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weaning the before-sleep feeding

My LO (16 months old) and I are down to 2x daily nursing, on waking up and right before bed, which is the way it has been for a couple months now. I am ready to wean completely. In the last week, he has refused to nurse a couple of times, so I am comfortable that he doesn't really need it. With the AM feeding, I will replace that with milk/breakfast. Is it the nurse-to-sleep feeding where I have question.

Do I offer a sippy of milk? water? nothing? Since this is right before fallnig asleep and we are working on bedtime tooth-brushing, am I introducing a new bad habit to offer the sippy of milk before sleep? He does actually drink a fair amount, not just comfort sucking. Should I not worry about it and presume he'll make up with other meals and snacks and drinks? He has always been above average weight (lots of "you can tell that kid's not starving" jokes) and is good eater.


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Re: weaning the before-sleep feeding

I would probably offer a cup of milk. That's what we did with my DD. She gave up the milk on her own and then we offered water, which she took for a while and then dropped that on her own, too.
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Re: weaning the before-sleep feeding

subbing! I am in the same boat - how to drop that last nursing...
So bedtime right now is bath, diaper, pj's, lights out, nurse/rock/prayers/and I recite goodnight moon. I had this idea that at some point we would move to actually looking at the book, but that revvs DD up way too much. So does holding her/rocking/prayers but no nursing. Actually, that just makes her mad, lol. So, BTDT mamas, should I just deal with the mad-ness for a while, or is there something I can do to the bedtime routine NOW, so that when the nursing goes away, it's less traumatic?
I really hate conflict at the end of a long day... so I have been avoiding it by continuing to nurse... but I am really ready to stop.
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Re: weaning the before-sleep feeding

DD is 15 months and we dropped her night time nursing a month ago or so. I just made sure she drank some water before bed and gave her a quick kiss and hug and had DH put her to bed.
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Somewhere here there is an often posted link to a web page... An attachment parenting doctor discussing night weaning. If I find it I'll post it. I think the approach is applicable to people who aren't cosleeping, and to weaning outside night time.

We used it to get LO to sleep through the night, and I keep applying it to shorten or eliminate other feedings.

Basically I snuggle little man, and talk to him calmly, and sometimes offer some water. He cries for a bit but it's not "cry it out" because I'm holding him. I tell him its not time to nurse, because mommy needs to rest, and he's big enough to go sleepies without nursing. I keep affirming he knows how to go to sleep, and I'm there with him till he does. He grabs at me and cries a little but I'm firm and consistent (if you give in just once it's a mess). I put him on his side with his back to me, spoon style, and keep comforting. A few minutes after I start thinking "this will not work", he quits crying. As he does I tell him what a good boy he is, and that he's doing a good job going sleepies. He hears very softly, I'm proud of you, good job, etc, as he drifts off. I set him down or move away before he's fully asleep, but don't completely leave till he is. Over a week or two, we get consistent results with less and less intervention on my part.
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