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my babies sleep however they sleep best. for a couple thats been on thier tummy. we cosleep, so I feel like there isn't the same risk, because I'm right there

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DD was on her tummy by 8 weeks. I wish I wouldn't have waited that long. It didn't matter her position, she never slept longer than 90 minutes anyhow. You do what works best.
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Re: tummy sleeping

Both of mine were tummy sleepers. They both had horrible reflux and did the gasp choke sound on their backs and screamed because of the pain. If you do decide to tummy sleep
The mattress must be firm the sheets must be tight and until they are big enough to move on thei own you need to use a sleep sack or footed sleepers so there are no blankets etc in the crib. You should also use a paci with tummy sleepers something about it stimulating breathing
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Find a way for him to sleep on his back. Swaddling helps. No one knows which baby is at risk for SIDS. So anyone telling you, their baby was fine, really means nothing. Their baby might not have been at risk, yours may not either. They are doing research to see if serotonin levels in the brain can tell which babies are at risk, but until then, putting them on their BACKS to sleep is the best preventative measure you can take.

This is coming from someone with two SIDS deaths in their family. It's crazy. You think it can't happen to you. But minutes without breath can simply be too long in a baby,

All babies will eventually adjust to sleeping on their backs. Babies with reflux issues usually need inclines. Or their risk/benefit to tummy sleeping should be discussed with their dr.

My husbands aunt is very very very active in SIDS awareness groups. Her sons death ruined her for a very long time. Not so sure it was the loss as much as the guilt,
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Re: tummy sleeping

As long as you have no other contributing factors towards sids letting baby tummy sleep is going to b OK. I've been mothering long enough to have watched the whole progression of "how should baby sleep" go from baby "must" be on their tummy to 'suggesting' side sleeping to "must sleep on side" to 'suggesting' back sleeping to "must sleep on back". I have 6 children and ALL have slept on their tummies from birth except my premie (#5) and I tried...I reallly, really tried to get him to sleep on his back but after 6 exhausting week of having baby rarely sleep unless being held I caved and he slept on his tummy from then on. Trust your mothering instinct and go with what works.
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Originally Posted by kateroc
Both of my boys have been tummy sleepers. With DS1 we tried to get him to sleep on his back for 3 months or so before we gave in and with DS2, I think we gave in around 3 weeks. I don't say that I did it without hesitation or without any reservations... I know it's not as safe as back sleeping. But, they just wouldn't sleep any other way. With DS2, we did get an Angel Care monitor to ease my mind a little.

And yes, as Shimpie mentioned, tummy sleeping is great for babies' gross motor development. Not to say that outweighs the risks, but if you are "stuck" with a tummy sleeper, that is a bonus
This is us. DD only slept on her tummy in pnp next to me, I quit worrying when she could turn her head. DS is 2 months and been sleepin on his tummy since about 1 week old, he could turn his bead from day 1 but I got an Angel Care monitor in anticipation of another tummy sleeper.

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My 10 week old nurses on her side and ends up rolling to her tummy. I leave her. We cosleep so i don't worry so much. During the day we lay her on her back and she rolls to her side. My pede says if they do it on their own then leave them but don't do it for them. If the rnp is working use it Imo
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Re: tummy sleeping

My baby would only sleep on tummy. My dr just was like make sure no blankets by face.I know few of us here just decided to do what baby will do. There are babies that die of sids on back & side too they say not just tummy. There was many tummy babies alive today so that's whn we decided tp just do what works 4 oldest hated tummy & so back was great at night/naps.they soon roll over then they will in sleep & u can't really do too much about that as dr said.
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Originally Posted by pottermomma
I know it isn't recommended but my 3w baby seems to only want to sleep on his tummy. We have him in a rock n play at night but whenever i try and sleep him in his pack n play or on the couch he cries unless he is on his side or tummy (and even his side is hit or miss)

How did you deal with this or anyone have suggestions? We are going to have to move him out of the rock n play eventually and I am a ftm that us terrified of sids.
My 3mo DS3 sleeps in a RNP at night as well. As a newborn, he only slept on his belly while laying on my chest. He comes to work with me and recently he's napped a few times on his belly on a play mat. He's right there in my office so I'm constantly monitoring him. Until he can roll himself onto his belly though, I'm not going to let him sleep at night that way. He STTN (for now) for a good 8 hours in his RNP so there's no need for me to change anything.

If your DS sleeps fine at night in the RNP but prefers his belly for supervised naps, it sounds fine. I just wouldn't rush him out of the RNP since it seems he doesn't like laying flat on his back. Wait until he he can roll himself over if you can.
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Re: tummy sleeping

all 3 of my kids were tummy sleepers. Sometimes it's just what they prefer. As long as they have good head control it doesn't bother me a bit
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