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Re: What couldn't you live without when you had a newborn?

-A big upholstered rocking chair with a slip cover (we got ours from walmart for less than $200)
-muslin swaddling blankets
-baby carriers (moby, rs & gemini for us),
-plenty of sleep clothes
-crib sheets & waterproof mattress pad (we layer these the make sheet changes super quick. It's mattress, sheet, waterproof pad and another sheet)
-video monitor
-manual breast pump
-fisher price infant-toddler vibrating rocker
-nosefrida snot sucker
ETA: A small fan for white noise/ air circulation

We were pretty minimalist as far as gear and accessories go. She ended up not really liking the swing or rock-n-play sleeper, we never used a wipe or bottle warmer, nail clippers, bulb aspirator, humidifier, etc.


DD 10.25.2011
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Re: What couldn't you live without when you had a newborn?

I have been sitting on this for a day, trying to figure out what we really couldn't live without.

I would say with both kids, light blankets were a must. I was gifted some amazing OBV and cotton jersey blankets, and I had some A+A swaddling blankets. I don't swaddle, but I always feel compelled to cover a newborn up while they are nursing.

Bouncy seat - it was my only "Baby container" and I loved it. I chose that over a swing for portability.

Super soft baby sized mei tai, and a wrap

Thats really it, aside from cloth diapers. I guess I am a baby gear minimalist, too. A really nice, functional diaper bag is important to me.
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Re: What couldn't you live without when you had a newborn?

There are several things I couldn't live without (in no particular order):

1. Snuza Halo breathing monitor. This is the BEST investment I've ever made as far as baby stuff goes. It's small, clips on his diaper,and it's something we can co-sleep with. I sleep SO much better since I bough this. This is the best breathing monitor out there, IMO.

2.Boppy- Even after my daughter weaned, I still used this as a "table" for my laptop, my husband uses it as a neck pillow, etc.

3. Fisher Price Newborn Rock-n-Play sleeper. This thing is awesome. Really awesome.

4. Cradle swing- Both of my kids nap(ped) in this as a baby. It's a must if I ever want(ed) to get anything done around the house.

5. Medela Pump In Style double electric breast pump- I am a WOHM and this pump is wonderful. It's also one of the best investments I've made.

6. Baby Hawk- Love this mei tai. For outings, etc. It's super comfy and easy to use.

7. Swaddling blankets/Sleep sacks (Summer Infant SwaddleMe blankets were a lifesaver in the early newborn phase)

8. Cool mist humidifier

9. My JuJuBe BFF

Then there's all of the things you have to have,obviously...but these are my must haves that are considered optional.
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Re: What couldn't you live without when you had a newborn?

for us it was our small swing- he loved that thing!

ETA: for dd it was a sling!
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This is my third baby and the two things I love our are Aden and Anais blankets, it's already supposed to be 100 degrees this week but I still want to cover my newborn to keep strangers away. Also we have a Beco butterfly, so much better then the Bjorn I had with the other two!
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What has made my life possible with my now three month old:

Rock n play, he is still sleeping in it

Swaddle Designs blankets, great size and cozy indoors. Great for fall and winter months

Coconut oil for cd safe diaper rash cream


Pack n play, great for trips and multiple level houses

JuJuBe bff diaper bag

Good luck!

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Originally Posted by sassypants1234
I know this is the cloth diaper area but this is the only place I go on these boards.
We are working on our registry and we don't even know what to ask for. I do in home child care and I have a 20 year old son so it's not like I am new to this!
I bought glass bottles, a bouncy seat, a swing, breast pump, bumbo seat.
I am just wondering if you had certain things you used all the time and couldn't have lived without.
Ring sling; extra prefolds for spit-up, drool, and when ds would let go in the middle of let-down; mi pump double electric breast pump. That last one only cost me 75 bucks and worked better than my 150 dollar medela swing pump. I say the double because it comes with attachments for standard, 2 styles of wide-neck, as well as straight into storage bags. The single will only pump into soothie and breast-flow bottles. They don't sell the attachments separately. I wasn't a fan of nursing covers so I used a full-circle cloak when I went out in public. Easier to wear with a sling than a coat too.
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The Rock & Play Sleeper is amazing. My son is nearly 6 months ( a small 6 mos though) and he still sleeps in it.
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Re: What couldn't you live without when you had a newborn?

A bottle warmer does warm bottles much faster than hot water, but whether you need one or not depends on how often you end up using bottles. For a ff baby I would say yes get one. We could have easily lived without one since DD got maybe one bottle a week. It was convenient for hubby and for quickly sterilizing pacifiers. I had the Dr. Brown's one this time and I really like it. I had the Munchkin one last time and really did not care for it, but I gave it to my SIL and she used it everyday for her ff baby. My mom said it was a must have, but I was ff.

Things I used daily off the top of my head:
Good stroller--I prefer the 3 wheeled ones that I could push up a mountain
Baby carrier--I would start with a good SSC and a wrap
Bouncy seat & swing--My DS liked the swing, DD lived in her bouncy so just get one of each used
Some sort of sound machine--crib mobile, crib soother, fish tank, whatever
Muslim swaddling blankets--I had the aden & anais ones for Target ones and about 50 flannel ones that I never used
Bumbo--I never thought I'd love this thing so much but it is WONDERFUL and a great little portable high chair. they are on craigslist alllll the time so you don't have to pay $40
Nursing pillow--the my breast friend is great if you have other kids and have to get up a lot, if you have time to sit and nurse strapping it on is just a pain so the boppy is better

I buy just about everything I can used except carseats.

Invest in good quality products for anything you are going to use on a daily basis for a long period of time, like a baby monitor or gate for a high traffic area. You don't want to be frustrated and swearing at these things everyday when they don't work well
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Re: What couldn't you live without when you had a newborn?

My list:
breastfeeding pillow
nipple cream
phone number of LLL or lactation consultant
diapers (and assorted changing supplies like wipes, cream)
a few clothes (maybe gowns)
muslin blanket
a baby carrier (woven wrap, ringsling)
pilates ball
car seat

And that is it! The rest is just gravy.
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