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Re: my newborn turned blue!

Quoting myself since I don't feel like typing it out again.

Originally Posted by mekat View Post
Also you need to get a nurse or doctor to show you how to properly suction a baby's throat if it is choking on reflux. I used to take a bulb syringe and sunction off to the side of the mouth, not directly down the throat because you can trigger the gag reflex and make matters worse.

In the mean time assuming reflux make sure to feed the baby less during a feeding but give feedings more frequently. The aim is to have less in his belly to reflux while still maintaining the same calorie consumption. Also keep him inclined as much as possible use gravity to help hold down feeds and never place him flat on his back after a feed. You want to avoid vomit pooling in the mouth and cutting off his airway.

If you are confident and the doctor has pointed to the symptoms that exclude cardiac symptoms then that is awesome news! Still I recommend following my suggestions above and not just relying solely on medication to control the acid reflux.

I still think learning how to suction liquids out of a mouth for a child who has a prior history of choking on reflux is extremely important. If I hadn't known that skill my son wouldn't have survived infancy. It isn't hard to learn a professional can teach you how to do it in a few minutes time and it could save your child's life.

If the choking continues after the medication has had time to work (7-9 days) I would insist on a referral to a pediatric gastorenterologist. If she has a severe prolonged choking episode you need to take her to the ER and let them do a chest x-ray to make sure she isn't aspirating emesis into her lungs and the ped GI may want to follow up with a swallow study.

While reflux is definitely a better prognosis choking on reflux to the point of turning blue is still very worrisome and you need to stay on top of it.


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Re: my newborn turned blue!

My DD was born via c-section and coughed up tons of gunk for the first few days. She would also choke/gag on it and wouldn't be able to breathe for (what seemed like FOREVER) but was probably only 10 seconds. I kept calling the doctors..nurses...everyone because it would scare me, and her, so much! But, they kept telling me it's normal with c-section babies. She eventually got all the gunk out and was totally fine. I just kept a bulb syringe next to us at all times. A few times I had to suction the crap out for her. Scary..scary..scary.
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My daughter did this as well. It was reflux coupled with a milk allergy making her mucus thicker. I have cut out dairy and have her on Prilosec which has worked wonder. No more choking spells. Does your baby sound congested?
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Re: my newborn turned blue!

Yes, she does sound congested I'm hoping that that is the plain and simple reason. She has been doing well since the medication, and I've learned how to suction and do infant cpr just in case. Definitely nervewracking! Thanks so much everyone for the support and advice!
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Re: my newborn turned blue!

DD has done that several times, both when nursing and when shes not. Defiantly talk to your doctor about whats going on. It is scarey. DD has to take Zyrtec to dry up all the mucus and gunk that stays at the back of her throat.

ETA: Just read update post, glad the medicine is working for her.
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