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New breast feeder needing advice



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I cant help on your first questions, but if you dont find the help you need here, i would recommend contacting a La Leche League leader or LC.

Lopsidded breasts are no problem. I was lopsided and my son definitely had a preference. Eventually they leveled out a bit, but they are still different. I would make sure to still switch up which side i offered first, but its ok for baby to have a preference.

Keep at it and good luck!
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We had to supplement with formula in the hospital for the first couple weeks as well. Ds had high bili levels for a couple of weeks, but the reason we supplemented is that I couldn't get him to latch and stay awake long enough to nurse. He would just fall right to sleep. Plus he was having blood sugar issues, so he needed more volume than my colostrum and little bit of milk was providing. We got off formula by probably about 10 days and have been successfully nursing since and yes, one breast does produce wayyy more for me! Righty has always been bigger and makes probably about 3 oz more.

And I definitely recommend seeing a LC, she helped me immensely and we might have been stuck supplementing forever without her. Also, make sure you are pumping every 2 hours and feeding your baby what you pump first, before the formula!

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I would recommend pumping the more engorge side first just until the breast softens up a bit. Then try to get her to latch to that side first. If she won't take it then go to the smaller side and try the larger breast again after the smaller side. Keep offering the larger side at every feeding, but don't let your baby get too frustrated at the breast.

Sometimes you can trick babies that have developed a side preference by nursing with the football hold or, if you can nurse laying down on your side, flip your body around so your head is on the same side as her toes. This way the baby is still in the same prefered position so is less likely to resist the breast offered.

Resist the urge to keep pumping in efforts to "know better" how much she is getting. If she is peeing and pooping regularly then you're doing great. Don't forget that cluster feeding is totally normal in a newborn and doesn't mean she isn't getting enough to eat.
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Re: New breast feeder needing advice

I agree with the pp. Pumping might seem like you have more of an idea about what she's getting, but it can be deceptive and since it's usually not as efficient as a baby's sucking, it can negatively impact your supply, not to mention your confidence in your ability to produce enough milk. Since your milk is in, I don't see the reason for continuing to feed her formula? Breastmilk is much easier to digest than formula, and should help to clear the jaundice out quicker than the formula. I can understand why you made that decision before your milk came in, but now that it's is, it would probably be better for her and for your supply to stop the formula.

One of my breasts was producing more than the other for the first couple of weeks, but then it evened out. I agree with trying to express or pump a little out so that it's a little easier for her to latch on. Make sure that she is calm before you offer the one that she doesn't prefer., that might help also. It's great that you got her tongue clipped; hopefully that will make her suck more efficient and comfortable for you also.
I don't even understand why anyone worries about a baby's weight before mom's milk comes in. They WILL lose weight before that point; it's just natural! Don't worry about it or even check it for at least a few days after your milk is in; otherwise you will probably end up worrying unnecessarily.

Have confidence! You are doing it together and as long as she is eliminating well, you don't have to worry about how much milk exactly she is getting.
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