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Fabulous Home water birth, siblings present, prolonged ROM

Warning LONG & pic heavy

Friday May 4’th was the day I thought I was due. There was a little debate whether the due date was the 4’th or the 9’th, but either way by the time May 4’th came I was really ready to be done being pregnant. The whole day came and went with hardly a contraction at all, and as I got ready for bed I was having myself a little pity party that I was going to bed still pregnant once again.
I t was 11:30pm and I was finishing up picking up around the house. I squatted down to pick up yet another piece of paper that my son had so lovingly ripped into a million pieces all around the house. When I did, I felt a small trickle, and thought I had finally reached the lowest point in my pregnancy, and had peed myself a little. I stood up and went to change my pants. It was then that I realized how much fluid had come out, and I got the tiniest bit hopeful that maybe it was actually my water breaking instead, and I was still hanging on to the tiniest bit of dignity in this pregnancy (and had not actually peed myself). I changed and walked around for a few minutes, hoping for a definitive big gush of fluid that would tell me that my water had for sure broken. But nothing really happened. A few minutes later I did have a small wet spot, but I still wasn’t convinced. I got online trying to find out how to tell if your water had broken, all the while feeling pretty silly that I was getting so worked up over what would most likely turn out to be pee. Following the instructions I found online I laid down on the couch, and waited 10 minutes before I stood up. By now my husband had realized that something was up, and was waiting with me anxiously for the 10 minutes to be over. As soon as he declared that time was up, I stood up from the couch, and felt a nice big gush of fluid! I ran/waddled as quickly as I could to the bathroom to contain the mess. Yes this was finally it! My water had definitely broken, there was no doubt in my mind now.
Eric and I grinned at each other and started getting excited! We were finally going to have a baby. I got situated and we sat down to watch a movie on the couch, and wait for the contractions that would surely start anytime and lead to the birth of our fourth baby. After an hour nothing had happened, and I decided it was probably time to txt a few people before it got too late. I called my midwife, and much to my disappointment she told me to go to bed! I wasn’t sure how I could do that, but I trusted her, so off to bed I went. It was a terrible night of sleep for me, with lot’s of tossing and turning. Every time I rolled over or moved in bed I would have another huge gush of fluid, and would have to get up and change my pad and pants all over again.
I woke up for the day at 7:30am and was truly shocked that I was still pregnant, AND not having any contractions to be excited about at all. When my water broke I thought I would have a baby by morning. Yet here I was still hanging out with nothing going on. I spoke to my midwife around 8 am, and she gave me some suggestions for getting labor started, and we arranged for her to come over around 11 and check up on me and baby. So I walked and walked, drank RRL tea, walked some more, bounced on my birth ball. Nothing happened. I would contract like crazy while walking, but as soon as I returned home it would all stop again. Melissa (the midwife) came around 11 and checked on me and baby. Everything looked good, and she left with instructions to make sure I ate and rested and to let her know when things got started for real. The whole day continued on like this, and around dinner time I was really starting to get discouraged. I was uncomfy just from being pregnant still, and the off and on contrtactions were really starting to wear me down. I talked to Melissa again around 9pm, and she had lot’s of encouraging words to say, and told me to go to bed and that she was sure I’d be calling her back in the middle of the night to say that labor had finally begun. I wasn’t so sure, and went to bed feeling grumpy and annoyed. I spent time in bed praying and trying to get rid of my bad attitude. I honestly was so tired emotionally and physically that I thought to myself that if I still woke up pregnant the next morning, that I was going to the hospital to ask for my induction and epidural!
Around 10:30pm I started contracting again in bed. They were hard enough to wake me up, but this time instead of being excited I was just mad. Mad that I had finally fallen asleep and these annoying contractions were back to bug me again. I mentally decided that it wasn’t real, and that I would just keep sleeping no matter what. So I refused to get up, and instead just laid perfectly still through each one, and moaned quietly. Finally after an hour or so Eric took notice and asked me what he could do for me. I think I mumbled something about leaving me alone or filling up the birth tub. He decided to turn on the lights and time the contractions instead, lol. After realizing that they were actually coming about 6-7 minutes apart, I let myself get a teeny bit excited. Since the lights were on I decided to get out of bed to work through the contractions now.
I was quickly getting very uncomfortable, so I decided to get into the shower for a little while, since Eric had very annoyingly ignored my request to fill the birth tub yet. I think he knew it was still too early, but didn’t want to say anything to me about that. He’s a smart man. About midnight I told Eric that it was time to call Melissa. He wasn’t totally convinced, and honestly neither was I. But I was feeling the need for some reassurance at the very least. And I knew I would definitely get that from Melissa.

