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Re: Share your CDing journey!

I do not like flips either. The inserts wiggled around too much in their covers. Not a good option for us at all.. and I tried them at various baby-stages. Bleh.

I really didn't do hardcore CDing until my 4th baby.. and not until she got a little older. We had been gifted disposables when she was born, and so I mainly used that despite having a decent NB stash (flats and prefolds).

However, since we now know she is REALLY allergic to disposables, I know that I have to stick with cloth. She seems to do okay with Grovia disposable insert thingies.. so we use those when we are out and about for a long time (on top of a fitted diaper, heh).


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Re: Share your CDing journey!

I began with a bunch of prefolds and Dappi & Thirsties covers, and now I'm building a stash consisting entirely of WAHM custom fitteds plus wool.
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Re: Share your CDing journey!

I didn't discover cloth until baby #2.
When she was 4 months old, I tried the Jillian's Drawers intro offer where you try all sorts of diapers. I hated most of them due to painful red marks on DD's back and legs.

Stumbled onto Green MOuntain Diapers, found the cotton love, and most importantly, found my Bummis Whisper Pull on Pant. To this day, the only non-wool pull on cover I love.

I was so used to the trimness of sposies in the beginning, I was obsessed with finding a trim system. I used flats quite happily for 2 months or so. Then I quickly became tired of the folding.

Enter the sized prefold love. Trim, easy, simple.

I sailed on the heavenly bliss of prefolds and my beloved BWP for months.
Alas, soon there was trouble in paradise. I became sick of the snappi.

It's almost time to sell my red edges and move up to browns anyway, but now I think I want to instead convert my entire stash to fitteds. I have one growing greens that I LOVE, and one tiny tush that I really like.

You'd think I'd just pick one of those two and go for it, but then I came across the I LOVE MOTHEREASE thread a week ago and am now wondering about their fitteds. I'm liking the company and the old school feel of the airflow covers. Also, how cute are those colored diapers?

I'm also slightly odd, in that the thought of having only one brand of diaper and a very simple and uncomplicated stash is very appealing and soothing to me. I am dreaming of walking into the room and seeing a combination of rainbow MEOS and Sandy's, a few liners, and a simple pile of Air Flows and Bummis Whisper Pants.

I currently have an airflow cover, a bamboo and purple MEOS, and a bamboo Sandy's being mailed to me right now.

We'll see if I like them.
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I started out with a dozen prefolds, then tried some pockets. Then I branched out into AIO's, AI2's, fitteds, wool, fleece, flats, all manner of covers, closures, sizes, fabrics, and brands. I've tried just about everything now and I know what I like and I'm selling what I don't. I've stream lined my stash down to:

Some Tots Bots AIO's for convenience and going out.
Some fitteds and wool for night
Greenline AI2 and Gen-Y for everything else.

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Re: Share your CDing journey!

I tried cloth with my dd almost 13 years ago. All I had access to was gerber plasic pull up covers and gerber flats or prefolds. I tried the prefolds. My daughter rashed up really bad because of no breathability with the plastic pants so we had to go sposies. A friend did give me an old style cover similar to or the same as PUL but it was past usability elastic stretched out and the cover was very crunchy even cracked.

When my ds1 was about 2-3m old we ran out of money and had to chose between diapers and groceries/bills so I had to find another solution. Not only did I not have access to any other cloth except what wal-mart carried I didn't even have enough money to buy wal-marts gerber prefolds. I went down to the local grocery store bought some pins for less than $2. Then I went to Wal-mart and bought those hated cheap plastic gerber pull up covers for around $3. They were so cheap I had to buy a package every month. Even carefully hand washing them only made them last for a month before they would tear. For diapers we used old receiving blankets. Thankfully I had told people we didn't need anything except clothes at his baby shower so along with clothes people bought us a lot of receiving blankets. We used these for a couple of months when my mother and grandmother bought us some gerber prefolds. At that time I saw my first copy of Mothering magazine and ordered some catalogues from the back of the magazine. I received 3 catalogues from 3 different companies. I drooled over these and agonized over which ones we would get until taxes came in 4m later. After my experience with plastic covers and crunchy PUL I was happy to take the word of KatiesKisses that wool was the best of the best. We splurged and I ordered 3 wool lanacare covers, 2 dozen DSQ premium chinese prefolds blue edge, 10 pins, 2 snappis, Eucalan wool wash, and 2 bummis tote bags sm and purple. Total cost was well under $200. We used these for the next 1 1/2 yrs when my son finally out grew both the covers and the width of the prefolds. At the time I thought he would potty train any time so I didn't want to order more diapers and covers. So we did sposies until he potty trained 6m later.

