you all....hugs mama!
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Re: dealing with envy (my own...)

Hugs mama! I am in a similar boat of sorts. Only I have a 2 year old and a 7 month old, both who are VERY active and then I have double duty in the kids care, housework, cooking & shopping,laundry,water,chickens,.........I could go on for 10 minutes...... and I feel like I do everything for everyone but me. I take care of so many other peoples things, I have to think for so many people and try to care of everyone else that there is nothing left to give me.
No me time.

I just try to remind myself that "This to shall pass" and trust that one day I will again have a day to do whatever I want purely for my sole enjoyment without trying to please everyone else

Hugs! I know how you feel, its tough a lot of the time and can be completely overwhelming. Hugs.
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Re: dealing with envy (my own...)

If I had to guess, I would say that if you put them in public school, you would enjoy your freedom for a while and then miss them and homeschooling desperately. I would find a way to get some sort of exercise in while the baby is still small, like the running and biking you mentioned, then hold out hope for when he gets older and things get easier. I would second to keep trying the childcare at the gym also.
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Re: dealing with envy (my own...)

I feel you ENTIRELY! I'm homeschooling my 4 year old and my 5 year old and I'm nursing our 4 month old. I'm also attending college online as well and getting my husband into school as well. He's about to start in the next week and will be working and going to school. I feel exactly like you all the time. I try working out at home but with a little one nursing... it's basically impossible. The only thing I can manage to squeeze into my day is taking the littlest for a stroller ride & walk with the oldest two. After homeschooling, cooking three meals a day, breastfeeding my youngest, and cleaning house... there just seems to be no additional hours in the day. And I'm sooooo tired of being fat.
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Re: dealing with envy (my own...)

I took a break from HS this school year due to the fact that I have a crazy toddler and I was pregnant. It was a much needed break. My kids were in a charter school that I liked, but after a few things that went on at the school I have decided to bring them home..I will have 3 kids in school a toddler and a baby. As much as that scares me it doesn't scare me as much as what they could be exposed to at school. school just isnt like when we were kids. I have no idea what I am going to do, I love the fact that they are gone all day but I still have no freedom cause I have the little 2. I guess home schooling is basically just sucking it up and doing what we know is best for our kids and putting our feelings aside, I know that I am about to be a basket case BUT if I try and focus on the fact that this is what is best for them then sometimes it help.
I have my kids do chores around the house to keep them busy. They have laundry and cleaning to do. so that helps with the house work and keeps them occupied. my toddler though is like the tazmanian devil so we shall see how I work him into a day of homeschooling.
Do you have family there that can help you? what about joining a homeschool group and going to the mommy nites? you have to take time for yourself or you will break down.. Sometimes I make myself a nice hot bath, tell my hubby that he is in charge, and then I lock the door soak in the tub..I usually have kids banging on the door but i can ignore that.. Any time alone where I can hear my own thoughts is great.
Any way not sure if that helps..i know we have all been there..and i know I will be there again i am sure but just take a deep breath and remember you are doing it for your kids..
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