As the contractions got stronger I was getting louder and louder with each one. All 3 kids were still asleep in their bedrooms, and nobody had been bothered yet by my increasingly loud noises. When Melissa arrived around 1am, I still wasn’t totally convinced that I was going to have a baby that night. The contractions were very intense, but as soon as they ended I felt totally fine. In fact I was smiling and talking in between them still. I definitely wasn’t in labor land yet. When she got there she asked me if we were going to have a baby tonight. I think she was trying to judge what was going on. I told her that I thought so. Eric laughed at my answer, but Melissa reassured him that my answer was better than the “I don’t know” answer she was half expecting.
The whole labor was just confusing to me. Not at all like my other 3 births, so I felt a bit lost as to what to expect next. The intensity of the contractions was there, but I still felt so good! Melissa asked to check me, so we could see where we were at, and I agreed. It would be my one and only cervical exam the entire pregnancy! Eric and I were talking quietly and he said he was hoping that I was at least 5cm, I was just hoping for 4cm. That would at least mean that these contractions were doing SOMETHING! This time he was right, and I was 5cm! Such a relief to hear, this meant I was finally in labor. Soon after, things got much more intense. I lost the ability to talk in between, and started talking in one word commands. “Water, back, chapstick, water” It was around the same time that the doula Grace arrived. She was awesome, and knew just how to rub my back, and kept up quickly with little orders. Eric had always adamantly been against a doula, claiming that he could do it all himself. But this time I wasn’t so sure since we wanted the kids to be there for the delivery, and I actually wanted pictures of the birth this time too. As a labor coach he is amazing, but he can only do so many things at one time. Grace fit in perfectly for our little home birth.

At this point I was on my hands and knees leaning over the birth ball, trying desperately to get my stubborn little posterior boy to flip around to the proper position. It was extremely intense in that position, but I was willing to do whatever I needed to do to get him to turn. It seemed that after almost every single contraction I had to pee. I used an entire roll of toilet paper during this labor! It was almost comical how many trips to the potty I made. Those contractions that happened on the toilet were even more intense than the ones on my hands and knees, but it also felt strangely good in that position. About 3am when I was on the toilet it started feeling good to push just a little at the top of each wave. Eric heard me pushing that tiny bit and was ready to get the kids up right away. I was still really unsure if it was time to push or not, so I asked him not to get them up yet. I honestly can’t believe they slept through all of the noise. Our house is not very big, and our bathroom is just outside my oldest daughter’s bedroom door. I was definitely very loudly vocalizing through the contractions now. It was painful yes, but the noise felt more necessary to release some of the amazing energy that was flowing through my body. It was almost like releasing the steam on a pressure cooker for me. I don’t think I could have been quiet if my life depended on it.
Finally the birth pool was filled with nice warm water, and it was time to get in. I tore off my clothes and tried to put my bikini top on, but couldn’t figure out the ties before the next contraction hit. I had decided that I wouldn’t have even one more contraction outside that water, so I threw the top to the floor and jumped in. The water was like sweet relief. The pain was still there, but dulled somehow. I couldn’t imagine ever getting out. I experiemented a little with a couple different positions in the tub, turns out hands and knees was most comfy in there too. So there I stayed until baby was born!