5 years after he potty trained I found out I was pregnant with dc #3 and knew I would cloth diaper from the start. This time around I did have internet access and knew a little about how to find what I wanted. Problem was I had never seen any of the diapers except gerber and DSQ prefolds and lanacare. I ordered 2 dozen of the osocozy 4x6x4 infant and 1 dozen of 4x6x4 regular prefold and 4 lanacare size sm covers. The plan was to have 4 lanacare in each size. When the prefolds came in I became concerned because they seemed just a little to thin. Only problem was after I placed that order I was put on maternity leave 3 months early due to constant contractions and an uncooperative boss. On top of that my husbands cousin committed suicide, his grandfather had a stroke, his grandmother also committed suicide, my husband got pneumonia, I got bronchitis and we had to use the allotted diaper money for medical bills and attending funerals long distance. I scraped together enough money to buy some different prefolds and 2 wet bags from nickisdiapers. Good thing too because I was right about the first ones being to thin. He would out soak them with only one pee. When he out grew those I used some premium prefolds we had been given. Since he was gaining 2oz a day it wasn't long before he outgrew the width of those.We borrowed money so we could buy him more diapers. At the rate he was peeing it would have cost us around $200 a month in sposies. We then went to the green edge GMD bought off of fsot. He was only about 3m old. Then we got hold of some brown edge and used both sizes. I scoured ebay and bought some different wool covers pretty cheap. Most were around $6. He out grew those width wise chunky legs so we found disana wool and tried those because hands down they are cheaper than lanacare. We love them bought them big so hopefully we wouldn't have to buy more. My husband got some overtime and when I asked if it would be alright to try flats I bought some off of fsot. My son was also growing to fast to keep up with his regular clothes. Then I discovered recycled wool. Now I have a lot of those as those are all he wears for pants. We have been fortunate as a friend runs a resale shop and screens all of the sweaters in search of wool. Even then she doesn't find much. I don't think wool sweaters are very popular in our area.

This is our rather long cd journey.
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We actually didn't start CDing until our third child was 4 months old. It had honestly never even occurred to me before then!

Our DS was getting tons of rashes to the point where he would bleed . A friend offered to show me the ropes of CDs and I figured we had nothing to lose. After 12 hours his rash had cleared and I was hooked.

Started out with a Bummis kit. Blah. Sold that off for 24 medium pointy tab FBs. Added back in some GMD pfs and thirsties covers. About a year later found fitteds and wool and picked a lot of 12 GMs and BSRBs. That's when I found Spots and longies.

DD wears a mixture of BG os pockets, Sunbabys, GMD reds, GMs, BSRB, wool and Thirsties covers.

I'd be lying if I didn't admit a few sposie breaks here and there over the last four years.
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Re: Share your CDing journey!

We started cd'ing our son when he was 8 months old. A few La Leche mothers cd'ed and at first I thought, no way! Once I tried it I was hooked, found this site shortly after that. What a godsend! I like to buy some things new, but bargains are my thing, and it's nice that we continue recycling a good thing around here. What worked for us with our son was mostly fitteds and wool, sometimes pfs, sometimes pockets (mostly for outings). And also we went coverless alot around the house.

Four years later and I'm excited to get to cd a newborn! I'm building my stash and enjoying it all over again. This time around I would like to be more devoted to prefolds, and try to use flats more often too. I'm hoping if I get lots of practice folding and pinning a diaper on a less active baby I'll be pretty proficient when I'm dealing with a squirmer.
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Re: Share your CDing journey!

I started cd'ing my first son in 2001 at about 2 months old. I started with Gerber prefolds and Dappi covers all from Babies R' Us. Very soon after I ordered 24 sz1 Kissaluvs and 4 Bummis SWW on ebay and they lasted about 1 year. But, in the meantime I tried many more diapers (HoneyBoy, prefolds, Luke's Drawers, original FuzziBunz). What really worked the longest and the best for him were trifolding chinese prefolds in BSWW. He wore those CPF's till they were shredded, lol! (Btw, that's him in my avi there <----)

Here we are over 10 years later and expecting my fourth. Over the years I've made our own diapers (bamboo prefolds/flats), tried TONS of fitteds (but mostly steered clear of AIO's and pockets because I just never *loved* those types), and even went into the diaper making biz for a while. I planned to make all the diapers for this coming babe but I'm too tired and stressed so I ordered 2 dozen of each size Indian prefolds from Zabi Baby and have a small stash of Bummis SuperBrites and wool soakers.
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