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Yes, we are moving in a few weeks! We have already done a good deal of purging. I'm not sure that we have much left to get rid of. I'm hoping it will make our packing a lot easier this time around.


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I wish I had good advice for minimizing clutter and no matter how much I move out, stuff keeps moving in! We are moving sometime between now and August and I can't wait to start sorting trash from keep...I think I'm gonna start that this week as a matter of fact. I am going to channel my inner minimalist!
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we move within the next 3 months, we won't know exactly when till we get our orders. I'm trying to get as much out of the house before we move as possible though. We will possibly have to downsize from a 3bdrm 2.5bath with tons of storage, to a 2bdrm with next to no storage. I'd like to keep the kids in separate rooms even if they are small rooms because they sleep better alone, but its not looking like the military will let us so downsizing here we come.

I've already filled up the back of our van once, and will need to get rid of more of the kids and my clothing plus some more toys but we are actually doing pretty good about not keeping things we dont use very often. Though we probably have more stuff than we should.
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Originally Posted by momomom View Post
I just went through my fabric, and actually, I've done a good job this year of using up my stash! Helps that there's no fabric store in my small town! (Can't wait to move back to a city!) So I can condense everything into 1 big box. I have a lot of junky yarn I can let go of. My handmedowns are slowly diminishing. And I need to do one more round, ruthlessly, through my closet!!!

QUESTION- do you all think that anything I haven't used in the last year should be chucked? I'm not sure, as this year has been quite a-typical for us. BUT if I didn't miss it, why move it? Maybe only move the things that I didn't use that I reasonably expect to use in the next year AND would be expensive to replace... IDK. Mostly office supplies and knick-knacks YUCK! but dh has some knick-knacks he would like to keep for when we don't have kids running around, kwim? I guess those are his so I can't toss 'em anyway!

OK, gotta clean and get dinner!
I am going through this now. Basically, I reduced my craft/office stuff by half, just in time for our kids' school art department yearly begging for supplies. On the one hand, in theory if you haven't used it for a year it's likely you won't. On the other hand, this has been a particularly challenging year for me so I have not been able to craft nearly as much as I normally do. In the fall all three kids will be in school 2x a week, so I should have more time to resume my hobbies. So I found some balance, weeded out half of it for the school and kept half for me. I have also promised myself if it's still there this time next year, it's all going to go and I will only procure supplies for crafts as I need them. Right now it's a finance thing, with the costs of moving I can't afford to buy anything else for crafting.

I'm doing a local move though, so I have more flexibility. When you are moving cross country, you have to consider the cost of moving ANYTHING. One cross-country move we did they charged per pound, and we based 90% of our decisions on the cost to move that item. It's funny when you figure out, well I can pay $40 to move this bookcase, or I can pay $30 for a new one at Ikea when I get there - that kind of thing. Then when you get there you figure out you really don't need that bookcase at all. In a local move, it's more about avoiding "Can I fit it in the car and move it myself?" and forcing yourself to think, "Do I really LOVE this and USE this, and will it add value to my life in our new home? Or is it just another THING to take care of that takes away time with my family and doing things I want to do?"
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Yep, me too! Nothing like packing all of your goodies in boxes and hauling them to a new place only to ditch them when you get there. OOOH! I HATE when I do that. So, working hard now to ditch before the move. My back will thank me for it
Sandra in VA
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We did some unusual things to get rid of stuff but we moved a 1600 sft house into a 7ft space and a storage locker as we moved out of the country. We only shipped a small amount of stuff and it was mostly Ds's play things, like a custom rockinghorse and custom play kitchen.

1st: I found friends who needed things. I felt better giving things to friends and it made it easier to let go of stuff to them. I mostly did this with clothes and craft supplies.

2nd: Freecycle, not only did I do the normal unloading, but when an excited college student wrote thanking me for stuff she was on her way to pick up for her first place, I gave her even more stuff. She was thrilled and I knew it would be used and appreciated.

3rd: Freecycle, I know I said this, but I found an unusual way to use it. I actually held a freecycle garage sale. I had lots of odds and ends and we had lots for the thrift stores, but decided to tell people to come for a two hour window and take what they wanted. We had some reallly nice people come buy, and they were all really nice. We had one or two resellers. but I did not care, the rest were people who were just glad to get some great stuff.

Lastly what helped me was giving a vaule to space. It would cost me more money to keep many things then to give them up. I am sure I will miss a few things, but mostly I am glad to see most of it go. I know there are more things I could have gotten rid of, but with DS getting sick, and the holidays, the end of moving sucked and I started not to care.

I hated moving but I am really glad we got rid of so much stuff and clutter!
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We are moving in less than 2 weeks. From Texas to Florida. No moving van, just our 4 door car with the four of us and everything that will fit in it also. We will mail possibly a couple of boxes. Had a huge moving sale today. I still have a TON to go through.

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