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I would trust your gut and have her tested if you think its necessary. A friend of mine waited til her daughter was three, but suspected a problem since 18 months. She had a 60% hearing loss! Her mom was devastated they waited so long.


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Re: Late talker and it's my fault?

The thing is there are a LOT of reasons for kids to talk late, from developmental delays to, IMO, genetics. I have never read that there's a true genetic component but I firmly believe there is because it's SO common in my family.

My Dh was a late talker. His dad said he didn't say much until he was 2. Both of my brother's kids were late talkers, to the point that our whole family was concerned. They are 7 and 6 now and 100% average in terms of speech, and honestly both are really really smart too boot. My oldest is 16. She had about 5 to 10 words at age 2. My 3 yr old had 4 words at 18 months, and maybe 8 by the time she turned 2. I can tell she's still behind, she's not quite caught up yet, but I can also see how she knows some things and just refuses to use the words she does know.

My youngest is 22 months, and she has no words. None. And I have been concerned enough that I took her to the doc, and he said she is behind but he said he could tell that she does hear and understand and that she didn't display other signs of a problem. He did offer to set her up with an evaluation, but he said she's really about 50/50 as to whether any therapy will help or will it just get her to the same place she would be without any. So we are waiting and going back in December.

My point is, sometimes there's a problem, sometimes there's not, and it's rarely a parents fault, there's just too many other things going on.

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My dd3 didnt talk at all until 18 mo and we got worried but pede said we would give it a few more months. By 21 months she was saying over a dozen words and now at 24 she says too many words to the count. She says 3 word sentences also. Dr said she's right on target now. Give it a few more months mama!
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Re: Late talker and it's my fault?

DS1 didn't say anything as a word but "ack" until 24 months. He was saying "fire extinguisher" 3 months later. He was like that with a lot of major milestones. Didn't walk until 14 months, but stood up in the middle of the floor carrying my shoe to take his first steps and then was running a week later. Same with reading and riding a bike. That's just the way he works. (He does have an ADHD-PI diagnosis and receives GT services at school)

I talk.all.the.time. I suffer from verbal diarrhea, so I know it wasn't something I was doing/not doing.
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Re: Late talker and it's my fault?

My youngest isn't a big talker. It's been suggested we get her evaluated. She has maybe 40 words right now. She was born moderately bilaterally hearing impaired and had tubes placed at 15mo (at which point she wouldn't babble and understood 3 words -- and had a handful of signs).

The amount of vocab she has sounds pretty normal IMO. I know I was super excited that she had picked up 10 words by 21 months which put her back into "normal" development range.
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Re: Late talker and it's my fault?

Whatever you decide, I doubt that her lack of speech is related to your being a quiet person. I don't talk a lot either, and my toddler was an early talker.people have tried to tell me that it's because I talk to her a lot, but it's just not. I talk to her now because she talks back!
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Re: Late talker and it's my fault?

At 15 months my son had, I think, two words: "nana" (for nursing) and "byebye". At that point our ped did recommend early intervention and we had him evaluated at 17 months. He didn't qualify for services, but it was reassuring to have the evaluation and get some suggestions on how to encourage him to use language. Sometimes it is hard to know what you're doing or not doing to help them develop without an outside opinion. So if you are worried, I would seek an EI evaluation. We tried to anticipate his needs a little less (so he'd need to ask for things) and describe what we were looking at more, ask him more questions. By 2 years he was caught up and is a very social nearly 4 year old now.

But I'd also add that it isn't your fault. Some kids just are more social and some less so. If there are delays, they're probably genetic and not from something you did. But you can take measures to overcome those delays if you know what to look for. Even though my first was a delayed talker, but second has not been. I'm still a quiet person, but my daughter is such a chatterbox, it is crazy. I don't think how much or little I talk has had an impact on my kids, because they've been polar opposites as babies. But I do think that the way you talk to them can help if they are struggling.
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I was told that 12-18 months it's completely normal for some kids to say mama daddy and 1-4 other words my 1st was a early talker 3-4 word sentences before a year now my 2nd is almost 2 and hardly talks at all mostly she points at what she wants and says huh
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Re: Late talker and it's my fault?

a few more thoughts... my DD was born early, so she is given a little grace on hitting her milestones. So, at her 18 month check she was only saying a few words, not the normal amt. Now she's about 19 1/2 mo and her speech has really picked up. I was concerned about hearing since it is related to speech, but she would follow direction which to me says the hearing is in check. And I know her understanding is there. Even before 18 mo we could tell her to "go get your caterpillar book" and she'd go to her shelf, dig through the books and get the correct book. I have made a conscious effort to increase some verbally with her. For instance instead of just reading her a book, I will point to something, tell her what it is, maybe 2-3pictures per page then ask her where the ___ is. She just points, doesn't repeat, but I know she's getting it. Yesterday it sounded like she said NO for the first time. We usually say "no touch" instead of just no for everything, no throwing, no ___ so she hears more than just no. I'd just keep watch and if it continues to be a concern, speak with your pedi about a speech therapy consult to see if she may need some assistance. good luck!
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Re: Late talker and it's my fault?

Originally Posted by escapethevillage View Post
Well, it has to be your fault.

It can't be his fault.
Very funny. Now I'm wondering why I pushed the talking. Now it just makes my life harder as he has constant requests but his little voice is so cute.
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