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Re: Year Round Homeschooling?

We take little breaks, but only a few days at a time, and that is so I can get lesson plans together or if we have a family function going on. But otherwise I teach year round. I normally start a new school year the same month as public schools do, but if my kid isn't ready then I don't proceed forward without getting him ready for it.


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Re: Year Round Homeschooling?

We school year round Mon-Thursday most weeks but as for when we take breaks that is more random. We may take a break because I have a doctor's appt that week, or we may just work fewer days that week. Next week Kearnan has some testing (medical) so we are taking most of the week off. We take at least a week off in October and play around for Halloween. We take a break around Christmas too. We never take a break longer than 2 weeks because Kearnan backslides badly. Other than that there are no hard fast rules about how and when we take our breaks. We also don't start and stop curric at a set time. Like Kearnan finished 4th grade and went right into 5th grade just recently. He is 14 weeks into 5th grade (I know because that is how many lessons he is into Saxon math). Tharen on the other hand is roughly 25% through his 1st grade curriculum so they aren't even at the same place in their curriculum because they didn't start their new curriculum at the same time and they don't work at the same speed. Kearnan tends to work much faster because he is more compliant.
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Re: Year Round Homeschooling?

We fall kinda inbetween a traditional school year and summer break type. My DH teaches college so he is on a tradtional 9 month/summer break type schedule so it makes a bit more sense for my kids to have similiar gives us total family time when he is off..

However we dont need that long of a break schools around here tradtionall meet from Early August-Late May

break in Early October for "fall break" 1 week
Break at thanksgiving 1 week
Break for Christmas 3 weeks

We school "core"
September (after labor day) - November (Thanksgiving)

December- light school off for holiday time

January- March "core school"

April-light school off for spring break time

May-July (mid july really) Core school

Mid July August- Take an offical summer break cause its too darn hot to think!!

Light school means we keep up units in Math/grammar/ and some reading I tend to put her on mathblasters and time for learning more during this time we might only do schooling 2 days a week instead of 4 its just a time too keep the skills up but not necessarly adding a bunch. We also do some fun projects and jsut take advantage of having daddy home or some nice weather etc..

For example we are in light mode right now so her assignments for today are
2 pages in her math
1 page of grammar
spelling city (at least 15 mintes)
time to learn science
chapter in her book
oral lesson in the Catachism
Maybe an hours worth of stuff...

We also work on a 4 day week with Wednesdays being flex

I can not spell and have no phone to blame things on.

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Re: Year Round Homeschooling?

Originally Posted by erin_c_odonnell View Post
That we year round but nothing strictly scheduled- just go with it. Nc requires 180 days but we end up with more which is fine. Main reason we do year round is we want the kids to know learning is life long. Its not something that is timed by a clock or calendar. Sometimes we homeschool at 8 pm. Sometimes its 8 am. Sometimes we homeschool on holidays or saturdays. We just learn. Whenever, where ever.

Love that! My philosophy too.
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Re: Year Round Homeschooling?

thats the best part about home schooling you can do what ever you want. I feel like there is no reason to stop for summer and break the routine...its harder to get back in the swing of things..
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