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The Homebirth of Sahira Cassia (LONG)

Sahira Cassia's birth story

I had been having lots of prodromal labor the week before she was born. Every day the contractions would get more intense and last longer through the day but they would always go away by bedtime. The morning of April 21'st I was exactly 41 weeks. My husband had given up on the idea that the baby was coming and had made all these plans for the weekend. I woke up around 9 am with contractions that felt like the afterpains from my previous birth and I had a feeling that this was it.

I told my husband who promptly said whatever, Im going to Lowes to get mulch. I was so MAD at him. He said he just didn't believe I was in labor after a week of prodromal labor.

The morning passed in kind of a blur. At one point I decided the dog was dirty and tried to give her a bath. I suddenly realized how completely insane that was and pulled the wet dog out of the bath without washing her. Poor dog!

I went in the bathroom a lot to deal with contractions. Sitting on the toilet and listening to my positive birth affirmations which really helped. They continued to get more intense and I started breathing and walking back and forth during them. They were coming around 10 minutes apart but as the morning wore on, they were coming about 4 minutes apart. I sat on my birth ball a lot and did deep breathing and relaxed through them. I noticed when I would stand up that they would intensify to such a degree I could barely handle them and I would feel them in my thighs and my thighs would shake. I should have realized this meant transition but it seemed way too early for that.

My ex husband came and picked up our kids. His daughter and my husbands and I 's daughter. I was able to talk to him between contractions and just breathe on my birth ball during them. my oldest daughter, (9) came up to me and rubbed my shoulders and during a contraction she would go limp and breathe with me. It was really helpful and I was amazed that intuitively she knew what to do because we had never discussed or practiced what to do during contractions.

My midwives were at another birth close by and they arrived around 1 pm. When my mw checked me I was shocked when she announced I was at a 9! Everyone thought that we would have a baby at any minute.

The birth pool was filled up and after I went and peed and changed into my swimsuit I came out and got in. And this is where everything slowed down. I kept getting contractions but now they were SUPER painful. breathing through them was VERY VERY VERY hard. My husband was by the side of the pool pressing on my lower back with each contraction. I was on my hands and knees for a while and then on my side and then back on my hands and knees. I found for contractions that it helped me to rock back and forth and kind of bang my head on the side of the birth pool. Which was inflatable and so very soft. I vocalized during those contractions using the words Relax, peace and calm. I was able to breathe through them but it was VERY hard and they REALLY hurt. Eventually I asked my midwife if there was something I needed to do because contractions were still coming, I wasn't really getting much of a pushing urge and I was getting tired. So she checked me and told me I had an anterior lip. NOOOOOOO! I have read in so many homebirth stories about anterior lips and how midwives have to push them back during a contraction and how excruciating it was and now it was happening to me.

And that is exactly what happened. I had to push during the contraction while laying on my back while she pushed back my lip. And yes it was very painful and I forgot to push the first time so we had to do it TWICE! AUGH.

So after that I started getting more of a pushing urge but it was still sporadic and even though I was feeling a lot of pressure in my back, I wasn't really feeling the involuntary urge to push.

So at the suggestion of the midwives, I stood up during contractions and hula'ed my hips. And held onto my husband for a lot of them. That got things moving down pretty quickly.But still no urge to push. So they suggested I get out of the pool and try to empty my bladder. I went and sat on the toilet and felt something between my legs. I yelled "Theres something between my legs!!!" And they all burst into the bathroom. It was my water bag and seconds after my midwife got on her knees in front of me to check what it was it burst all over her. oops.

So I tried to make it back to the birth pool and suddenly the PUSHING was THERE! I had to drop right where I was which was the birth stool next to to the pool and PUSH. It was the hardest pushing of my life. My husband was on a chair behind me and I had his arms wrapped around my chest and with every push I pushed his hands into my chest. I felt this the next day with the bruising on my sternum.

I pushed and yelled and grunted and pushed and felt very undignified between pushes but I couldn't help it.

Finally she was crowning and it felt like she crowned FOREVER. I tried really hard to go slow and I did but when she FINALLY popped out I tore badly. Luckily after her head was out the shoulders came right out. I did feel her kick me from the inside which was a strange sensation. And then right after she came out there was a HUGE gush of blood which apparently made a puddle on our living room floor. Not enough time to get chux pads down. But I was not focused on that, I was focused on my baby. She came out pink and not crying, but looking all around and so alert and calm. She also came out posterior and with her chin not tucked properly. Hence the agonizing pushing and the tearing.

The midwives gave me some kind of herb to stop bleeding right away and then a shot of pitocin in the thigh. I had hemmoraghed with my last birth and had warned the midwife of this so she had it all ready to go.

According to the midwives her cord was insanely long and it pulsated for almost an hour and a half. The placenta seemed like it didn't want to come out which was concerning my midwives but they had me sit on the toilet and it came right out after a few pushes from me.

Then the fun part came of getting stitched up. There were a lot of stitches and it was pretty weird to be laying spread eagled naked from the waist down with 3 women looking at me, my husband over in the corner holding the baby and someone between my legs stitching me up. I told my husband we had reached a new level of intimacy after that and I wasn't peeing with the door closed anymore. LOL

But everything worked out. My bleeding slowed down with the help of pitocin and yes I actually put some pieces of placenta in my mouth. I think that made a big difference. I was able to get stitched up and my placenta came out with no problems.

And my baby girl was here! she was 9lbs, 3 oz, and 21 inches long. my biggest baby yet!

Now at 3 weeks old she is so amazing. She is chilled out, laid back, alert and loves to nurse. Pretty much the polar opposite of my last baby. her birth was difficult but I was still so glad to have a homebirth. The level of care from the midwives was amazing. It was so wonderful to not have to worry about what was happening to my baby and keep an eye on her and not get bothered at 4 am to check vitals and no nurses poking and prodding my baby testing for jaundice etc. Also amazingly this baby is the first baby I have ever had who did not get jaundice and also who regained their birth weight in only a week. All my other babies lost at least a pound and were very slow to gain it back.

Another amazing thing about homebirth was I was much more aware of what was going on. I think when I birth in a hospital I tend to draw into myself away from the nurses, the lights etc. At home I knew exactly what was going on, I was having conversations and laughing in between contractions. It was amazing!

i will end my novel there.
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