After snapping a couple pictures Eric realized that I probably would want my top on later for pics, so he helped me get it on (for which I am very grateful looking back). Then he ran and got all the kids. My youngest son wasn’t supposed to be in the room, but he woke up and Melissa encouraged us to let him stay on the bed with the others. She was so right! He did great, and I’m so glad that they were all there for the big event.

After a few minutes in the tub I told Melissa that I just wanted this to all be over. She encouraged me to stop breathing through the contractions and to start pushing in earnest. It sounds so simple now, but right then it was like a magical “aha” moment, and exactly what I needed to hear. I pushed harder than I ever remember pushing in my life. It also seemed to hurt more than I ever remember it hurting. Baby was still up very high and I had to do all the work of pushing him down to the right position. I’m also pretty certain that he turned from posterior into the right position during pushing. Not comfy at all! But even with those challenges I was able to push his head out in about 15 minutes. Eric was there waiting to deliver the baby, and said he never felt so much energy or pressure in his whole life. He felt his head slowly emerge, then slip back in, then finally one more push and his whole head was out! Melissa felt for the cord, and realized that it was wrapped around him some, but she wasn’t able to remove it yet. I pushed hard again, and his shoulders and first part of his chest came out. She tried again to unwrap his cord, but it turned out to be wrapped all the way around his body, and under his legs, so he had to be delivered completely before his cord was unwrapped. I pushed one last time, and his body slipped from mine straight into the water, and Melissa’s hands. She quickly unwrapped him from his tangled cord and handed him up to me.

The kids were sitting on the bed, but quickly ran over to meet their new brother! I felt the overwhelming joy and relief that comes when that slipperly little baby is finally on your chest. After a few minutes of everyone enjoying the new babe, the placenta detached and I easily pushed it out. It floated next to us in a bowl for a few minutes until the cord stopped pulsing.

My oldest daughter Kyla cut the cord, Melissa handed Judah to Eric, and I got out of the tub to clean up. After getting settled on the bed, and finding out I had just a tiny tear that didn’t need stitches (the first birth ever for me!) Judah nursed for the first time, and latched right on like a pro.
The midwives got to work right away at cleaning up my bedroom, and the whole family got on the bed to snuggle and examine their new baby.

These are some of the sweetest memories, that I will cherish forever. My girls now have a healthy normal view of birth, and I couldn’t wish anything more for them! I am so grateful that I chose to have a home birth this time. I know for certain that if I hadn’t made that decision I would have ended up with a pitocin induction, and who knows what other interventions would have followed. Instead I had a peaceful, happy birth surrounded by people that I loved, and who cared about me. I couldn’t even dream up a more perfect, wonderful, or peaceful birth.
So to recap the stats: Judah Makai
born May 6’th 2012 at 3:28 am
weighing 9lb 14oz and 22” long. Head was 14.25” Chest 15”
Water was broken for a total of 28 hrs before birth
Labor was 5 hrs total, but only about 2.5 of knowing for sure that I was in labor
Pushed for 15 min


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Re: Fabulous Home water birth, siblings present, prolonged ROM

Congrats!! He is GORGEOUS!!
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Re: Fabulous Home water birth, siblings present, prolonged ROM

What a great homebirth story. Thank you so much for sharing and what a cute baby!
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Re: Fabulous Home water birth, siblings present, prolonged ROM

Beautiful story and beautiful baby!!
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Re: Fabulous Home water birth, siblings present, prolonged ROM

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Re: Fabulous Home water birth, siblings present, prolonged ROM

Wow - awesome story! Beautiful baby! Congrats mama
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Re: Fabulous Home water birth, siblings present, prolonged ROM

aww congrats!
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Re: Fabulous Home water birth, siblings present, prolonged ROM

Lovely story, He is soooooo cute. Where did you hide all 9lb 14oz of him? Your baby bump was so cute and small.
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Re: Fabulous Home water birth, siblings present, prolonged ROM

wow! what a fabulous picture of your kids watching! that is the best! congrats! our little biggies had the same birth weight thank you for sharing!
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Re: Fabulous Home water birth, siblings present, prolonged ROM

Congratulations! Judah is so sweet--an alert!
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